William Finck on Alba Voce with David Baillie

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Tonight David Baillie welcomes William Finck, Biblical scholar,
broadcaster and author of Christogenea.org, to discuss Christianity's
true origins, the migrations of the Israelites, how modern day
Christianity has been twisted and used as a weapon to deceive White
Western Civilization into submitting to non-White rule. We will also
discuss how Christianity initially united White European civilization
and served as a bulwark against invasions by other races. Lastly, we
will discuss the importance of Christianity in general to the White
Nationalist community, and in specific the role that Christian Identity
can play in turning Christianity back into a shield for White nations.

The caller at the end of the program turns out to be a Judaized half-breed of some sort or other. We did not know that at first and therefore treated him as if he may have been a White man. We answered him harshly for good intent. The first questions we would pose in regard to any criticism of our handling of this caller are these: Should Christian pastors remain aloof from the harsh realities of society? Should Christian pastors merely repeat the kind words of Jesus in spite of what is going on in the world? Or should Christian pastors identify the sheep and distinguish them from the wolves, goats and dogs which are destroying the sheep? We have an obligation to face the harsh realities of the world, and warn the sheep accordingly. The goats are destined for the Lake of Fire, and we also know who they are.