The Epistle to Titus

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The Epistle to Titus

© 2005 William R. Finck Jr.

For a full audio and written commentary on this epistle see The Epistle of Paul to Titus - Audio and Written Bible Commentary or for a simple index: Paul's Epistle to Titus - Podcast Index


I1 Paul servant of Yahweh, and ambassador of Yahshua Christ concerning the faith of the elect of Yahweh and true knowledge of that which concerns piety 2 in hope of eternal life, which ever-truthful Yahweh has promised before the times of the ages, 3 and in the proper time made known His word by proclamation, which I am entrusted according to a commandment of Yahweh our Savior, 4 to Titos, a purely bred child according to common belief, favor and peace from Father Yahweh, even Yahshua Christ our Savior.

5 For this reason I have left you in Krete: that you would set in order the things which are wanting, and establish elders by city, as I have instructed you. 6 If one is without reproach, a husband of one wife, having faithful children: not by accusation of profligacy or insubordination. 7 It is necessary for that supervisor to be irreproachable as an administrator of the household of Yahweh, not stubborn, not prone to anger, not a drunkard, not a brawler, not shamefully desirous of gain, 8 but hospitable, loving goodness, discreet, righteous, hallowed, self-controlled, 9 holding onto the trusted word according to the teaching, in order that he would then be able to exhort with sound teaching and to reprove the contradictors.

10 For there are many insubordinates, vain talkers and deceivers of minds - especially those from among the circumcision - 11 whom it is necessary to muzzle, who upset entire houses teaching things which are not necessary, for reason of shameful profit. 12 One of them, a prophet of their own said “Kretans are always liars, evil beasts, slothful gluttons.” 13 This testimony is true, for which cause you must censure them relentlessly, that they would be sound in the faith, 14 not giving heed to myths of Judaism and injunctions of men turning themselves away from the truth. 15 All things are clean to the clean. But to those defiled and faithless nothing is clean, but even their minds and consciences are defiled. 16 They profess to know Yahweh, but in deeds they deny, being abominable and disobedient and rejected for all good works.

II1 Now you speak things which are suitable to sound doctrine. 2 Elders are to be sober, reverent, discreet, sound in the faith, in love, in patience. 3 Elderwomen in like manner in a condition befitting sanctity, not slanderous, not enslaved to much wine, teachers of virtue 4 in order that they may admonish the young women to be lovers of husband, lovers of children, 5 discreet, pure, good homemakers, being subject to their own husband in order that the word of Yahweh is not blasphemed. 6 In like manner encourage the young men to have discretion 7 concerning all things, presenting yourself as a model of good works, incorrupt in the teaching, reverence, 8 sound speech not condemnable, that one of the opposition would have respect, having nothing petty to say concerning us. 9 Bondmen are to be subject to their own masters in all things. To be well pleasing, not gainsaying. 10 Not pilfering, but displaying all good trustworthiness, in order that they would honor the teaching of Yahweh our Savior in all things.

11 For the delivering favor of Yahweh has been displayed to all men, 12 teaching us that, rejecting impiety and the lusts of this Society, discreetly and righteously and piously we should live in this present age, 13 expecting the blessed hope and manifestation of the honor of the Great Yahweh, even our Savior Yahshua Christ, 14 who gave Himself over in behalf of us, in order that He would redeem us from all lawlessness, and may purify for Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works. 15 You speak these things and exhort and prove with all authority. Let no one hold you in contempt.

III1 Remind them to be subject to powers in authority, to be obedient, to be ready for any good work, 2 to blaspheme no one, to be disinclined to fight, reasonable, exhibiting all gentleness towards all men. 3 For we also at one time without understanding were disobedient, being deceived, enslaved in lusts and various pleasures, existing in evil and envy, abhorrent, hating one another, 4 but when the kindness and benevolence of Yahweh our Savior appeared, 5 not from works of those in righteousness, things which we have done, but according to that mercy of His, He has preserved us through a bath of rebirth and renewal of the Holy Spirit, 6 which He poured out upon us richly through Yahshua Christ our Savior, 7 in order that being justified in that favor we would become heirs in accordance with the hope of eternal life. 8 Trustworthy is this saying, and concerning these things I wish for you to maintain strongly that those trusting in Yahweh should take care to prefer good works. These things are good and advantageous to men.

9 Now you must avoid foolish inquiries and genealogies and strifes and quarrels relating to law, for they are unprofitable and vain. 10 You must entreat a sectarian man with one or two warnings, 11 knowing that such a man is perverted and errs, being self-condemned.

12 When I send Artemas or Tuchikos to you, you must make haste to come to me in Nikopolis, for there I have decided to winter. 13 You must earnestly send forth Zenas the lawyer and Apollos that nothing would be wanting with them. 14 Now they must also learn to manage our good works for necessary purposes, in order that they would not be unfruitful. 15 All of those with me greet you. Greet those loving us in the faith. Favor is with you all.

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