New at the Christogenea Mein Kampf Project: Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia - A U.S. Government Report from 1919

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Now at the Christogenea Mein Kampf Project, a rare report that is the U.S. Government counterpart to the more famous British Russia Number 1 report on Bolshevism in Russia:

Memorandum on Certain Aspects of the Bolshevist Movement in Russia - A U.S. Government Report from 1919

This was the official report on the Bolshevik Revolution filed by Secretary of State Robert Lansing in 1919 and presented to the US Senate.

I have seen citations referring to this report on the internet, but I have not yet seen the report itself. Now it is posted - and freely available. Please download both the scanned images and the OCR'd and edited text from this page:

There you will find thumbnail copies of all of the scanned pages, linked to the originals. You will also find a copy of the text in Open Office format, which I editied myself. It is not pretty, but rather it is meant to be functional, and it is the text which I posted to the Mein Kampt Project website. It is important that we preserve material such as this, and do not let the crimes of our enemies fall into obscurity: for they certainly magnify everything that they can to our disadvantage, for their own propaganda purposes. Like Russia No. 1, made available here in 2009, please spread this report far and wide! thanks Mr. Jerel Mosley for making this important material available for all of us.

William Finck,