Hate Speech - by Original Savage Chick


Perhaps we could not have said it better ...

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How Niggers raise their young'uns


Video originally found at the blog of the Irate Irishman.

How to Survive a Roadblock



The Whites participating in "KKKolumbus" day demonstrations are a disgrace to their own ancestors, and need to be consumed by the Mexicans for whom they are whoring. The Mexicans, on the other hand, are so stupid that they published the video which clears the driver of any wrongdoing, and convicts the Mexicans themselves as the beasts that they truly are.

Israel Controls U.S. Government and Media


When we say this, we are slandered as "White Supremacists" and "Racists", most often by those same Jews who are trying to conceal their usurpation of our Christian nation! In truth, they are the supremacists, and they are the racists!

Jewess Annette Kahane would Destroy Europe


Jewish Hypocrisy - Again...


Emma West made a statement on a London tram about how England should be for the English, and not for the Poles, Africans, or anyone else who managed to cross the channel. She was arrested. What happens when jews do that same thing? Nothing, of course!

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JFK Secret Society Speech

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Joel Osteen on Food


This is the one thing he gets right. Too bad he does not recognize all of the unclean beasts sitting in his audience!

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Kill Socrates

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Leroy Had a Little Goat...

In their natural environment, Negroes are violent beasts which destroy everything they come into contact with, quite often for no other purpose than their own entertainment. After years of observing them in the inner cities and in the jails and prisons of the Northeast United States as well as in the Deep South, this is the type of behavior which we have come to expect from Negroes.

We only wonder when the rest of White America, and our White brethren in Europe, will finally come to the same realization. How much longer shall we attempt to civilize these beasts, until we realize that they can never be civilized? Look at the behavior of Negroes wherever they are a predominant segment of the population, in Detroit, in Chicago, in Baltimore or in a hundred other American cities. When will we finally admit that the great egalitarian experiment has failed?

If you are offended by our practical assessment of the value of Negroes to society, then you should go to one of these cities and encourage the Negroes to do better. To stop killing and robbing and stealing. To stop looking for handouts, freebies, easier tests, carelessly dumbed-down colleges, and the lowering of standards everywhere in order to be accommodated for your shortcomings. To rebuild all of the once wonderful and beautiful places which they have destroyed. Prove your worth by your deeds, not by your protest slogans or your inclination to acts of violence.

But we know better. You won't do any of that, because you cannot do any of that. We have judged you by your character. Black lives matter... for nothing.

And if this does not at least cause you to think, see another video posted here, African Culture: See How They Run

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