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Why did ancient Egypt, once the greatest of all nations, crumble into oblivion, where it has remained for 3,000 years? What happened to the glory of ancient Babylonia, or to Assyria? Where is the splendour of the ancient Persians, or the Medes, or Parthia? How have the Greeks, the pinnacle of ancient civilization, not produced anything of note as a culture since the fall of Byzantium nearly 600 years ago? What happened to the might and the majesty that was Rome, once far greater than them all? How, or why, have all of these once magnificent cultures for so long been little more than quarries for museum relics? America, and all of Christian Civilization, is now following in the footsteps of these ancient empires. It's absolutely true. The evidence is all around you. History does indeed repeat itself, again and again because people refuse to learn from it. But there is a solution.

You can deny it. You can rant and rave. You can scream. You can cry "hate" and utter blasphemies. You can make railing accusations. But you can't change the truth. A shining city on a hill cannot be hid. A lamp when lit is not placed under a couch. There is indeed a God of all creation. And there is indeed a race anointed by that God. Here it is identified. Whenever that race allows itself to amalgamate with others, it falls into permanent decay. Understanding this is one of the keys to all history, and it is the understanding of the rise and fall of all great cultures. You can go away mad, even spouting profanities, or you can face the reality, and consider the implications while investigating the assertions being made.

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 12: The Condemnation of Roman and Byzantine Churches

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 12: The Condemnation of Roman and Byzantine Churches

As we proceed with our commentary on the Revelation, we shall hopefully be able to even more clearly elucidate the fact that its prophesies have foretold many of the most notable events of the history of these past two thousand years. But these are not singular events. Rather, most of them take place over several or even many centuries, so they really describe historical processes instead. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse describe four processes and sets of circumstances in the course of the history of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, which from the time that it began extending overseas to the time of the fall of the western portion of the empire, which includes Rome itself, had lasted over seven hundred years. During the last three centuries of that process, the Germanic tribes were contending with the empire with increasing frequency until they were finally able to overrun it completely.

We may call these events processes because, as it is defined in common sources, a process is “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” Once men ever realize that Yahshua Christ and the prophets of Yahweh in the Old Testament have described these historical processes long before they actually began to unfold, then we must admit that the particular end of them which has been achieved is indeed the will of God, that He is true and He has set the course of the history of men to accomplish His purposes. Men must then admit that whether they submit to Him or not, they have no choice but to do His will, whether it be for their own good or for their own destruction, which is also something that He has already determined.

The entire process of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, as we have already discussed at length, was also prophesied by Daniel, in chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel in our Bibles. When we realize that Revelation chapters 6 through 8 parallel Daniel chapter 2 then the identification of these prophecies with the fall of Rome is irrefutable. However now we must digress to discuss another vision in Daniel which also describes the rise and fall of Rome, which is found in Daniel chapter 7. We had previously promised this discussion in relation to Revelation chapter 13, and we will reserve the greatest part of it for that time. But there are certain elements of it which we must comment upon here, because it foretells of historical events and circumstances leading up to things which we shall see prophesied here in Revelation chapter 9.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 11: The Fall of an Empire

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 11: The Fall of an Empire

Describing the sealing of the hundred and forty four thousand unsoiled saints of the tribes of Israel as The Assurance of God in Revelation chapter 7, we also saw that there was a much greater assurance, that an innumerable multitude “from all nations and tribes and peoples and tongues” would also be preserved, although they would first wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb, in what was described as a great tribulation. It is this latter group which is depicted as having made the exclamation that “Salvation is with our God sitting upon the throne and with the Lamb”, and therefore although they may not have been assigned the same special status as the hundred and forty four thousand who were sealed, they are nevertheless saved, in the eternal sense of the word as it is used in Scripture.

One common practice of many so-called pastors or theologians is to take a small portion of a prophecy, remove it from its original context, and apply it in some manner which suits themselves. Often by doing so they build entire sects around their own sick delusions. So there have been many fabulous theories proposed concerning the hundred and forty four thousand of the tribes of Israel who are sealed in Revelation chapter 7, and anyone who has ever promoted any of them should never be taken seriously about anything else which they may say about Scripture. This is because rather frequently men would prefer to write their own bible rather than seek to understand the Bible as it was written. When they do that, through their wild interpretations of Scripture they are actually announcing a Gospel which is contrary to the Gospel of Christ.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 10: The Assurance of God

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 10: The Assurance of God

Discussing the so-called Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in relation to The Pattern of Empires in Revelation chapter 6, we sought to reconcile them to the apparent stages of the rise and fall of the Roman empire, since even though other empires certainly seem to have followed the same general pattern, Rome is the primary subject of the prophecy in these chapters of the Revelation. Now before we commence with our commentary on the Revelation itself, we shall take a moment to review Daniel chapter 2, as it is directly relevant to Revelation chapters 6 and 8. As we had also cited in that last presentation, this same observation was made by the 2nd century Christian bishop Irenaeus.

But first we must offer another digression. In our observance of the pattern of empires we noted that the various stages actually overlap one another. Rome’s White Horse stage began to take form when the city warred against the other tribes of the Italian peninsula and subjected them to itself. Then it turned to the nations abroad and began to subject them as well. Initially this expansion of the empire was conducted under the pretense of good intentions, especially as the bickering Greek states invited Rome to settle their disputes with one another. This White Horse seems to parallel the original expansion of the United States, when the contiguous territory on the North American continent was subjected up through the mid-19th century.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 9: The Pattern of Empires

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 9: The Pattern of Empires

There are three methods of interpreting prophecy which are prevalent among Church commentators today, which are usually labeled as historicism, preterism and futurism. The preterist view generally upholds some variation of the belief that all Biblical prophecy was fulfilled by 70 AD with the destruction of Herod’s temple in Jerusalem. This view fails miserably not only here in the Revelation, but also in the words of the Old Testament prophets, and especially in Daniel and Obadiah. The futurist view generally upholds the belief that prophecy has more or less been put on hold for some period far into the future, when the descriptions of world events found in the Revelation and other prophets will play out like some sort of Hollywood science fiction movie. This view also fails miserably when it is compared to the actual words of the Revelation and the prophets. While we will not offer a detailed refutation of these views here and now, we have already endeavored to do that in the past, and here we would assert that the content of this commentary on the Revelation, when it is completed, will in itself provide a sufficient refutation of all opposing views.

The method of interpretation which we espouse is the historicist view of prophecy, which upholds an understanding that the words of both the prophets and the Revelation would gradually be fulfilled over time, and are still being fulfilled in the present day. It can be established that the prophet Jonah is the earliest of our Biblical prophets after David and Solomon, whose prophecies are recorded in his own separate book. Now it has now been approximately 2,850 years since the prophecy of Jonah was recorded, 2,530 years since Daniel, at least 2,450 years since Malachi, perhaps 1,924 years since John published the Revelation, and all of the other books of the Biblical prophets were recorded somewhere in between Jonah and Malachi. Therefore when examining the prophets, we would assert that the sensible method of interpretation is to estimate the historical context of each particular prophecy, and the circumstances in which the prophecy was written, and once the background history is understood, as well as the history of the subjects of the prophecy, then when the words of the prophecy are interpreted it may be determined both whether and when that prophecy was fulfilled. Very often, the background history is recorded in Scripture, and the fulfillment is much easier to determine. But after the Revelation there is no later Scripture, so a thorough understanding of secular history is necessary if one is to understand the fulfillment of any of its prophecies.

The Fall of the Empire, with Dr. Michael Hill

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NOTE: The original file somehow became corrupted when it was uploaded. It has now been replaced. I apologize for the inconvenience. - WRF

This evening we shall hear from our dear friend and League of the South President Dr. Michael Hill, and we hope to discuss some of the League’s positions in regard to the recent significant developments in the strategic and economic affairs of the empire which is the so-called United States. These recent developments certainly forebode the decline of the American empire, and that should be a welcome event to all Southerners, but the road through it shall certainly be a challenging journey.

There is so much U.S. media propaganda on the Ukraine war that it is difficult to follow. The news is all fake and I don’t watch it because I never know what to believe. I appreciated the League of the South’s official position that we should not have a care for who wins this war, as that has also been my own view from the beginning. I see the Ukraine war as two groups of Jews fighting for control of gas sales to Europe while accusing one another of being “Nazis”.

But this war is about much more than Ukraine, as it is about a series of challenges to the American dominance of world economy and politics in ways that the mainstream media does not inform the general public. With the inevitable decline of the American Empire, as Southerners we must attend to the needs of our own people.

Here is a link to Dr. Michael Hill's brief article: The Fall of the Empire Spend a few minutes and consider the League of the South!

Most of William Finck's notes on subjects discussed here, including the war in Ukraine, the petrodollar, the U.S. biolabs and more, are found at the Christogenea Forum in an article titled True reasons for the war in Ukraine.

If our readers really need to see videos of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy promoting sodomy, see the Christogenea Media site article, The Jewish Comedian is also a Sodomite

We did not make the video below, but we added the notes and links to the articles it features, as it shows a side of Vladmir Putin which White Nationalists everywhere should despise.Click the "read more" link for quotes and links.

