Anders Breivik: The Right Far and Faux

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The Right Far and Faux

by William Finck

Originally written for The Saxon Messenger 

There is the far Right and there is the faux Right. True White nationalists do not kill their White brethren. Not even when they disagree with them politically or religiously do true nationalists kill their White brethren. This is because true nationalists are nationalists because they love their brethren above all else, and that love for their brethren is what led them to become nationalists. The real far Right is nationalist. And real Christianity insists that Christians love their brethren above all but God Himself.

However in the West, there is a faux Right that has a different agenda. It is nationalist, but not for its own perceived nation. It is nationalist for that artificial state in the Middle East called “Israel”. Most all of the adherents of this faux right nationalism are Jews, or brain-washed false Christians, called “Judeo-Christians”, who may as well be Jews. Since the nationalistic allegiance of Jews is not and cannot truly be with the host nations that they inhabit, they cannot even be considered nationalist, or even conservative, or even as being on the right of the political spectrum. They can only be considered Zionist and Zionism does not really care for the left-right paradigms of the individual Western democracies. Many so-called conservative Jews, known generally as neocons, adapted the designation neoconservative because they were mostly leftist Jews who had infiltrated American conservatism. They were new to conservatism, but they were never and are not now true conservatives. They were and are Zionist Leftist Bolsheviks looking to redefine conservatism, something that real conservatives have failed to realize. They have not changed their ideology, like the leopard cannot change its spots. Rather, they have infiltrated and usurped the true Right. There are some non-Jews among them who are apparently Christians, but not true Christians in practice. For rather than loving their brethren, as the Bible commands them to do, they love the Jews, those eternal enemies of Christ.

Zionism is a Jewish nationalist ideology built upon an absolutely false interpretation of Scripture which deceives Christians and leads them to worship Jews rather than to love their own brethren and honor Jesus Christ their God. Zionism is racist, and insists on the removal or extermination of Arabs in Palestine, and the establishment of a racist Jewish state (while Jews in the West insist that White Christians embrace those same Arabs in their own Western countries). Zionism is everything that the Jews have accused Nazi Germany of being, however the Germans had much more legitimate ground to stand on in their desire to remove Jews from Germany. The Germans would have ejected Jews from a land where Jews did not dwell originally, and where Germans did. Yet Zionism would eject Arabs from Palestine, where few Jews have dwelt for 1,500 years, and where Arabs always have!

The Jewish-controlled media in the West has demonized all White nationalists as Nazis, while at the same time it incessantly promotes Jewish racism and Jewish nationalism as if it were sacred and holy. Too many Christians have blindingly followed along with this blatant Jewish hypocrisy. But the Jews have enjoyed the fruits of this deception, to the tune of over $100 billion dollars to date in direct U.S. aid, and countless more billions of dollars in U.S. charity. There is also, of course, a large amount of aid and charity which flows into Jewish coffers from the other White nations of the world. Imagine McDonald's as the world's only restaurant, in a world where all other restaurants are perceived to be evil. Jewish racism is a lucrative business for the Jews, at the expense of all other races and nations!

But some Whites have awoken to realize that Zionism is racist Jewish nationalism, and have begun to speak out against it. And because they have done this out of empathy for the Arab victims of the Zionist criminals in Palestine, and because these Whites are mostly of politically centrist or leftist ideologies, it is difficult for the Jewish press in the West to label them as “skinheads” or “Nazis”. Yet the awakening of Whites to Jewish hypocrisy and treachery is anathema to the Jews, and therefore the Jews have to do something about it. They cannot let it spread, or their very lucrative monopoly on racist nationalism is threatened. And this was the situation in Oslo, Norway, this summer, when a man, a proud Mason who was also a fervent Zionist, allegedly killed 94 people.

The March 28th, 2011 headlines at the Jewish news website Arutz Sheva proclaimed Dershowitz Slams Norway for Anti-Semitism - Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz visited Norway, decried the official anti-Semitism he encountered, and inspired new-found pride among Jews. The tone of the article was that Dershowitz was offended that Norway's heads of state refused to meet with him, and that he met with groups of Jews in Norway, instilling pride and courage in them for being Jewish. He scolded Norway for not caving in to Jewish customs. Dershowitz also threatened lawsuits and boycotts against Norwegian academics and universities with pro-Palestinian positions. His rhetoric sounds a lot like that of Samuel Untermeyer's against Germany in 1933. Jews seek to demonize and then destroy anyone who does not go along with Jewish racism and ideas of Jewish Supremacy.

Even earlier than Dershowitz, on November 15th, 2010, the Jewish news website cried that Norway was “encouraging anti-Israel incitement” in its article, Israel: Norway inciting against us - Foreign Ministry says Norwegian authorities funding anti-Israel film, exhibition, and play. Norway: We support freedom of expression. Of course, the Jews only support freedom of expression when that expression espouses Jews and Jewish ideals, which are usually contrary to Christianity, and to the interests of all non-Jews. Norway, making room for Palestinians to tell their side of the story in the perpetual Middle East conflict between Arabs and Jews, is demonized by Jews everywhere. The article ends with the statement that “The Norwegians responded to the Israeli criticism by saying that the government supports the freedom of expressions and will not intervene in artistic content.” The Jews obviously despise this position in Norway, however it is the same position which for decades Jews themselves have encouraged Western governments to uphold whenever Jewish art and literature has come under fire. Jewish hypocrisy is without end, and these articles are only two of countless examples demonstrating Jewish dissatisfaction with Norway.

