European Fellowship Forum, December 2023

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Among the topics discussed:

  • The immigrant flood into Britain and elsewhere and the prophetic implications. Bolshevik use of Latvian and Chinese mercenaries to launch their revolution.

  • Whether to go to war for ones government if one is conscripted.

  • The plight of Christians dependent upon worldly employment and forced to do things which they would not normally do.

  • Non-Adamic “people” and the relationship to sin.

  • Concentration of wealth in corporations.

  • The differences between instruction and study, reading and research.

  • Stress, worry, and learning instead to trust in God.

  • Obesity, diet, and sin.

  • Tuna and scales, is tuna unclean? Are mushrooms unclean?

  • The word Gott in Germany is consistently understood to be a reference to the God of the Bible, except among a small minority of neo-pagans.

  • Brief discussion of National Socialism and Christianity.

  • Online sources for Classical literature, i.e. Perseus Digital Library, Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg is banned in Germany on account of copyright laws.

  • Challenges of publishing books for truth-tellers or dissidents.

  • Verifying Christian Identity truths.

  • Nutrition and sickness, choosing the medical industry when one is sick, or trusting in God.

  • Number of mosques in Germany, degree of integration of White nations with other races.

  • Blatantly open crimes such as shoplifting, or looting, are unknowingly subsidized by Whites who do business with the same corporations and their insurance companies. This is a back door to Communism.

  • Willingness of most Whites to accept and integrate with other races, jewish humanist brainwashing of White Society.

  • Scofield Bible and jewish claims that they are all twelve tribes of Israel.

  • Solar generators are not as efficient as advertised. Many more panels and batteries are need than what is typically advertised.

  • Why Hitler declared war on America, Roosevelt’s undeclared war on Germany from 1938, America’s current proxy war with Russia.

  • Chinese and Russian presence in America, train derailments and food processing plant burnings are very possibly acts of sabotage, muslims in America.

  • Changing demographics in the American South, a new Yankee invasion.

  • Elohim City, Church of Israel in Missouri (Dan Gayman), antipathy towards and differences with Christogenea.

  • Mocking the holocaust myth.

  • Negro riots in the mid-1960’s.

And more…