The "News" is Not Real - All "News" is Fake



It happened then, it never stopped happening and it is happening now. It has happened at every turn. The manufactured Iraq War, 911, the Orlando Homocaust, the Sandy Hook "shootings", the crises actors, it is all ordered up by the shadowy figures in control of the government and manipulating us all. The food you eat, the drugs you take, what the government regulates and what it does not, and all of your information comes fom those who enslave you.

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The Abrahamic Covenant - E. Raymond Capt

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The ADL IS Hate


The Anti-Defamation League is basically a front organization for the world's oldest crime ring, and seeks to silence all political opposition under the pretense of combatting "hate". Yet they are only covering for history's biggest haters - the anti-Christs themselves. Here Mike Delaney of confronts an ADL field operative at one of their own propaganda seminars. Visit for more of Mike's excellent work.

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The BBC: Broadcasting Babylon's Crash? We will wait and see, but we won't panic!


It is odd that the BBC would broadcast such a frank outlook on the condition of western financial markets. This analyst may simply be a master of the obvious. A market that makes no tangible goods cannot survive, period!

The Cambridge Friends School, Part 1

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The Cambridge Friends School, Part 2

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The Cathy O'Brien Story - The Most Dangerous Game


The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software


The Enemy Within


Jews are Jews first, and always act in the interests of Jews. Whites are Whites last, and having fully embraced individualism they always act in what they esteem to be their own interests, even when those interests are against the interests of Whites. Don't wonder why everywhere you look, you see Jews calling the shots.

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