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We at Christogenea have always had a deep admiration for Bertrand Comparet. We learned more about Christian Identity from him than from any other of its early expositors, and the keen interest his papers sparked in us were a large factor in the motivation behind our own studies. However we cannot idolize the man - or any other man - and therefore we must also recognize his errors once they become apparent. While we have a deep respect for the work of Mr. Comparet, we must also express our disagreement with him in some areas. - Throwing Stones at the Devil

Lithobolos is where we post a lot of items that may deserve to be brought to the attention of our kindred, but which are either too disgusting or just not scholarly enough to be posted here at Christogenea. However it is also a place where we simply get to poke fun at the enemies of our God, and sometimes also at ourselves.