Just after the Oslo bombing and Utøya shootings, the Jewish American news outlet published an article, Norway attacks focus attention on US right-wing extremists - Anti-Islamic rhetoric from American groups cited in gunman's 1,500-page manifesto, written by the Jews Azriel Relph and Michael Isikoff, which makes not one mention of Zionism, Palestine, or Jews. Rather, the article seeks to use the events in Norway as an excuse to persecute White Nationalists who do not want their own countries overrun with the Arabs that Jews in the Middle East are trying to get rid of.

However, and quite startlingly, the Jewish press for Jewish readers was much more honest in its assessment of the Oslo shooter's motives. On July 25th, 2011 Arutz Sheva presented an article by the Jew Elad Benari, Report: Norwegian Murderer an Ardent Supporter of Israel - A document published by Norway murderer Anders Behring Breivik revealed his support for Israel and his hatred of Islam. In this article it is admitted that “ an English document he published on the Internet before the massacre, Breivik called himself a strong supporter of Zionism, praised Theodor Herzl the founder of Zionism, and attacked the European political establishment because he saw it as being anti-Israel.” It also states that “Breivik commended Israel for not giving most of the Muslims who live under its control civil rights, as opposed to the various European countries” and “Breivik also quoted a series of Israeli professors such as Itamar Rabinovich and Eyal Zisser in the document. He also specifically mentioned Arutz Sheva and the leftist Haaretz newspaper.”

Anders Breivik is a product of the faux right, and not the far right. If Anders Breivik were a true anti-muslim nationalist, he would have been shooting Arabs, and not Whites. Anders Breivik is instead a pro-Jewish Zionist, who killed Whites on behalf of Jews. Therefore it is Jewish Zionist groups which need to be focused upon, and not the “US right-wing extremists” that the Jews at MSNBC wish to persecute. The website makes this rather appropriate statement: “Jewish anti-Muslim Sweden Democrats [party member] Isaac Nygren received an email from ABB one hour before the bomb detonated in Oslo, they were apparently good friends. Guess where Isaac Nygren is at the present moment? In an Israeli kibbutz!” Breivik and Nygren are described as being friends, and Breivik sent Nygren an email just a short while before the Oslo bombing and his shooting spree. An article by Wayne Madsen, Another smoking gun: Breivik link to Israel, states that “Attention to Breivik's Israeli and Jewish connections would expose Mossad's infiltration of neo-Nazi groups and political parties to turn them away from anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and into anti-Islamic and pro-Israeli pressure movements.” This same infiltration of nationalist groups everywhere, where nationalists are really only nationalist in favor of the Jewish Israeli state, is fully evident throughout the so-called right-wing American media, in shills such as Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and especially Michael Savage. All are promoters of organized Jewish racism while decrying racism at home. Such is the Zionist faux right.

The website, in a report entitled Anti-Semitism in Norway - Op-ed: Anti-Jew and anti-Israel sentiments in Norway flourish, despite local denials by the Jew Manfred Gerstenfeld discusses surveys, meetings, and Anti-Defamation League delegations to Norway leading up to the publication date of June 22nd, 2011. In response to a survey of “anti-Semitism” the article states that “The publication of these very negative findings came at an inconvenient time for Norwegian authorities. A few days later, an American Jewish group consisting of delegates from the Anti-Defamation League, B’nai B'rith International and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, as well as Professor Marshall Breger, a former adviser on Jewish Affairs to President Ronald Reagan, arrived in Oslo.” As if the survey, its results, and the swarm of American Jews converging on Norway weren't coordinated in the first place. So the vanguard of Jewish organized racism converged on Norway to make sure it keeps an allegiance with the Jewish World Order over the months prior to the fervent Zionist Breivik's destruction of so many Norwegian children.

Jews concerned of opposition to their own political agenda had every reason to send the people of Norway a clear signal. Anders Breivik served as that signal. It is not an accident that the Oslo shootings occurred on the 65th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel by Jewish Irgun terrorists, as has already been noted by many commentators. In this sense, the shootings are not “Norway's World Trade Center” nor are they “Norway's Oklahoma City”. They are indeed Norway's Reichstag Fire. Why? Because Jews – or at least Jewish sympathizers like Breivik - were actually responsible for it, but they blamed it on the Nationalists! The Reichstag Fire was designed to prevent the rise of the National Socialists to power, and it backfired on the Jews. Will the Breivik affair also backfire on the Jews? It would indeed, if true nationalists learned to distinguish between the true far right, and the Zionist faux right.

Jews in Palestine may be perceived as being “far right”, in their own perspective, if they staunchly support an Israeli government in Palestine. But in other nations, they never support ethnic nationalism for the original ethnicities of those nations! Rather, regardless of the extent to which they support Zionism, Jews always support multiculturalism and diversity in White nations. This is just one aspect of Jewish hypocrisy, that Jews only promote racism where Jews are concerned. It is also hypocritical, that the Jewish media throughout the west (which is at least 95% of Western media) never distinguishes between the Zionist faux right, and the true nationalist far right. Whites must learn to make this distinction for themselves, or forever be confused and taken advantage of by the Jew. Since Jews never support White nationalism, a true White who loves his nation can never support the Jews. If one supports the Jews, one hates his own nation, and assists the Jew in destroying it and all nations.