Christogenea New Testament - Introduction

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CNT Front CoverlThe Christogenea New Testament - Introduction

Welcome to the official home of The Christogenea New Testament as translated from the Koine Greek by William Raymond Finck, Jr. These translations are part of a larger endeavor containing thousands of translation notes and comments, parts of which are still in development. The translation alone is offered here freely that seekers of truth may have access to a translation which is free of universalist church corruptions. It is the hope of the author that you find this work to be both edifying and enlightening.

The Christogenea New Testament - Notice of Copyright

The version of my editions of the translations of the New Testament found on this website contain all or portions of the translation alone, which with a few exceptions are based upon the 27th edition of the Nestle-Aland Novum Testamentum Graece. The treatment here of various Greek words, along with many notes explaining the differences between this translation and the King James Version, the differences in many readings among the various ancient manuscripts which exist, and many historical and contextual notes, are found in my books of the same name. These things will not be discussed at all here, since my purpose for the electronic publishing of these translations without fee is solely that the Christian Israel Identity community may have a scholarly translation to refer to that is free of the universalist interpretations which are found in nearly all other translations of the New Testament, and that it is provided without cost.

These translations are excerpted from The Christogenea New Testament, copyright (©) 2009 by the author and translator, William Raymond Finck, Jr. All rights to this work are reserved by William Raymond Finck, Jr. This work may be quoted from and quotes may be distributed freely, but may not be edited or changed without violation of copyright. All quotes from or distributions of this work must properly credit the author, as appropriate by law or custom. Portions of this work may not be offered for sale or access fee, nor may it be distributed as part of any collection of literature or other data which is offered for sale or access fee, without the express consent of the author. Publishing reproductions in print or electronic form of any complete book or component of this work is prohibited without the express written consent of the author. While portions of this work may be distributed without fee, the official publication of this work is found at Any website or other publishing medium is prohibited from redistributing portions of this work without the express permission of the author and must retain this notice.

The Christogenea New Testament.
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