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Why did ancient Egypt, once the greatest of all nations, crumble into oblivion, where it has remained for 3,000 years? What happened to the glory of ancient Babylonia, or to Assyria? Where is the splendour of the ancient Persians, or the Medes, or Parthia? How have the Greeks, the pinnacle of ancient civilization, not produced anything of note as a culture since the fall of Byzantium nearly 600 years ago? What happened to the might and the majesty that was Rome, once far greater than them all? How, or why, have all of these once magnificent cultures for so long been little more than quarries for museum relics? America, and all of Christian Civilization, is now following in the footsteps of these ancient empires. It's absolutely true. The evidence is all around you. History does indeed repeat itself, again and again because people refuse to learn from it. But there is a solution.

You can deny it. You can rant and rave. You can scream. You can cry "hate" and utter blasphemies. You can make railing accusations. But you can't change the truth. A shining city on a hill cannot be hid. A lamp when lit is not placed under a couch. There is indeed a God of all creation. And there is indeed a race anointed by that God. Here it is identified. Whenever that race allows itself to amalgamate with others, it falls into permanent decay. Understanding this is one of the keys to all history, and it is the understanding of the rise and fall of all great cultures. You can go away mad, even spouting profanities, or you can face the reality, and consider the implications while investigating the assertions being made. Use the navigation menu above, or if you are new to this site, ENTER HERE to begin examining the evidence!

Christogenea Europe, August 30th, 2015: Invading Britain: Then and Now, It Always Comes Down to Treachery! Part 3


I will post the notes to this program later on this evening.

The Protocols of Satan, Part 3


Christogenea Saturdays, August 29th, 2015 - The Protocols of Satan, Part 3

Here we shall conclude our presentation of the booklet, The World Jewish Conspiracy, written by Dr. Karl Bergmeister and published in 1938, which defended the authenticity of the Protocols against some of the evidence presented at the Berne trial of 1934-1935, where a lawsuit had been tried against certain Swiss politicians because they had used the Protocols as propaganda in their campaigns. While it is accepted that Bergmeister could not prove the actual origin of the Protocols, and that the actual origin of the work in the form in which we know it may never be determined, he did indeed prove that the early attempts by Jews to discredit them as fabrications, or “forgeries”, were themselves based upon lies.

Before beginning, I am going to take a short digression to discuss the word forgery. I often hear the argument concerning the Protocols, that since a forgery is a copy of an original, the Jews prove that the Protocols are authentic by calling them a forgery. This might be funny, and it might even convince the simple-minded, but it should not be repeated because it is simply not true. If you examine not only the modern dictionaries, but also the original definitions for the word forgery in the first English dictionaries by Samuel Johnson and Noah Webster, you will see that the definition of the word is much broader. More precisely, a forgery is a document produced and ascribed to someone other than the person who produced it. So from a Jewish perspective, where the Protocols are disclaimed, the word forgery is appropriate. However we know better than to believe the Jews, and although certainly not all Jews are responsible for the Protocols, the Protocols do indeed represent the desires of world Jewry for the subversion of Christendom. And while all Jews are certainly not acting consciously to effect those desires, Jews do indeed act naturally towards their accomplishment. So many Jews may be able to plausibly deny the Protocols, but that does not mean that they are fraudulent.

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 6: Liberty in Christ

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The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 6: Liberty in Christ

For most of the first four chapters of this epistle to the Galatians, Paul has been explaining that the works of the law, which were the required rituals and ceremonial ordinances, are done away with in Christ. At the same time, Paul has explained the circumstances of the fulfillment in Christ of the Abrahamic covenant and the promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and to their seed after them, after the same manner which Yahweh God had made those promises in the Old Testament. Because the children of Israel shall not any longer be judged by the law, but instead have mercy in Christ, and because they are no longer bound to the rituals and ceremonies of the law, they have liberty in Christ, which Paul is about to explain here in Galatians chapter 5. But liberty in Christ is not liberty from morality or from the commandments of Yahweh God. Rather it is the freedom to love and have mercy for one another, and to receive of the same, to a much greater extent than the letter of the Hebrew law allowed, as Paul shall also explain here in this chapter of Galatians.

It should be clear from Scripture as well as from experience that a man cannot be found righteous by the law, because all men sin and fall short of the glory of God. That is why those promises to Abraham are so important to the New Covenant, because the New Covenant, as Paul has explained here, is the fulfillment of the promises to Abraham which must be kept by Yahweh God in spite of the dissolution of the Old Covenant due to Israel's failure to keep the law of God. In this manner Paul is attempting to put the covenants in perspective. But before Christians can do the same, it must be understood that both covenants, the Old and the New, were made with the same genetic people according to the Word of God in the promises which He had made to Abraham. Neither covenant circumvents nor supersedes the promises to Abraham, which were passed down through Isaac and Jacob and to the seed of their loins after them. So the New Covenant is not at all predicated on the Old Covenant. Rather, the New Covenant is predicated on the Abrahamic covenants. Wherever it says “forever” in the Old Covenant, that “forever” depends upon whether the children of Israel would keep the law. But wherever it says “forever” in the original promises to Abraham, that “forever” only depends upon Yahweh. Man fails, but Yahweh God cannot fail.

The Protocols of Satan, Part 2


Christogenea Saturdays, August 22nd, 2015 - The Protocols of Satan, Part 2

Here we will continue our presentation of The Protocols of Satan, which to a large extent will consist of the second part of our presentation of the booklet, The World Jewish Conspiracy, written by Dr. Karl Bergmeister and published in 1938.

While only history itself, and the actions of so many Jews throughout the last two hundred years of history, can certainly establish the credibility of the so-called “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” as representing the definite plans of World Jewry in the destruction of the Christian nations, we are presenting this booklet as the central part of our objective to demonstrate that the Jewish attempts to label the Protocols as a forgery were in fact fraudulent themselves.

Our source booklet is subtitled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion before the Court in Berne”, and it was written to show the abuse and miscarriage of justice which resulted as certain nationalist-leaning politicians were using the Protocols against the Jews in elections in Switzerland, and then in 1933 the so-called “Federation of Jewish Communities of Switzerland” and the “Berne Jewish Community” had brought a lawsuit against those politicians in Berne. Obtaining favorable results in what was basically a mockery of a trial, Jews throughout the West, and especially in Britain, France and the United States, then began to even more fervently use the fraudulent evidence produced at Berne to discredit the Protocols as an “antisemitic” forgery. They continued to do this, and they do it to this day, in spite of the fact that the trial is discredited and that its results were overturned, although because the results were overturned for rather innocuous reasons, the treachery of the original trial proceedings was never fully elucidated in the public records.

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 5: Sons of the Promise

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The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 5: Sons of the Promise

Perhaps after his epistle to the Romans, Paul's epistles to the Galatians is a paramount exhibition of the practical conception of covenant theology. But this is only apparent when the individual sentences of the epistle are read and interpreted in their own context, rather than being isolated and their interpretations perverted as the commentators of the denominational sects are accustomed to doing.

In Galatians chapters 1 and 2 Paul addressed the fallacy that one's righteousness could be obtained through the works of the law, by clinging to ordinances in ceremonies and rituals, which certainly is contrary to Scripture since the Scripture itself professes that no living man can be justified in the sight of Yahweh God: for all men are sinners and fall short of the glory of God. From Romans chapter 9 it is evident that there were Edomites in Judaea who claimed to be of Israel and who were seeking their righteousness by the law, but there were also many Israelites remaining in Judaea who were persuaded by them, which we can tell from Acts chapter 21, and it is these Judaizers whom Paul is addressing here in the bigger picture which he began to explain in those same opening chapters of Galatians. Then in Galatians chapter 3 Paul explained that in spite of the law, righteousness is inferred by God through the promises to Abraham, but that those promises to Abraham were not passed on to all of Abraham's descendants. Rather they were passed on only to those which had been anointed by God, which are the children of Israel. The children of Jacob-Israel are the anointed seed out of all of Abraham's seeds, or the various races which could claim descent from Abraham, and therefore the children of Israel are the exclusive heirs of the covenant, in spite of whether the Edomites or Ishmaelites would keep the law.

However just because as we read this epistle the chapter number now changes, that does not mean that the subject of Paul's discourse is changing, and in this chapter it becomes absolutely manifest that Paul has indeed been teaching what we may call Covenant Theology, which is the knowledge that the promises to Abraham which in the New Covenant are fulfilled in Christ, are fulfilled along the same lines as the promises to Abraham fulfilled in Kingdom Israel under the Old Covenant: they are promises made to Abraham concerning his seed, or offspring, and they are eternal. Each of these Covenants represents the fulfillment by Yahweh God of the promises to Abraham in their respective ages. The promises of God do not change, and were upheld in spite of the fact that the children of Israel had failed to keep the Levitical covenant, which, as we learn from Paul here, was supplementary to the promises to Abraham. As Paul had explained, and as we had seen in the Psalms and in the records of the promises themselves while discussing Galatians chapter 3, the promises to Abraham cannot fail, and they are without condition. Further, as Paul had said in Romans chapter 4, the promise to Abraham is assured to all of the offspring of Abraham, which are accounted through Jacob-Israel, because the offspring are accounted according to the promise, as Paul had said, “thus your offspring will be”.

Christogenea Europe, August 16th, 2015: Invading Britain: Then and Now, It Always Comes Down to Treachery! Part 2


William Finck's program notes follow:

When the Jews were banished by Edward I, usury was banished along with them. I found the following excellent summary in a book of the Parliamentary debates of New Zealand for the year 1901, where there was a debate over the permittance of pawn shops:

The Anglo-Saxon laws against usury were also very severe. Edward the Confessor outlawed usurers and confiscated their property; and [300 years later] Edward the First took such stringent steps to put an end to what was considered a great evil that he hanged 280 Jews and banished another fifteen thousand in one year - in fact, the opposition of the Catholic and also the Reformed Church with regard to this matter was so strong that it was considered un-Christian to take interest for money lent; and the consequence was that a liberal interpretation was put upon the Mosaic law to which I have referred, and the business fell principally into the hands of the Jews. It was held that, while a Jew might not take interest from another Jew, he was at liberty to get all he could from a stranger. Well, the fifteen thousand Jews were banished in one year, and no Jews were allowed to return to England until the time of Cromwell. That shows the view taken in England at that time in regard to the practice. It was left to Henry the Eighth to be the first to legalise usury in England, and he fixed the rate at 10 per cent. But his son, Edward the Sixth, a few years afterwards, repealed it: he did not believe in it; but when Elizabeth, the virgin Queen, came to the throne, she revived the statute of her father. James the First reduced the rate of interest to 8 per cent., Cromwell to 6, and Anne to 5; and since then usury has continued to exist and flourish.

Henry the VIII was raising money for wars in Europe, and he was at first relying on benevolences and the taking of loans without intentions on paying them back to do so. Benevolences were the extorting of “free will offerings” by the king from his subjects.

The Protocols of Satan, Part 1

ChrSat20150815-Protocols_of_Satan_01.mp3 — Downloaded 1825 times

Christogenea Saturdays, August 15th, 2015 - The Protocols of Satan, Part 1

We are going to begin a long and multifaceted series which we are going to call the “Protocols of Satan”, and this is Part 1. The Protocols, so far as we know, have never been presented from our Christian Identity worldview, and we hope to make a thorough presentation in that manner here. However first we are going to have to establish the credibility of the Protocols, because they certainly were not some pro-Aryan conspiracy against Jews, as they are often claimed to be. Rather, they fully reflect the course of a long-running Jewish conspiracy against Aryans, against Christendom, which has with all certainty been carried out against our European races since the Emancipation of the Jews at the time of Napoleon, and even earlier than that. Henry Ford recognized this, and published The International Jew in book form and as a series in his paper, The Dearborn Independent, throughout the early 1920's.

However another book by Sergei Alexander Nilus, The Protocols and World Revolution, was translated into English and supposedly, as some sources refute the account, edited by Boris Brasol and published in Boston in 1920 by Maynard, Small & Co. The Nilus book, from its second Russian edition published in 1905, contained a copy of the Protocols, and they were apparently the first version available in English. Boris Brasol is a story in himself. He was a Russian lawyer who prosecuted a blood libel case against Jews in 1912. He was an officer in the Tsar's army during the first great war, and was fortunate to have been sent on a mission to the United States, where he was during the Jewish takeover of Russia in October 1917, and where remained thereafter, remaining a writer for several decades and writing several books against Soviet socialism.

In the course of this series, we hope to employ all of these sources and others, as well as many of our own observations of what we shall often call here The Protocols of Satan. Understanding the Protocols is, we believe, especially important today as the Jewish plans for complete Jewish World Supremacy are quickly coming to their absolute and total fulfillment. Understanding the Protocols, we can look at where we are today and see exactly to what extent Christians themselves have and still do cooperate with the Jewish devils who would enslave and destroy them forever. But Yahweh the God of true Christian Israel shall somehow save His people.

