January 2010

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Richard Gage on KMPH Fox 26 in Fresno, CA

Does Richard Gage look like an enemy of these united States?

Richard Gage, a career professional architect, here on Freso, Ca. television quite courageously vindicates what so-called "right-wing conspiracy nuts" have been stating for years.  Why do Marxists want to shut down the internet and the "right-wing conspiracy nuts"?  Because just like they were in Bolshevik Russia, the Marxists of today are in the employ of the jewish Capitalist international banking crime ring!

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Guess What Whitey: Negros Hate You: Part 2 - Erroll Southers Ranting About Christian Identity Terrorist Groups


No doubt, Buford O'Neal Furrow went on a shooting spree and killed a few people, but that was back in August of 1999. And Furrow was acting as a lone nut, not as an organized part of any Christian Identity group. He alone is responsible for his actions. If one wants to see organized religionists attacking America, just go to 911missinglinks.com and watch the jews dancing for joy in the streets of New Jersey as the World Trade Center came tumbling down. It is all on film there.

Matthew Hale was not even a Christian, never mind Christian Identity. The "World Church of the Creator" is (or was) an atheist sect started by a "Mennonite" Russian (?) named Ben Klassen. So Southers is an outright liar for associating Matt Hale with any sort of Christianity.

Ben Smith, who also went on a shooting spree in 1999, was also associated with the atheist World Church of the Creator (See http://www.cnn.com/US/9907/05/illinois.shootings.02/). So again, Southers is an outright liar.

Erroll Southers is an obvious fraud who does not know a thing about Christianity, or Christian Identity, except what he was told to say by his anti-Christ controllers from the ADL. The man is a liar and he is not fit to hold public office.

If a black man really wanted to do anything about fighting crime, he should start with the violent street gangs and the black inner cities where far more people are murdered and robbed each year than in many third world countries. In fact, if Southers is in any position to see to that, and does not, then he is just as guilty of those crimes as is the rest of his race. Why isn't he running his mouth about the Bloods and the Crips? because he is just another anti-Christian lackey for the jews of the ADL, that's why.

But it is not about hypocrisy. It is all about a war against Whites, and especially against Christian Whites. But sadly most Whites are still too blind to see it for themselves!

Jewish Promotion of White Sex Slavery

Julie Lesser

Calling human trafficking one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time, Canadian journalist and social activist Victor Malarek addressed the Jewish community at a Montreal synagogue last Thursday.

Promoting a book he has written on the subject, Malarek said destitute Third World and Eastern European females as young as 12 are tricked into leaving their homelands with promises of wealth and prosperity in the West, as well as Israel. Instead, they are sold into the sex trade by organized crime, gangs, pimps and brothel owners.

"Newspaper ads from modelling and employment agencies promise exciting jobs, but the women are duped," Malarek told the Jewish Tribune. "They must submit, or they are raped, beaten and tortured. There are between 5,000 and 10,000 trafficked women in Israel and more than 280 brothels in Tel Aviv alone. It is a human rights issue the Jewish community knows about. They have a voice and they must use it." 

The United Nations has cited human trafficking as an international crime generating more than US $12 billion worldwide. More than 800,000 people are trafficked annually, forced into prostitution and threatened with death should they attempt to escape the clutches of their captors. Canada is both a means of access to the United States, as well as a final destination for approximately 2,000 women each year.

"Governments should be held accountable," said Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, who also addressed the crowd. "It is a very serious problem in Israel, and Canada has been inadequate in the protection of victims of trafficking. It is a global slave trade."

How is this NOT a Tyranny?

Will someone with a spine arrest this man?  Who in government today has the backbone to hold him accountable for these blatant crimes?  Do Americans not care about the tyranny of certain "progressive" elements in politics?

A few weeks after I posted this, John Murtha indeed met his judgement. Praise Yahweh!

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The ADL IS Hate, Part Three

The ADL has pulled a new trick out of their yarmulkes in their endeavor to destroy American freedoms. Now, if one exercises his 1st amendment right to free speech in a manner which is not consistent with ADL-approved sensibilities, they are orchestrating an attempt to manipulate the various States into revoking that person's 2nd amendment right to bear arms!  It is quite sad that we have all lost sight of the fact that the founders of this nation believed our basic rights, which are partially enumerated in the original constitutional amendments, to have been granted by our Christian God, and therefore no man or government can ever lawfully take any one of them away from any other man or government!  I must say again, that in reality, the ADL's definition of "freedom" is the liberty to corrupt all of Christianity and to destroy Western Civilization: the goal of the anti-Christs in the first place! These anti-Christ jew devils have used our open society to infiltrate and corrupt it, and now they wish to deprive us all of our basic God-given rights, so that they can avoid all criticism or fear of reprisal, and maintain their ill-gotten power!  Will Christians ever learn that Christ has no concord with devils?