English is from Hebrew, Part 5

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Strong's # Transliteration Meaning Derivatives
8005 shillem requital English: shill (?), shilling
8080 shaman to shine, i.e. be (make) oily or gross English: shimmer, shine
8163 sa'iyr or sa'ir shaggy, he-goat, faun Greek: saturos
Latin: satyrus
English: satire, satyr, satyriasis, satyrid
8164 sa'iyr a shower (as tempestuous) Latin: satis, sufficient; satur, full; saturare, to fill; Saturnus, god of agriculture;
English: sate, saturate, saturn, satisfy, satiate
saret or sareteth
to gash
an incision
Latin: serratus , serrated;
English: saw, serrate
to conceal (as a valuable)
a vestibule (also a dish)
English: safe (ME sauf)
8242 saq a mesh (as allowing a liquid to run through) i.e. coarse loose cloth; hence a bag (for grain etc.) Greek: sakkos
Latin: saccus, bag, pouch, bag for straining liquids;
English: sac, sack
8256 shaqam or shiqmah sycamore Greek: sukumoros
English: sycamore
8319 sharaq to be shrill, i.e. to whistle or hiss English: shriek
8337 shesh six Latin:sex
English: six
to place
a basis
the seat, buttock
to place, to lie
Latin: sistere, make stand; situs, situated, lying;
Greek istemi (ἵστημι), make stand; stasis, standing, statizo, to place;
English: set, seat, sat, sit
8415 tehom or tehowm an abyss, espec. the deep English: tomb
8446 tuwr to meander (caus. guide) English: tour, tourist, turn
a bull
a bullock
Greek: tauros, bull
Latin: tauros, bull
English: steer, taurus, taurine
8458 tachbulah or tachbuwlah steerage (as management of ropes), i.e. guidance or (by impl.) a plan English: tack (as sailing a boat)
8493 tiyreya fearful Latin: terrere, to frighten; terror
English: terrify, terror
to balance, i.e. measure out
a fixed quantity, measure, scale
English: token
tok or towk
oppression :- deceit, fraud
to overpower :- prevail
Old Norse: taka
English: take, took
8500 tukiy or tuwkiy “probably a peacock” Greek: taos (ταώς), according to Gesenius
English: turkey
to pile up, i.e. elevate
something tall, i.e. slenderness
English: tall
8535 tam complete; usually (morally) pious; specifically gentle, dear English: tame

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04/15/09: Posted
02/03/2022 Reformatted & updated, added 8337, 8493
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