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The Color of Crime: New Century Foundation's report on differences in crime rates by race, bias in the justice system, and interracial crime. First published as a monograph in 1999, the new 2005 edition of The Color of Crime is now available on-line as a free PDF download.

Poverty is not an excuse for high Negro or Hispanic crime rates. Click here for a report from the U.S. Census Bureau, Table 695. Money Income of Families—Number and Distribution by Race and Hispanic Origin: 2009, from Income, Expenditures, Poverty, and Wealth, U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012. This report clearly shows that there are many more White families living in poverty than all minority groups combined.

Click here for an Open Office-formatted spreadsheet of some crime statistics  from which were collected and cited for this program. The statistics are publicly available at the FBI website.

Click here for the December, 2011 U.S. Department of Justice reportCorrectional Population in the United States, 2010, in PDF format.

Finally, click here for a collection of items posted at the Saxon Messenger website, entitled The Beasts that Dwell Among Us, several of the reports which were cited for this program.

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