Two White Men Set on Fire by Black "co-workers" in Baltimore

You won't see this on national news. Just this week, two White men were set on fire by the niggers they "work" with while on their way home from a job site in Baltimore. The first White man is engulfed in flames. The second apparently escaped from his flaming clothing and is seen in his underwear, moaning in pain on the ground. All the nearby niggers wanted to do was laugh and take pictures. This should be a national news story, but apparently White lives do not matter to Jewish media.

Of course, White men should not be compelled to work with niggers.

On another note, in Versailles, Kentucky just this morning the feral nigger pictured above broke into the home of a White family and fatally stabbed a six-year old White boy while he lay sleeping in his bedroom. See the article at the WKYT website

Understanding Anti-Semitism


Christogenea Disclaimers: 

Jews are NOT Semites, who were wholly White, while jews actually descended from the mixed-race Edomites, Canaanites, and a collection of other races.

Jews are NOT Hebrews either, who are a branch of the Semitic race and who are also White although today they go by other names. 

Jews are NOT descended from the ancient Israelites, an idea absolutely contrary to Scripture.

Since Jews are NOT Semites, "anti-semitism" is a word void of appropriate meaning in our language today. Therefore please observe the labels in these videos in a discriminating manner.

The purpose of having this video here is so that we can observe what it is that the jews claim about "anti-semitism", which is also lies. 

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Warren's Shaft and Hezekiah's Tunnel


This video clip was originally archived here as a companion to the May 21st, 2010 Yahweh's Covenant People program by Eli James and William Finck, which discussed the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem with isaiah Chapter 36.  Preparing for the siege, Hezekiah the king of Judah built a tunnel through which water was brought into the city from the Gihon Spring (see 2 Chrosnicles 32:30), which allowed Jerusalem to withstand the siege.

Were Orthodox Jews Involved in London's Tottenham Riots?


When The Darkness Falls

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White Women, Take a Taxi ... Or a Gun

There is no doubt, that the more frequently these feral negros are tolerated when they riot in the cities and run rampant on the highways, the more brazen they will get in their interactions with Whites in public places.

If White people really cared about themselves and their families, as well as the future of their children, they would shoot every rioting negro dead on site. It has never in history been considered a crime to shoot wild animals who pose a threat to the civil order.

In fact, it is a crime not to shoot them.

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WHO are the Terrorists?

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Who Could Believe That Islands Tip Over?


This video is a few years old, but we need a reminder now and then. This is a congressman? Do you still think they can be our peers in a productive society? This really is an accurate example of just how stupid niggers are. And they are sitting in Washington helping to decide your fate! Is that what you really want, White man, and woman?

Why are people afraid of the facts about Jews?



This is an excellent video, except that like most people today, the narrator does not understand that the Bible is not a Jewish book, because the Jews are neither Israelites nor Judah. In fact, the only "Jewish" book in the Bible is the book called Esther, which the narrator mentions.

We left the following comment on the Youtube page for this video:

The video is great. But the truth is that the only Jewish book in the entire Bible is Esther. The people known as Jews today infiltrated and subverted ancient Judaea 2,200 years ago. They infiltrated and began to subvert the Roman Catholic church 800 years ago, and in some ways even long before that. They infiltrated and subverted American Christianity and use it for their own purposes since the 19th century. True Christianity is 100% anti-Jewish.

Why Christians Must Unplug Hollywood



Not only is Hollywood run by the anti-Christ jews, most of the common actors and actresses are also anti-Christ jews. In this manner, Christians have been spoon-fed anti-Christ jewish propaganda with every single movie that the jews have produced for a hundred years, in nearly every single movie that has been produced. For this reason, the worldview of most Christians is an anti-Christ jewish worldview. Sanitize your mind: unplug yourself from Hollywood, and stop worshipping the beast!

If you doubt that Hollywood is run by jews, see the article from one of their own, How Jewish is Hollywood? by Joel Stein at the Los Angeles Times.  

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