The Covid Vaccine, Fornication and the Mark of the Beast


The Covid Vaccine, Fornication and the Mark of the Beast

This podcast is something that I promised a good friend perhaps two or even three months ago, as we discussed the fact that the concept represented in the title was the subject of many discussions elsewhere, even in denominational churches. I apologize for being a couple of months late. If you are a denominational Christian who happened upon this podcast because of the title, that is good and we hope that you listen through to the end. But you should prepare now, because you certainly shall be offended. However we would assert that we are rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

There has been much speculation concerning the Covid vaccine and the Mark of the Beast which is described in the Revelation of Yahshua Christ. Here we are going to do a brief survey of the passages where the Mark of the Beast is mentioned, and discuss them from our historical perspective of the Revelation. But first I must provide some background, briefly and loosely summarizing some of the things which I had in my interpretation of the Revelation presented here ten years ago.

The first eight chapters of the Revelation mostly concern the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, with an interlude in chapter 7 for the sealing of the 144,000 and the innumerable multitude of other Israelites who would wash their garments in the blood of the Lamb. Then chapters 9 through 11 prophecy aspects of history in the aftermath of the fall of Rome, namely the plague of Islam and the Reformation.

Revelation chapter 12 is another interlude, and it describes the origin and summarizes the motivations and activities of the enemies of Christ. Then Revelation chapter 13 is a summary of the history of the seven times period of punishment of the children of Israel, which was facilitated through those same enemies of Christ. In my opinion, Revelation chapter 13 and the foregoing prophecies take us right up to the time of the end of the temporal power of the Papacy and the beginning of a new age, the so-called Age of Liberty guided by the Masonic ideals of the French Revolution in which man supposes that he can make his own laws and rule over himself. This is the beginning of the prophesied Time of Jacob’s Trouble.

Christian Identity: What Difference Does it Make?

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Christian Identity: What Difference Does it Make?

It is no mistake that 2000 years ago, Christianity spread and was accepted by tribes of White Europeans as they encountered it. It is no mistake that for the last 1500 years Europe has been predominantly Christian. Christianity had spread not only to both Greece and Rome, but also to Britain and other points in Europe as early as the middle of the first century. Tribes in Gaul were converting to Christianity in the second century. By the third century, if not sooner, Germanic tribes of the Goths and Alans had accepted Christianity. All of this was long before the official acceptance of Christianity began with Constantine the Great, the Edict of Toleration and the Council of Nicaea.

To mock Christianity today is to mock a hundred generations of our ancestors. People who mock Christianity think they know something better about our past than their own ancestors, the people who actually lived in those times many centuries ago. The truth is that the people who mock Christianity know little-to-nothing about the world of the past and the circumstances under which their ancestors ultimately accepted Christianity.

There are many incongruities in the perception of the people who mock Christianity today. On one hand they claim that it is a “cuck” religion, and on the other they complain that their ancestors were forced into Christianity by Christians. So they admit that their own ancestors were weaker than the “cucks” they despise. On one hand they claim that Christianity is an effeminate religion, and a Jewish religion, but then they complain that their ancestors were forced into it by Christians. So they admit that their ancestors were weaker than effeminates and Jews. All the while, they proclaim the “might is right” mantra of their own neo-paganism, while professing that their weak ancestors, forced to subject to Christianity, were somehow treated unfairly! Those who mock Christianity are simply too stupid to realize all of these cognitive disconnects, and there are many more that we won’t get into here. We already presented them here a few years ago, in two podcasts titled White Nationalist Cognitive Dissonance.

The Farmer and the Stork, from Aesop's Fables

A FARMER placed nets on his newly-sown plowlands and caught a number of Cranes, which came to pick up his seed. With them he trapped a Stork that had fractured his leg in the net and was earnestly beseeching the Farmer to spare his life. "Pray save me, Master," he said, "and let me go free this once. My broken limb should excite your pity. Besides, I am no Crane, I am a Stork, a bird of excellent character; and see how I love and slave for my father and mother. Look too, at my feathers-they are not the least like those of a Crane." The Farmer laughed aloud and said, "It may be all as you say, I only know this: I have taken you with these robbers, the Cranes, and you must die in their company."

Your fate may be the same as that of the company you keep.

Classics Corner

Here we will periodically feature one or more of our older program episodes. Sometimes they will be pertinent to other events at Christogenea.

The alien hordes currently pouring into Europe, and also into America and other White nations, are fulfilling Biblical prophesies made many centuries ago. The proof is in a history which few now know, because Classical literature is irrelevant to modern churchmen, and the Bible is alien to classicists. Interpretations of archaeological discovery are seen through a Jewish worldview, and that worldview is also based on falsehoods. But when we come to love the truth of our God, we can no longer be blinded by the satanic Jews.


The Immigration Problem and Biblical Prophecy - 2011-11-05

Download podcast.

No Safe Haven: Stripped Bare and Naked - 2013-08-16

Download podcast.

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It is our hope that these recordings provide a good overall portrait of the Christian Identity worldview: what we believe about our origins, and what we perceive of our destiny.


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Joe Biden and his Jews

Certainly it seems as if every American presidential administration is more and more kosher. How could mainstream Christians not realize that the Antichrist is already here?

 1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

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