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From Out of the Shadows: the new European Jewish Parliament and Jewish Supremacism

There is a wealth of articles trumpeting the inauguration of the new European Jewish Parliament in news sources which are produced for Jews, such as the European Jewish Press, Arutz Sheva,, Chabad, the European Jewish Union website, and many other outlets, however little is known of this new parliament outside of Jewish circles. While it has been planned for quite some time, and the Jewish outlet Ynetnews reported on its formation as early as August of 2011, there is nothing about it in any major media produced for the general European public. Of course, it is already vaunted on the pages of the world's largest pro-Jewish propaganda outlet, Wikipedia, but only on a page concerning the European Jewish Union (EJU). The article states that “The EJU hopes to establish a European Jewish Parliament, comprising 120 members modeled on the Israeli Knesset This group would then represent the concerns of the Jewish community to the European Union.” Of course, there has been a European Jewish Congress for several decades, which has long been careful to downplay itself as a civic association while at the same time exerting an influence over European governments which far exceeds the proportions of the Jewish population. However this new Jewish Parliament is no civic association. Its meeting place is the very same as that of the regular European Union Parliament in Brussels, and its members are calling themselves “MEJPs”, or Members of the European Jewish Parliament. This is not merely a civic association.

Valley Forgery

Last July we wrote in Philthadelphia about the corrupted revising of American history in order to wrongly give credit for the making of this society to those groups who have as of late come to dominate the city, especially Negros and Jews. We said that “Today it is their monuments which are quickly coming to dominate Philadelphia, and they are rewriting our history in order for them to make it even easier to corrupt and destroy our nation.” A display of this same phenomenon was made in our February Saxon Messenger editorial, Worshipping the Beast, where it was explained that at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, American History up to the Civil War is portrayed as little more than a debate over the issue of slavery and the plight of Negros, when in fact that debate was only an incidental part of both the history of that era and the causes of the war itself. We also attempted to illustrate how other facets of American history, such as the nature of the American air forces in World War Two Europe, were being distorted by those same groups for that very same purpose.

On another recent trip to the Philadelphia area, we now notice that the same people are up to the same shenanigans, and that they are forging history at Valley Forge. Amidst the monuments commemorating those White men who left the comfort of their homes and farms and kin in order to fight for a cause they believed in, there is now at least one large monument - relatively new compared to the others, and also quite different from all of the others - which clearly has no part with the others. While most of the roadside monuments encircling the Valley Forge grounds have the names of real men, mostly of the rankof Colonel, who had been among the officers of the regiments which camped through that historic winter during the Revolution, this one large granite monument has emblazoned in bronze on its front “Patriots of African Descent”, below a large relief of a male Negro in the regular military dress of the period. Actually, his uniform looks fairly rich compared to the accounts of the tattered condition of the troops who actually lived through that winter encampment.

Out of the Mouths of Babes: The Corrupt Canadian (and World) Banking System

All of the world's so-called "Central Banks" operate in the same crooked way: they are all permanent pyramid schemes designed to enslave entire nations in debt. This 12-year-old girl understands it. Make certain that your neighbors do also!

The solution: "the Jews may not licitly keep those things which they have extorted from others through usury" - Saint Thomas Aquinas, from his letter to Margaret the duchess of Flanders.


No National Debt? Of Course It is Possible!

For 80 years the United States did have prosperity - without a debt-incurring currency. From the days that Andrew Jackson drove Europe's jewish bankers out of the country by refusing to renew the charter of the so-called Second Bank of the United States, until the so-called Federal Reserve was founded in 1913, the United States was a prosperous nation without the artificial debt under which the Federal Reserve has enslaved the entire nation. And the Federal Reserve is actually controlled by the same international jewish bankers that controlled the bank that Jackson got rid of! They tried to kill Jackson for it, but the assassination attempt failed. 

In 1932 Adolf Hitler instituted a currency in Germany which was based upon the actual economic output of the nation. It paid no interest to any bank for its use, and it was debt-free. Germany boomed while the rest of the world was in a banker-orchestrated depression. Therefore, the jews declared war on Germany, using the excuse of "anti-semitism" to destroy it! While there is more to the German story than that, it is clear that jewry attempted to enslave Germany to communism first, and Hitler also prevented that. Thus is the cause of "antisemitism", which is the refusal of non-jews to be enslaved by the jews!

White Christians must stop believing the jewish-controlled media, and only then can they begin to honestly investigate the hidden forces behind "history". 

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Lambs to the Slaughter




This month in The Saxon Messenger we are reprinting Chaucer's The Prioress' Tale, which is a story about young Hugh of Lincoln, who lived and died in the 13th century. Nowadays, when The Canterbury Tales are reprinted, the story is often omitted from publication. It is about a young boy killed by the Jews in what is commonly called a Jewish ritual murder. Similar circumstances surrounded the deaths of many other young boys and girls of medieval and modern Europe. It should be no wonder, with the prevalence of Jews in society now, that many children each year are still disappearing.

So-called "Judge" Andrew Napolitano - How to get fired in under five minutes

All of the points Napolitano raises here are absolutely valid, and this is a surprisingly candid look at what is really going on in American politics today. No wonder he was fired. Only one thing is missing: the fact that the internationalist bankers - who are for the most part jews related to, financed by, or working for the jewish financial families of the City of London - are the real power behind it all. When corporations were allowed to participate in politics in this country, it was all downhill from there. 99% of the 1% are jews, and that is not by chance.


Whitey Burning, Part 2

“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” So spewed the attackers of Melissa Coon’s 13-year-old son, as they doused him with gasoline and set him alight.

Police, they say, are “investigating” whether this is a hate crime.

When Whites are caught up in acts of violence and the victims are negroes, the media screams about it for months. So-called "hate crimes" laws are passed. The media attempts to make all Whites feel guilty. But the facts prove without a doubt that approximately (if not over) 90% of all violent inter-racial crimes have negro perpetrators and White victims. And the media usually ignores this fact, and also ignores many of these crimes.

When Whites  are caught up in acts of violence and the victims are negroes, the media never fails to mention the race of the perpetrators! Yet when negroes commit acts of violence against Whites, if the case is even reported, the media does all it can NOT to mention the race of the perpetrators!

The media is clearly biased when it comes to reporting on crime. There is a good analysis of this concerning this very case, in the article Teen Set on Fire in Racial Attack; Media Silent at The New American website.

Note what the cop says in the video, that "it is not uncommon for teenagers to fight". Well, what a misrepresentation of the facts that is, to make this crime look like the average neighborhood spat! And if it were not for the description on the placard, we would not know the race of the perpetrators from the news report. 

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Whitey Burning

Two Badly Burned Bodies Discovered on Detroit's Southwest Side:
The original article linked above has been removed by the news agency. We have preserved the video below.

The negroes have burned or looted everything useful and beautiful that the White man created in Detroit, until there was nothing left to burn but Whitey himself.


Barack Obama is a Racist (well, we knew that already)

Wanting blacks to vote for him, just because he is black. What if that were some White candidate? Remember the cries of racism directed at the Tea Party people, not because they were White, but just because they were (sort of) conservative? Obama's plea is blatant racism. Where is the hypocritical mass media now?


Nearly One in Ten White Americans Now Choose Beastiality (Bestiality) Over Marriage

This report is based primarily on two data sources: the Pew Research Center's analysis of demographic data about new marriages in 2008 from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) and the Pew Research Center's analysis of its own data from a nationwide telephone survey conducted from October 28 through November 30, 2009 among a nationally representative sample of 2,884 adults. For more information about data sources and methodology, see the Appendix III.