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 4: Heirs of the Covenant

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The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 4: Heirs of the Covenant

The typical denominational Christian understanding of Galatians 3:16 is not only absolutely contrary to the original intent of its author, Paul of Tarsus, but it is also absolutely contrary to all of the promises of Scripture. It goes so far as to endeavor to make void all of the promises of Scripture which we see that Yahweh had made to Abraham and to the children of Israel exclusively, in spite of Paul's actual words confirming them, but especially in spite of the words of Yahweh God Himself. It is an outright theft and a grave deception to imagine that the “seed” of Galatians 3:16 is the single individual, Jesus Christ. Those who insist on saying this must not be able to understand just how or why Yahweh would keep His promises to a particular race, they cannot even properly identify that race, and therefore they seek to twist the Word of God. Here we shall see that in the balance of Paul's statements, it is clear that Yahshua (Jesus) Christ is the Mediator of the New Covenant, and not its lone beneficiary, since Paul also attests that the intended beneficiary of the promises to Abraham are a plural entity, and not a singular individual, and Paul himself connects these promises to Abraham to the promises of a New Covenant.

In spite of the traditional explanations of the denominational sects, it is quite clear that here in Galatians chapter 3 Paul is explaining that the promises of Yahweh God fulfilled in Christ are indeed going to be kept according to what Yahweh had already promised to Abraham as it is recorded in Genesis, which ensured Abraham that his seed would become many nations and as the stars of heaven, and that they would inherit the world as well as inheriting his blessing. This is what Abraham believed, so this belief alone is the “faith of Abraham”. Paul also said, in Galatians 3:15, that the covenant could not be amended or added to. There is no man capable of adding to or amending the promises of God. There is no changing the nature or definition of Abraham's seed, and there is no adding to the promises of a New Covenant as they are found in Jeremiah or Ezekiel. Paul once again reinforces this statement in Galatians 3:17.

Where earlier in Galatians chapter 3 Paul had written that “6 Just as 'Abraham had trusted Yahweh, and it was accounted to him for righteousness' 7 then you know that they from faith, they are sons of Abraham”, he is making a rather direct statement that those who are from of the faith which Abraham had, they are the sons of Abraham, because the faith of which Paul speaks can only be what Abraham himself had believed, and certainly not what anyone else may believe. Abraham's faith was his belief that his offspring would become many nations, that nations and kings would come from the seed in his loins, and that it was that seed which would ultimately inherit the earth.

The Edict of Expulsion of the Jews from England in 1290

ChrSat20150808-Expulsion1290.mp3 — Downloaded 1760 times

This program is based on the article found at Heretical Press titled The Edict of Expulsion of 1290. Many of the original Medieval sources cited by Arnold Leese and Geoffrey Smith in that article are available freely online.

These include the Chancery Rolls and other documents of the English kings, which are available in facsimile format online and are indexed in several places, including the Medieval English Genealogy website and Medieval Genealogy Resources at Google.

Other books quoted or cited during the program are available here:

Calendar Patent Rolls of Edward I 1281 to 1292 AD

Social England Volume 1 from the earliest times to 1273 AD

Social England Volume 2 from 1274 to 1509 AD

Treaties, agreements, letters, and the acts of the public of any kind (Foedera...)

The Annals of Roger de Hoveden, Volume 1

The Annals of Roger de Hoveden, Volume 2

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 3: The Seed of Seeds

CHR20150807-Gal03.mp3 — Downloaded 1315 times


The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 3: The Seed of Seeds

In order to understand what Paul has written in Galatians chapter 3, one must have the same Scriptural world view which Paul of Tarsus had, understanding ancient history and the ethnic constitution of Judaea in the manner which Paul had understood those things. But because they rarely actually study ancient history, that worldview is far out of reach for most denominational Christians. Even their academics prove this every time they speak of how Flavius Josephus wrote of Jesus, but they never speak of how Flavius Josephus described the conversion of all of the Edomites to Judaism. If they would study that, they may realize that the Jews of today are actually Edomites and not Israel at all, something which is absolutely true. Understanding that history would turn their whole world upside-down. But even that is only one crucial aspect required in order to understand this third chapter of this epistle.

In our presentation of Galatians chapter 1, we established the identity of these Galatians as the tribes of the Germanic Galatae who had settled in Anatolia in the 3rd century BC. We asserted that they in turn had descended from Israelites of the Assyrian captivity, and to help prove those assertions there is a much more detailed demonstration in our German Origins series which we have also recently presented here. In discussing that chapter we also showed how Paul often referred to the children of Israel collectively as the anointed, using the same term which he used to describe Christ. Understanding all of these things is also crucial to understanding Paul's words here in Galatians chapter 3.

