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Dr. Joseph Goebbels, The Year 2000 - December 1st, 2012

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The translation of Das Jahr 2000 used in this presentation of Dr. Goebbels' article is found at the German Propaganda Archive at

It was our initial desire to have a deeper discussion as to why Identity Christians, if they are sincere, must sympathize with National Socialist Germany. That shall be the subject of next Saturday's program.

William Finck on Truth Militia Radio with John Friend - December 3rd, 2012

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Click here for the Truth Militia Radio program page.

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From the host's program announcement:

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we’ll be joined by William Finck of and The Mein Kampf Project.  William and I will be discussing the origins of the criminal network known today as international Jewry, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, WWII and related matters.  We'll focus primarily on Chapter XI of Mein Kampf, Nation and Race, and also discuss ethnic nationalism versus civic nationalism, fascism, National Socialism, communism, and international capitalism.

Why We Are Antisemites - A Discussion of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech - February 2nd, 2013

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"Why We Are Antisemites" - A Discussion of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus, with Carolyn Yeager

See Carolyn's website for a new English translation of the speech.

In this podcast we really ended up having a long discussion of many aspects of Christianity. This was necessary so that it could be demonstrated why White Nationalists should not take for granted the claims of the Jews concerning the Old Testament, or any of the Bible for that matter. Sadly, the National Socialists and Christians everywhere for the last 15 centuries or longer have committed this same error.

"It is absurd to profess Christ Jesus, and to Judaize. For Christianity did not embrace Judaism, but Judaism Christianity, that so every tongue which believeth might be gathered together to God." - The Epislte of Ignatius to the Magnesians, Ignatius was the third bishop of Antioch and a student of the apostle John.

Adolf Hitler's November 8th, 1940 Munich March Memorial Speech in the Löwenbräukeller - 2013-03-09

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The text to this speech along with a short audio segment of the original from Hitler himself, is found here: The Mein Kampf Project at Adolf Hitler – speech in the Löwenbräukeller ( more Churchill)


Which Side Really Wanted War?

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This program was based upon the article What Does America Really Want? by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, which can be found with a short introduction and a translation of the text at the German Propaganda Archive at Calvin University.


National Socialist German Economic Policy, Part 1

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For the text of Wilhelm Bauer's booklet with the passages from Mein Kampf along with some of the other references and notes used in this podcast series, see the Christogenea Mein Kampf Project website here: National Socialist German Economic Policy