July 2009

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The Crimes of the ADL, Part One

The ADL, or Anti-Defamation League, a sort of legal protection racket that endeavors to ensure that no Jew is ever criticized, regardless of the merits of the criticism, has recently mentioned both Eli James and myself in an article on their website (click here for the article). Upon mentioning the common name which describes, in part, our particular Christian theology, “Christian Identity”, they immediately give a link to a description of a list of men who were all allegedly Christian Identity adherents and who all supposedly committed crimes of one sort or another (for which click here).

Of course, the ADL’s inference is that all Christian Identists are criminals, or at least potential criminals. This is pre-judgement, and guilt by association. Is it not true that in practically every facet of life today people are instructed not to pre-judge anyone, by faith or by association? Hasn’t such a practice recently been called “profiling” and condemned in the Jewish-controlled media, with much fanfare? In fact, a search of the word “profiling” on the internal search engine of the ADL’s own website produces a list of articles over five pages long. This list of articles makes it quite clear that the ADL is highly concerned with nearly every type of racial profiling too, and not only against Jews. However the ADL is certainly not concerned with the profiling that they themselves do: the profiling of White Christians! For this reason Jesus (Yahshua) Christ warned us repeatedly concerning the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees – His murderers.

But if the ADL wants to claim that we are criminals simply because some other Christian Identists have committed crimes in the past, so be it. Let us accept that premise, at least for the purpose of the moment. However, is it only Identists who are guilty of the crimes of their fellow religionists?

Now, without saying another word, it is proven that by the ADL’s own twisted logic; by their own perverted reasoning, that they themselves are history’s greatest criminals! That is right, the members and supporters of the ADL are history’s greatest criminals because they are Jews, or supporters of Jews, and it was the Jews who killed God! That is right, Jesus Christ is God, and the Jews killed Him! So the ADL is guilty of Deicide, and what crime could ever be considered greater?