April 2023

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April 2023 Open Forum Discussion

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Monday, May 1st, 10:00 AM: Evidently, our sound editor had left a 15 minute gap at an edit point in the final hour of the recording, however there was no missing content. The gap has now been repaired, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Among the topics discussed: Why should Christians endeavor to keep the law?; Why would Yahweh “allow” the fallen angels to corrupt men?; Should a woman who is a widowed mother rule a household?; How would people “come out” of Mystery Babylon after it falls?; The media chatter over monkeypox fizzled: only 38 apparent sodomites in the U.S. died of monkeypox and 33 of them were black; Discipline, work and sleep habits; Materialism; young men and vocations; The meanings of Hebrew words for branch, Nazarene and Nazarite; Was Samuel a Nazarite?; Jacob and Esau, debate over the birthright; Danny Updegraff talks about early Christian Identity, Bill Gale and Jeanne Snyder; Indians, Canaanites and Casinos; Deception in the Judaized churches…

On Genesis, Part 12: Solid Ground

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On Genesis, Part 12: Solid Ground

Having discussed the onset, or perhaps, the onslaught of Noah’s Flood and The End of Sinners in Genesis chapter 7, we shall now move on to the aftermath of the Flood and the emergence of solid ground in chapters 8 and 9. However here the phrase solid ground relates just as much to our interpretation of the scope of the flood and subsequent events as it does to the experience of Noah. For one to acquire a proper understanding of the entire Bible depends upon a proper view of Noah’s flood. Claims that the flood covered the entire planet, that even the highest mountains on the globe were completely covered with water, are simply ridiculous and lead to very childish, and dangerous, views of the balance of Scripture. But these views persist, and have actually come to dominate denominational Christian thought, in spite of the fact that they are directly refuted by many passages and circumstances which are explained in Scripture itself.

At this point the denominational Christians may argue that races and cultures throughout the whole world have flood stories. But that does not mean that those floods were Noah’s flood, and since those races never had recorded histories, or even calendars, until they were encountered by Europeans, the dates of their own flood legends cannot even be determined. The truth is that numerous floods have impacted various regions of the world all throughout history. In 1931 in China, floodwaters as high as 53 feet covered approximately 69,000 square miles of land, put several large cities under water for several months, and the death toll is estimated from over 400,000 to as many as 4 million. But this was not Noah’s flood, and it certainly was not the first such flood in China. If it were not for the modern technology which the West had shared with China, perhaps many more Chinese would have died. Not that we care about Chinese, because they did not descend from Noah, nor from Adam, but this is only one example of many such historical floods.

On Genesis, Part 11: The End of Sinners

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On Genesis, Part 11: The End of Sinners

Aside from the explicit description of fornication between the Nephilim and the daughters of Adam which is found in the opening verses of Genesis chapter 6, there are only implications and subtle indications in Genesis as to the full extent of the sins of men and angels. However since all flesh had become corrupted, according to verse 12 of Genesis chapter 6, and since not only the children of Adam, but even the beasts of the land had to be destroyed for that same reason, it is evident that there must have been some truth to the account of the treachery of the Nephilim in the corruption of the beasts underlying what is found in the Enoch literature. But evidently, Noah and his family had never taken part in those sins, as Noah was perfect in his race, which describes his sons as well as himself, and therefore their flesh had not been corrupted. So the Adamic man which Yahweh God had created would be preserved through Noah and his sons, while the rest of the race would be destroyed for their iniquity. Out of all the sins of men, race-mixing with another race, in this case the Nephilim, is the explicit reason given in Genesis chapter 6 for the destruction of the entire race of man.

Yet the Nephilim themselves were not entirely destroyed in the flood of Noah, where it becomes apparent that Yahweh God deals with fallen angels differently than he deals with sinful men. This is evident even in the King James translation of Genesis 6:4 where we read in part that “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that…” So while all of the children of Adam were destroyed except for the family of Noah, various of the descendants of the Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis chapter 15, Numbers chapter 13, and as late as the time of David, in the account of Goliath and his brothers 1 Samuel chapters 17 and 21 and 1 Chronicles chapter 20. These are some of the giants, or Nephilim, who were in the earth “in those days and after that”, referring to the time following the flood, and with that we also see that while the flood was evidently a far-reaching event, it was only a local flood, covering a limited region of the earth’s surface, and not the entire globe or planet. We certainly cannot assume that those Nephilim had survived on the ark of Noah, because Yahweh God brought the flood upon man for mixing with the Nephilim, and Noah was being separated and preserved because he did not mix with them, so having Nephilim on the ark would defeat the whole purpose of the flood. That is also the obvious reason why there is no mention of Nephilim on the ark.

Destroying Many by Peace, A Critical Review of a Sermon by Bertrand Comparet

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Destroying Many by Peace, A Critical Review of a Sermon by Bertrand Comparet

While we love Bertrand Comparet for his many simple and straightforward exhibitions of Christian Identity beliefs in light of Scripture, and while his conclusions or insights into current events were often also good, sometimes he had an altruistic and naive view of history. So while many of our race even today are indeed being destroyed by peace, or even by “love”, perhaps it was Comparet’s altruistic attitude towards his own people and nation that led him to express certain naive sentiments concerning the history of that nation. While we certainly all have some blind spots in our views of historical events, here in the opening paragraph of his sermon on this subject, Destroying Many by Peace, that naivete is fully apparent. But sometimes Comparet did express the fact that America was led by corrupt politicians. Sometimes he expressed the fact that Adolf Hitler was often lied about, and that the so-called holocaust never happened, and he even called it a myth, which is true.

So in Part 11 of his Revelation sermons, as well as in his Your Heritage sermon, Comparet professed that the holocaust is a myth. In his sermon Babylon’s Money, Comparet rightly acknowledged that the cause of World War Two was the Jewish struggle to regain control of the German economy which Hitler had taken from them, and he even went so far as to say that by separating the Jews and retaking control of the economy, that “Hitler was starting to put into operation some of the laws of Yahweh and he was proving that, in spite of this Jewish boycott, Germany could become prosperous, by going back to the economic laws of Yahweh.” Comparet defended Hitler in other ways in Part 13 of his Revelation sermons, and then in his sermon on The Rod of Yahweh's Anger he lamented the fact that the United States had allied with the tyrannical Soviet Union against Hitler and Mussolini, describing it as an act of “hypocritical self righteousness”, which is also correct, at least on the surface of the issues involved. However here, as he opens this sermon by speaking of America’s wars, for some reason he portrays them generally as having been just, when most of them certainly had not been just.