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Nearly One in Ten White Americans Now Choose Beastiality (Bestiality) Over Marriage

This report is based primarily on two data sources: the Pew Research Center's analysis of demographic data about new marriages in 2008 from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) and the Pew Research Center's analysis of its own data from a nationwide telephone survey conducted from October 28 through November 30, 2009 among a nationally representative sample of 2,884 adults. For more information about data sources and methodology, see the Appendix III.

This Pete Hoekstra Ad is NOT Racist

Michigan Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra is catching hell for this supposedly "racist" campaign ad, which the bleeding heart bolsheviks are having a ball with. But this ad is NOT a racist ad. Rather, it only tells the truth: that the Chinese are indeed financing the over-spending of the runaway US Federal government. Every dime the Government spends above actual collected tax revenues, is a dime borrowed from China.


Anderson Cooper interviewing the slut-shamed 13-year-old

So a gray-haired sexual deviant and a 13-year-old radical feminist get to set the moral standards for the nation? This is what the world has come to. This little girl is so upset about age-old double-standards among teenagers that she feels she must begin producing Youtube videos advocating for the rights of whores. And the jewish-controlled mainstream media grovels at her feet. Rather than advocate immorality for all, the little feminist should go home and plan for the sexually transmitted diseases and broken homes of her future. And her libimbo* mother is so proud of her.

* Liberal Bimbo 

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Worshipping the Beast

Black History Month? The manner in which American history is being taught today, one may think that every month of American history has been Black History Month. Wherever one looks, negroes are being foisted upon the public consciousness. Wherever one looks, imagined negro achievements are exalted and trumpeted while actual and tangible White accomplishments and White history are being diminished and ridiculed, and even criminalized.

Framing our history within the context of negro slavery is a very narrow and biased way to look at the founding of this great nation. Taken by the author last year at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

For instance, walking through the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, there is nothing at all of any real substance on display about the American Constitution itself. And you certainly will not find the actual text of the Constitution. Rather, there is talk about negro slavery, freedom, and civil rights at every turn. The only other topic treated at length is woman's suffrage, wherever the Center has exhibitions for the period following the Civil War. The entire purpose of the National Constitution Center seems to be the exaltation of negroes in American society, and secondarily the exaltation of women, all while White culture is denigrated and White men are marked off as hypocrites. Absolutely forgotten is the inconvenient truth, that the American Constitution was a document created by and for White men, and for those White people whom the men that created it were representing. Explicitly stated in its preamble is the declaration that it was written to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”, which means the descendants of those very same White people. It was never the plan of the founders of this nation to include anyone but Whites in its polity. Negroes were never intended to be considered as equals, as citizens, or as the recipients of this great White heritage. In taking them into the fold, so to speak, Whites have spit in the face of their ancestors, who actually had cared about them as their posterity that they left them a document whereby they could preserve their freedom and their independence - if only they'd have actually read that document.


So-called "Judge" Andrew Napolitano fired from Fox News for (nearly) telling truth about Jews and Israeli treachery.

The jews are responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. See Prothink's for all the evidence necessary to arrive at that conclusion.


Slut Shaming? Cultural Marxism and Radical Feminism are one and the same.

One of the major goals of world jewry, as outlined in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and the Communist Manifesto, was to liberate the women of the West. What that really meant was not only to liberate them from their fathers and husbands, but to liberate them from their clothing and from any sense of decency and morality. In many cases, it has been a smashing succcess.

Here in this video we see the ultimate disgust: yet jewry celebrates the attitudes which this 13-year-old girl repeats so unabashedly, and the jewish media crams these attitudes down our throats daily. It calls them "freedom" and "liberty" when they are really perversion and corruption. This is what 100 years of a jewish-controlled media and entertainment industry, coupled with the Frankfort School-inspired destruction of our educational systems, have brought to America: the dominance of Cultural Marxism, the jewish antithesis to Christianity. It has created a race of whores, both male and female, which is exactly what we have become.

Sodom and Gomorrah were brought to the ancient world by the Canaanite ancestors of the jews. Today, with the dissemination of jewry throughout the world, we have Sodom and Gomorrah everywhere. Is it an accident that Tel Aviv and New York are the world's top "gay" cities, being the two cities which also have the most jews? Is it an accident, that the jewish-controlled entertainment industry spouts nothing but sex and filth and trash daily? Are all of these things not frontal attacks against Christian values, morals, and principles?

This video is heavily edited. The girl speaking hardly utters more than one sentence in any given clip. This leads us to believe that she is being coached by an adult. There should be an investigation for child abuse, but are there laws against talmudic brainwashing? Would you even want your children in school with this girl? Surely she spouts this mental sewage out to all of her "friends" daily. Her parents must be proud of her.

If the video disappears, download it here.

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The ANC: 100 Years of Marxist Deceit and Still Going Strong



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by William Finck

The Bible tells us that it is the dragon which gives its power to the beast, and wherever we look into history beyond the surface, we can see that the Bible is absolutely true. Looking around the internet this past week for news out of South Africa, we see that one of the people most often mentioned in connection with the recent 100-year anniversary of the African National Congress is Joe Slovo, who died in 1995. He is celebrated on the front page of the official ANC website with the short article “Long live the memory of Joe Slovo”. On the South African Communist Party website, Slovo is figured much more prominently, even having a picture conspicuously positioned between two negroes in the website's banner. Slovo, an active member of the party since 1942, was its general secretary from 1984. For most of its existence, the ANC has been closely involved in an alliance with the SACP, and still is today. An article at South African History Online states that “In 1928 the CPSA and the African National Congress (ANC) began a close working relationship” (the CPSA was later renamed SACP).

God is not mocked – of men and nations, one reaps what one sows.



Detail from King Lear: Cordelia's Farewell, by Edwin Austin Abbey [1887-1909].

Among others, John Wilson and Sharon Turner were rather brilliant men of the 19th century to whom all British and American Israel Christian Identists are indebted, whether or not those men are currently appreciated. They were among the first to examine, interpret and present the archaeological data coming out of Mesopotamia in a manner that was meaningful to serious students of the Bible and of early European history. Through them, Anglo-Saxon Christians rediscovered the meaning and gravity of their Saxon heritage. However these men also knew something that British-Israel acolytes reject even now: that the Germanic peoples of the Continent are kin with the Anglo-Saxon people of Britain, from whom they had sprung. 

A Tale of Two Englishmen

Early this month a nineteen-year-old White man, Danny O'Shea, was stabbed to death in Canning Town, and both the police and the man's mother soon began making excuses for the race of the perpetrators, who were black. This same scene plays out with different actors hundreds of times across England each year as more and more women are raped, men are robbed, beaten and murdered, and White businesses are looted. In past times, this was called an invasion.

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European Misunion





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European Misunion 

In a community where only one member has the license to create “money”, from nothing, and demand interest for its use, the inevitable result is that the one member ends up owning everything in the community. Like the more familiar laws of physics, this should be the first law of finance, and a usury-based economy would be an easily recognized evil. But it is never taught in schools, and the true mechanisms of the usury-based economy are forever hidden from the average man, as the inevitable onset of inflation and higher and higher taxes take more and more of his wages away from him.

The God of the Bible demands that the people use just and equal weights and measures, engaging in trade fairly. A currency should not be a vehicle used to facilitate the enslavement of a people. It is only supposed to be a tool of the people, allowing them to fairly engage in commerce with one another. For a currency to be honest, a currency must be organic, home-grown and representing the production of the people that it is produced to serve.

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