The Raven and the Swan, from Aesop's Fables

Christians should consider this before thinking they can turn ravens into swans. Once again, Aesop was a lot smarter

A RAVEN saw a Swan and desired to secure for himself the same beautiful plumage. Supposing that the Swan's splendid white color arose from his washing in the water in which he swam, the Raven left the altars in the neighborhood where he picked up his living, and took up residence in the lakes and pools. But cleansing his feathers as often as he would, he could not change their color, while through want of food he perished.

Change of habit cannot alter Nature.

Christogenea Europe, August 2nd, 2015: Invading Britain: Then and Now, It Always Comes Down to Treachery! Part 1



No matter the invasion, the conquered or the conqueror, it has always been the treachery of the native kings, nobles or chieftains by which Britain was overrun by foreigners, whether they were Romans or Saxons or Normans. The same thing is true of the non-White hordes who are overrunning Britain today.

True Christian Communion


Christogenea Saturdays, August 1st, 2015: True Christian Communion

Earlier this summer, on our recent five-week trip, we were invited to give an opinion of Christian Communion at a Wednesday Bible Study. Some members of a certain church which is dear to us had a long-standing division over the practice of communion as it is traditionally conducted in denominational churches, and whether it should be continued, and how it should be continued, in a true Christian church. I spent nearly an hour giving my opinion on the matter, and this presentation will be based on the outline notes which I had made for that reason.

We all (and when I say we I mean Identity Christians) have backgrounds in one denomination or another, one mainstream belief system or another which, upon discovering our Christian Identity, we now understand to have been based on false paradigms when compared to Scripture and history. But we also all have some degree of what I can really only describe as baggage. While after we have come to the Truth we usually realize that we must cast away much of what we upheld in our former walk, there are almost always some things which we maintain to which we have some emotional tie, things which made us feel good, and which we want to hold onto. Sometimes we simply take it for granted that we are supposed to be doing those things, which are supported by vague understandings of certain Scriptures, and so we insist that we keep doing them. But these are often traditions of men, or even Old Testament rituals that we have not let go of, and which are obscure to us because of the translations which have been made by the professional priests and because of the language and even the cultural barriers between us and the original texts. The truth is, that if we have baggage, then we have not come to the Truth with a clean slate. Often we fail to clean the slate out of our own ignorance, and often we fail to clean the slate out of our own desires to maintain our traditions simply because there are things which we like and we have always done them, so we insist on continuing them. Tonight we are going to take issue with some of the modern “traditions of men”, in comparison with scripture.

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 2: The Works of the Law

CHR20150731-Gal02.mp3 — Downloaded 1590 times

The Epistles of Paul - Galatians Part 2: The Works of the Law

In Galatians chapter 1 Paul had begun to establish his credentials and his authority as a preacher of the Gospel of Christ. Here he shall continue to do this, and he did it because, as we shall see here in this chapter, he is addressing the Judaizers who had obviously infiltrated among the Galatians in order to bind them to the circumcision and other rituals of the Old Testament law. Ostensibly, these Judaizers had credentials of their own, and therefore Paul, writing in opposition to them, was compelled to present the evidence of his own legitimacy.

At Galatians 1:18 Paul spoke of his time in Jerusalem as described at Acts 9:26, where he had said “Then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to relate an account to Kephas, and remained with him fifteen days”. Here Paul is talking about his visit to Jerusalem in Acts Chapter 15, then he continues in Galatians chapter 2 and says:

1 Then after fourteen years I had again gone up to Jerusalem with Barnabas, taking Titos along also; 2 and I had gone up after a revelation, and laid upon them the good message which I proclaim among the Nations, but privately to those of repute, lest in any way I strive, or have strived, in vain.

Paul must be referring to the events described by Luke in Acts chapter 15, and especially at Acts 15:12 where Luke wrote: “Then all the multitude was silent, and they heard Barnabas and Paul relating as many signs and wonders as Yahweh had done among the Nations through them.”

The Saxon Messenger - Edition No. 40

Get your copy of the latest issue of The Saxon Messenger, an online PDF magazine and a project of Christogenea.

The Saxon Messenger website is scheduled to be updated and will not be revised. Click the PDF icon to download the magazine. Share it with everyone that you can!

