Barack Obama is a Muslim


Barack Obama is indeed a Muslim. During the election process he denied it, and the media ran cover for him, so (at least) forty million White men and women voted for him. Suckered again, now America is descending into Marxism at a rate that would have made Lenin and Trotsky marvel.

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Bird's Point Flooding Decision

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Birds Point Flooding


Birth of a Nation


A hundred years ago, D.W.Griffith portrayed race relations in America in a very practical, authentic manner, in Birth of a Nation (1915).  And the jews and the liberal establishment gave him hell for it.  Today they still do, but the movie was true then, and it is true now.  Have 100 years of multiculturalism and diversity been good for America?  Yes, it has been that long.  The jew "Israel Zangwill" wrote the play "The Melting Pot", the propaganda that made the term famous, in 1910, and it has been all downhill from there.


 The Birth of a Nation: The Most Controversial Motion Picture in American History, by Michael Collins Piper, from The Barnes Review, July, 1997

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Black-on-White Violent Crime


Booty Boogie Blockparty

Perhaps this video should have been titled "Tweenie Twerkfest", but that name is far too "cute" for these disgusting brute beasts.

The Negro child is sexualized by its own family and neighbors from early childhood. This is Negro "culture" in its natural state.

So, do you think you may invite one of these "children" to your own child's birthday party one day soon? But perhaps they already sit at the same school cafeteria table each afternoon.

White children everywhere are now being desensitized and introduced to this animalistic behavior. Welcome to equality that never existed, diversity that can never be sustained, and a future that is destined for destruction.

We can't wait to see it all come unglued. These lives do NOT matter if we wish to maintain a civil society.

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Brice Taylor Exposes Mind Control and Slavery in the U.S.


British film crew threatened by drunken settler in Hebron


Brother Ryan on the Mongrelization of Christian Identity


If you are concerned for the future of Christian Identity theological thought, please do not miss this video:

Also: check out

Praise Yahweh!

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Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillipps in Edmonton - MK Ultra, Mind Control