English is from Hebrew - Introduction

The historical essays offered here at Christogenea.org attempt to demonstrate how the English, Germans, and many of the Greeks and the Romans, among others, had descended from the ancient Israelites of the Old Testament period. Just as well, the English and German languages are derived from Hebrew much more than they were influenced by Greek and Latin, which were also at least partially derived from Hebrew at a much earlier time than English and German. These pages will prove beyond all doubt that hundreds of fundamental English words have much older Hebrew counterparts. A few similarities in meaning and sound may be written off as coincidences, however hundreds of such similarities cannot possibly be so lightly dismissed.

Here is a challenge to philologists and etymologists (as well as historians, archaeologists and theologians) everywhere: take your heads out of the sand, open your eyes, and examine the words here closely, because the only real solution to the "indo-european" origins question is in the Christian Israel Identity message. If you refuse to discover it, you risk becoming fools and clowns in your own occupations, because this information cannot stay hidden forever. The history offered in the essays here is authentic and justly interpreted, and now this language comparison supports it fully, as a sure second witness to the truth. The Caucasian races of Europe are indeed descended from the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia, and especially from the Hebrews, of which the people now called jews truly do not belong.

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