This month's Saxon Messenger features Unity and Divisions, White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance and The Prophecy of Amos, Part 10, all by William Finck, White Genocide Part 1: The Ultimate Curse and Part 2: No Silver Bullet, both by Pastor Mark Downey, three parts of the Greville Janner saga: The Silence of Greville Janner, a Greville Janner Update, and finally, Greville Janner Goes to Court all by F Carr Begbie for The Occidental Observer, the Jez Turner review of Dr Nicholas Kollestrom's Breaking the Spell – The Holocaust: Myth and Reality, The Polio Vaccine: A Global Scourge by R. Gale and Dr. G. Null, and more.

Click here to purchase this issue in print.

The Holodomor - The Terror Famines In Ukraine

ChrSat20150509-Holodomor_Ukraine.mp3 — Downloaded 4745 times

Tonight we are going to discuss what has come to be called the Holodomor, a word which refers to the Terror Famine in the Ukraine and the genocide against Ukrainians and Germans in Ukraine which was conducted by the Bolsheviks over 12 years in the 1920's and 30's. While this topic is becoming discussed more and more in certain circles, it has not yet managed to pervade the public consciousness, which is a testament of the degree Jewish control over the media where their own claims concerning a holocaust are fervently repeated each and every day. So we do this with the purpose of lending our voice to the ever-growing choir. For this discussion, we are going to use as our primary source an article which ran in the Barnes Review in July of 1996. We will, however, include other materials and we also have plenty of our own comments.

We have only a couple of small disclaimers, however, and that is that the author seems to concede a Jewish holocaust perpetrated by Germany, however that is not truly the case. Also, he offers some quotes from some Jewish sources, as if that gives legitimacy to his assertions. That is fine, but we hope that White Europeans realize that we do not need Jews to learn about Jewish treachery. It seems that self-hating Jews are all too popular in certain White Nationalist circles, and it leads to the mistaken belief that there may actually be some good devils, which is certainly not the case.

The Other Holocaust— The Terror Famine In Ukraine

by Peter J. Lorden

[This article was first published in the July, 1996 edition of The Barnes Review.]

People talk about “the holocaust” as if there had been only one this century, and that one unique in human history. But what of the one inflicted by Josef “Stalin” Djugashvili on Ukraine?

Although Ukraine’s holocaust by famine resulted in the deaths of many more people than were ever attributed to Adolf Hitler in the “official” holocaust, and although it happened only a few years earlier, few now living have any perception of it. That’s understandable, as only one “holocaust” is taught in our schools and constantly featured in the media.

Could this be because those media are heavily influenced by people who have much to gain by promoting one while drawing a blackout curtain across the other? Is it merely by accident that obsessive promotion of the one would be diminished by extensive disclosure of the horrors and dimensions of the other?

William Finck on The Patriot Dames

patriotdames20100603.mp3 — Downloaded 18690 times

Downloads from old Christogenea website : 


We believe that this program, from June 3rd, 2010, is an excellent introduction to what Christian Israel Identity is all about. If you are new to Christian Identity, and can listen to only one program here, download this one!

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African Culture: See How They Run

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Warning: This video is graphic. It contains scenes of brutal sexual violence. This authentically represents the behavior of African negros wherever they exist outside of the rule of the White man's law.

In spite of the Hollywood propaganda, the ancient Greeks and Romans hardly knew the African negro, except perhaps as a passing spectacle in the desert or by the surviving population of mixed races in certain places in Egypt. One literary example which demonstrates the truth of this assertion is found in the Library of History, Book 3, by the ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus, whose work was published around 36 BC.

After describing the cultured people of Ethiopia, who were originally not black and who had many things in common with the rest of the civilized world, Diodorus says in Book 3 chapter 8:

"1 But there are also a great many other tribes of the Ethiopians, some of them dwelling in the land lying on both banks of the Nile and on the islands in the river, others inhabiting the neighbouring country of Arabia, and still others residing in the interior of Libya. 2 The majority of them, and especially those who dwell along the river, are black in colour and have flat noses and woolly hair. As for their spirit they are entirely savage and display the nature of a wild beast, not so much, however, in their temper as in their ways of living; for they are squalid all over their bodies, they keep their nails very long like the wild beasts, and are as far removed as possible from human kindness to one another; 3 and speaking as they do with a shrill voice and cultivating none of the practices of civilized life as these are found among the rest of mankind, they present a striking contrast when considered in the light of our own customs." (Library of History, 3.8.1)

What Diodorus described sounds exactly like what is seen in this video, or today in the streets of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit and most other American cities on a regular basis.