Arthur Lee: The Unseen Realm of Faith, Part 3

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Arthur Lee: The Unseen Realm of Faith, Part 3

Tonight we had Arthur Lee of here on the program with us once again, and we had hoped to have at least a brief discussion with him concerning his presentation this evening. However technical problems on his end prevented that, and we had to scratch our original introduction. But perhaps we will try it again soon. Back in December and January of this winter past, we presented the first six of Arthur Lee’s sermons titled The Unseen Realm of Faith. Now Arthur has taken the series to nine parts, and tonight we shall present these latest three, which are subtitled Spiritual Vision, Fearless Endurance, and To the Other Side. Doing this, Arthur Lee continues to make examples of the faith of the patriarchs as he progresses through Hebrews chapter 11, and offers a message of encouragement in how Christians can follow those examples in their own lives.

The first thing that stood out for us while reading the written versions of these presentations are Arthur’s remarks on Yahweh’s promise to Jacob that he would have the fatness of the earth. There seem to be many Christians who simply do not realize that Yahweh blesses us not to reward us for good, but so that we may in turn advance His kingdom, and that thought is a perfect companion to Arthur’s statements concerning a lack of vision. We should always be focused on the Kingdom of God, and as Christ had said, all of the cares of life will be provided by God. This seems to be a neglected aspect of Christianity, even in many Identity circles.

Tonight Arthur ends with Hebrews 11:29, and the faith that Moses had to lead the Israelites to the edge of the sea, not knowing exactly how they would make it through. Yet Yahweh provided a path for them. It is fair to say that Arthur is giving this as an example that Christians today must train themselves to think in these terms daily, as the example of our ancestors stands as a model for us. But that is a very hard walk in a world where we have been programmed to look to the government to play god for us. We must rather seek Yahweh our God, who is a much more certain Provider of our needs, who may not give us hand-outs, but who will certainly get us through the deepest of waters.

Thank you for listening, and we pray that you find these sermons informative and edifying.