Eli James - Canaanites are "Saved"?

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"Yahshua has no intention of exterminating all Canaanites. Some of these Canaanites will be allowed to live wherever they were created." - Eli James

Considering the context in which this statement was made, Eli James is in essence claiming that "some" Canaanites will be saved, because he fully infers that Christ will let them "live wherever they were created" upon His return and establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. That is salvation in the temporal sense, as the word means preservation. The idea is completely contrary to Scripture, as it is fully evident that Canaanites are a bastard race, they were never created by God, but only exist by the sins of men.

If Canaanites are bastards, then they are tares planted by the enemy, as Christ explained in Matthew 13, and among "Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted," which "shall be rooted up", as Christ said in Matthew 15:13. So how can Eli corrupt the Scripture and imagine that "Some of these Canaanites will be allowed to live"? This is one example of the fast & loose Bible interpretation by which Eli James often speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

"Is the mongrel guilty of the sin, and does Yahweh punish those who did not commit the sin? Obviously He does not." - another quote from Eli James, from just after 1:20 of the original recording. So much for tares planted by the devil. It wasn't the fault of the tares, I guess! Why would Christ burn those poor tares?

This is one of several segments addressed in the presentation The Universalism of Eli James

Here Brother Ryan addresses the treachery presented in this audio and others found on this page: