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A Christogenea commentary On the Gospel of John has recently been completed. Many passages simply do not say what the modern churches think they mean! Don't miss this important and ground-breaking work proving that Christian Identity is indeed fully supported by Scripture.

Don't miss our ongoing series of podcasts The Protocols of Satan, which presents many historical proofs that the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real, and that they have been fulfilled in history by the very same people who dispute their authenticity. Our companion series, The Jews in Medieval Europe, helps to explain how the Protocols have been fulfilled.

 Our recent Pragmatic Genesis series explains the Bible from a Christian Identity perspective which reconciles both Old and New Testaments with history and the political and social realities facing the Christian people of Yahweh God today.

A Commentary on the Epistles of Paul has recently been completed at This lengthy and in-depth series reveals the true Paul as an apostle of God, a prophet in his own right, and the first teacher of what we call Christian Identity.

Don't miss our recently-completed series of commentaries on the Minor Prophets of the Bible, which has also been used as a vehicle to prove the historicity of the Bible as well as the Provenance of God.

Visit Clifton Emahiser's Watchman's Teaching Ministries at for his many foundational Christian Identity studies.

Visit the Mein Kampf Project at and learn the truth concerning some of the most-lied about events in history.

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Where is Chicken-Twirling in the Torah?

The word jewish does not really accurately describe a race or a religion. It is in fact a hereditary congenital disease, which every one of them has! This video alone should be enough to prove that these are the people of Satan, and not the people of God.

Revelation 2:9: "... and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Revelation 3:9: "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

Those jews who stand against Christ are not Judah. They are collectively "satan". There can be no rational disputation of this incontrovertible fact. If Christians would only read their bibles, they would realize that nothing could ever possibly be "judaeo-Christian", for the word is an oxymoron and Judaism and Christianity are diametrically opposed! Yet Christians have embraced the jews, and Western Civilization continues to crumble as a direct result of that embrace. See the essay here at Christogenea, Should Christians Embrace the Jews? The answer, of course, is a resounding "NO"!

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Christianity is not evil, Islam is Evil! Where is the outrage?

The largest mosque in Europe recently opened in the Netherlands. As more and more Muslims are granted entry into Europe - or simply enter whether or not they are permitted, the Muslims will get more and more brazen. Pictured here is a billboard advertisement put out by Muslims in Britain attacking not only Christmas, but Christianity itself. Yet when some Jew prints a cartoon depicting Mohammed in a newspaper, the Muslims go berserk and start slaughtering Christians in the streets, while the Jewish-controlled media finds a way to put even the blame for that upon Christians. WHY do Christians let them get away with such behavior? Do Christians - or even White Europeans who don't care about religion - not care at all about their own race or society? Or the futures of their own sons and daughters, nieces and nephews?

The religion of Islam has always been one of conquest and forced conversion and submission. As recently as the 1680's, the Muslim Turks had Vienna under siege. It still is a religion of conquest. The Jewish media has lied to Europeans, proclaiming that Islam is a "religion of peace". Why do the Jews make that proclamation in reference to Europe and America, but they do not make that proclamation in reference to Syria, Iraq, or Palestine? Islam is hardly a religion of peace. It has never rested until it is either forced to rest through military defeat, or until it has prevailed through violence. Just observe what has happened in Somalia, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, or anywhere else there are peoples of other religions neighboring Islamic tribes and countries, and not only Christians but Hindus, Buddhists and others. With Islam, there is no choice and no "democracy". If you do not stand up and defend Western Culture - and demand that your political leaders defend Western culture - then in 20 years you will all be slaves to the mullahs.

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Society, Think About It.

I saw this sign at the National Zoo in Washington this past Saturday, and just had to take a picture of it. It says: “Society. Think about it. Apes do.” This is more or less a slogan repeated in several other places at the zoo, so as I walked around looking at the animals – inside and outside of the cages – I did think about it.

The word ape is more or less an ambiguous term used to describe a wide assortment of critters, including orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees, which are of the biological families Pongidae.or Hominidae. All of these have 48 chromosomes, and a few hybrids among them – often in captivity - have been known to exist. However, in “normal” ape society reproductive unions between these different species of ape hominids generally do not occur. The National Zoo - evidently not caring about compliance with equal opportunity housing standards - segregates its ape residents by species.

The Effrontery of Judaism, Part 1: the Treachery of Barbara Lerner Spectre

This video reveals that the jew is purposefully using their campaign of "multiculturalism" to destroy White identity and society. With the emasculation of the Aryan male in an effeminate culture of vanity and perversion, the jew can get away with such arrogant and open plans to destroy the White Christian nations. In the mid-19th century a sedition trial would have been over long ago, and this jewess devil would have been lawfully dispatched for the attempted destruction of a nation. Yet the demoness featured in this video is not alone. She is one of millions throughout the West who have been forcing a program of "multiculturalism" and "diversity" on the White nations for over a hundred years now. With the progress of their agenda, they have now become completely open about it. When will the civilized nations awaken, and see that they have become like Africa and Mexico and India? Hellholes and cesspools of corruption and anarchy await a sleeping Christendom.

"Multiculturalism"  is not an inevitable justice. It is not a natural state for any species. It has never been been successfully implemented anywhere at any time. Everywhere that the diverse races have mingled, the evidence is absolutely clear that destruction and decay have been the only results. Rather, "multiculturalism" is a Talmudic political agenda developed and leveraged by the jews in order to destroy White Christian society. So today there are gangs of muslims roaming the streets of Europe, raping White women at will and murdering White men, all who foolishly accept these floods of alien beasts under the guise of "political correctness". Wake up, White man! Or your doom is inevitable, while satan laughs at you for believing his millions of media lies.

Ynetnews: The BBC Says That the Jews Themselves Did Entebbe

Yeah, and they did 9-11 too. And if you really scratch the surface, you will find that the jews have been behind most of the "terrorist" attacks on both westerners and jews. And the Western nations keep sending them money. What a lucrative business terrorism is, even Stalin began as a train robber. Where you see a rabbi, there has already been a crime!

The Polluted Anti-Christ Mind, Part One

"But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat." (Genesis 9:4)

"It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood." (Leviticus 3:17)

"Therefore I said unto the children of Israel, No soul of you shall eat blood, neither shall any stranger that sojourneth among you eat blood." (Leviticus 17:12)

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Ahmadinejad - A Friend of the Jews?

The president of Iran, Ahmadinejad has often publicly - and rightfully - denied that there ever was a Holocaust. He has consistently been labeled a madman and likened to Adolf Hitler in the jewish-controlled mainstream media. The jewish-controlled western press has consistently displayed a bellicose attitude towards Iran for at least six years now. Yet here the "monster" is seen having a love-fest with a group of jewish rabbis in New York - one of whom even solemnly mentions the Holocaust! They declare him a great leader, awarded him with gifts, and show every bit of reverence and affection for this supposedly evil man.

What gives? The truth is that the Holocaust itself is the proverbial "big lie", and it is also the real official religion of the New World Order. If you believe in the Holocaust, you gain entrance into the Synagogue of Satan. Furthermore, the jews have long been manipulating both muslims and Christians in an age-old plot for world domination and the destruction of all possible competitors - especially of Christians. Only a strong and Biblical Christianity can oppose the fiery darts of the devil!

Cultural Marxism and The Frankfurt School

The Revelation of the Man of Sin: Exposing The Jewish Role in the Destruction of Christian American Culture.






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