Blood Moons

From an email with the subject line "4 blood moons" received Tuesday, July 28th:

I've have been hearing a lot about these 4 blood moons leading to the beginning of the end time or birth/second advent of the messiah both from Christians and new ager pagans what is your option on the matter and what do the primary sources have to say regarding this theory

Thank you
Tim W

Origins of the Doric Greek word Karneia

Dear Mr Finck,

I have read your essay Classical Records of the Dorian & Danaan Israelite-Greeks. I happened to read a book of Greek history on the subject of Greek festivals in Ancient Sparta. One was called Karneia (Karnia) it is said that it came from the word Karno which meant in the Doric dialect ram. I've checked the word carno (karno) and found one city in Wales and one city in the Biblical area that is called Carnaim and which is called Carno by Ptolemy and Strabo. It is probably related to Genesis 14:5 to a city called Ashteroth Karnaim.

I would appreciate your take on this.

Thanks in advance,
Petros S.

Weiland Letter 2005


By: William Finck

The following is a reproduction of a hand written letter I sent to Ted R. Weiland, P.O. Box 248, Scottsbluff, Nebraska, 69363, dated 19th August 2005 in support of Tony Gonyer whose address will not be cited here. Tony had taken exception to some of Weiland’s audio recordings, where Weiland insists upon sharing Yahweh’s promises to Israel with Yahweh’s enemies. It is now mid-November, and Weiland has not yet responded to my letter: