Christogenea Introduction 02

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CIA Admits "News" Manipulation - 1975, Operation Mockingbird



The "News" is a product of a cooperation of banker-controlled government and banker-owned corporations which only want to control you.

Collage of Truth

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Cowardly May 2012 Leftist ARA Antifa Attack on Peaceful Nationalists at Ashford House (Tinley Park, IL)


On May 19, 2012, eighteen armed and masked leftists stormed the Ashford House restaurant of Tinley Park, Illinois, to attack a peaceful group of nationalists privately meeting there.

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Criminals are not "Protestors"



According to this North Carolina official, 70 percent of the protesters who have been arrested in Charlotte are not from the State of North Carolina. Rather, they were bused in from elsewhere. These so-called "Black Lives Matter" protestors are actually criminals seeking to break down the rule of law in America. This is an age-old Marxist tactic, and most Americans still do not understand it, even after 60 years of experience.

Diversity or Deception - Part 1

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Diversity or Deception - Part 2

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Facts Are Facts - Jews Have Killed Millions, and Tens of Millions!!!


Video courtesy of ZionCrimeFactory

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FBI Arrests 17 Jewish Rabbis among others for Corruption and Selling Body Parts


See the Jew York Times article HERE.

FBI Raids Synagogue Looking for Children's Body Parts


The media played down the portions of the scandal concerning body parts in its reporting, but at least it is mentioned in this video.