September 2022

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 26: The Camp of the Saints

Revelation 20:1-15

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 26: The Camp of the Saints

After explaining the parable of the tares of the field to His disciples, as it is recorded in Matthew chapter 13, Yahshua Christ then related to them the parable of the net, where it seems that this parable along with those of the treasure hidden in the field and the man seeking the pearl had all been meant to further elucidate the meaning of that parable of the wheat and the tares. In the manner in which Matthew recorded this, these parables were given to the disciples after they requested and received the explanation of the wheat and the tares. So we read, in the closing verses of that chapter, that “47 Again, the kingdom of the heavens is like a net having been cast into the sea and it gathers from out of every race, 48 which when it is full, bringing up upon the shore and sitting they gather the good ones into vessels, but the rotten ones they cast out. 49 Thusly it shall be at the consummation of the age, the messengers shall go out and they shall separate the wicked from the midst of the righteous 50 and they shall cast them into the furnace of fire. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth!” Next, after they received the explanation of the wheat and tares and these other parables, we read: “51 ‘Have you understood all these things?’ [and] They say to Him: ‘Yes!’”

The word for race in verse 47 of that passage is γένος, which is a race or a kind. It is the same word which we see in the Greek scriptures of the Septuagint where it says in Genesis chapter 1 that “25 … God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” Likewise the underlying Hebrew word, מין or miyn (4327) is defined as a kind or species according to the Brown, Driver, Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon. Yahshua Christ having used these terms in His explanations to His disciples as they are in Matthew chapter 13, the disciples would have understood words such as γένος in the parable of the net, or σπέρμα, which is seed, in that of the wheat and tares in their plain, literal meanings, and not in the manner in which the philosophical so-called “Church Fathers” defined them centuries later, which are corruptions of those meanings. Just as in the ancient prophets, Yahshua Christ had employed many parallelisms, and the use of γένος in the parable of the net helps us to more definitively understand the use of the word σπέρμα in the parable of the wheat and the tares, that what God created is good, but the corruptions of men or of angels are wicked and in the end God shall not accept them since He does not accept bastards.

European Fellowship Forum, September 2022

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Another discussion with our European friends and others.

Here we bantered about how to keep the Israelite feast days, how, why and a little about when; free will and sin; the recent experiences of some people falling ill with fatigue, and several other subjects. We also spoke of judgment, the law of God, and preservation, and had a brief report from a friend in the Donbas region. 

Can the ways of man be the Way of God? Can man understand the ways of God? Yes, according to the Scripture, by being obedient to the commandments of the law. 1 Kings 8:57-58; Isaiah 55:7-9; 63:16-17; 66:3; Ezekiel 18:24-32. This is why Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, although I did not mention that verse in the discussion.


On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 25: Violence of the Lambs

Revelation 19:10-21

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 25: Violence of the Lambs

As it is described in the vision of Revelation chapter 18, at the fall of Babylon the children of Israel, who are the exclusive people of Yahweh God, are called to come out of her and to separate themselves, whereupon they are told to “6 … return to her as she also had rendered, and you double twice the things according to her works. 7 As much as she had magnified herself and lived wantonly, so much you give torment and grief to her!” So it is fully evident that according to the Revelation, the children of Israel shall indeed have a role in executing the vengeance of Yahweh God upon His enemies. As we have already said in relation to this, Paul of Tarsus had also made the same expression to the Corinthians, where he had written to them in his second epistle in chapter 10: “4 For the arms of our warfare are not fleshly, but through Yahweh they are able to destroy strongholds, 5 destroying reasonings and every bulwark raising itself up against the knowledge of Yahweh, and taking captive every thought into the obedience of the Anointed; 6 also being in readiness to avenge all disobedience, whenever you shall have fulfilled your obedience.” Paul of Tarsus wrote that epistle perhaps 40 years before John recorded this Revelation of Yahshua Christ, and must have had his own understanding from the words of the Old Testament prophets, with whom this Revelation certainly agrees, magnifies, and augments.

With this we may understand that before Babylon falls, Christians must constrain themselves to fighting for the hearts and minds of their own people, so that they do not worship the beast. But then, being obedient to the commandments of Christ, once Babylon does fall then Christians shall indeed have a part in the execution of God’s will against His enemies. So while Revelation chapter 19 began with a description of the bride preparing herself for the marriage supper of the lamb, that preparation is evidently fulfilled as the children of Israel come out of Babylon and turn to obedience in Christ. The Word of God offers no other path to redemption other than repentance and separation from the wicked Society, but evidently Yahweh God also informs us that such a separation cannot be successful until the Society itself crumbles.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 24: The Wedding Supper of the Lamb

Revelation 19:1-9

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 24: The Wedding Supper of the Lamb

As we have already explained, in Revelation chapter 12 the apostle John saw a vision of a woman who had twelve stars, by which we should understand that collectively she represents the twelve tribes of the children of Israel, and she was being taken into the wilderness to be nourished for three-and-a-half times, which we had identified as the period of history during which the woman received the Gospel of Christ and then returned to Yahweh her God through Him. But then in another vision in Revelation chapter 17, John is taken back to the wilderness and sees that the woman is now a whore and that she has joined herself to the beast, which is the same beast system that had manifested itself in the various world empires by which she had been held captive during all the time of her punishment. Joining herself to the beast, the woman turned over her kingdom to the beast, as it states in that same chapter. As we also asserted, the woman was once freed from the beast, as it is described in Revelation chapter 13, but has now become a whore by joining herself to it, as she had a better opportunity to keep the Word of God in the Gospel. So for her failure, the whore must be judged, and Revelation chapters 18 and 19 briefly describe aspects of that judgment.

In the Old Testament there is presented a pattern of sin and the inevitably resulting punishment which modern man somehow supposes that he now has the ability to avoid by his own devices. The secular humanist believes that his own skill, knowledge and technology, as well as his own righteousness, can make him his own savior. So here in Revelation chapter 18, the whore was described as having had the same arrogant attitude reflected in the exclamation that “I sit a queen and I am not a widow and I have not seen grief.” For that, what happens to the woman was expressed in Proverbs chapter 16 where Solomon had written that “18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” The Word of Yahweh God, when we realize its fulfillment in history, assures us that in spite of his modern devices, man shall indeed suffer punishment for his sins.

On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 23: The Fall of Babylon

Revelation 18:1-24

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On the Revelation of Yahshua Christ, Part 23: The Fall of Babylon

Presenting our commentary for Revelation chapters 17 and 18, we hope to have adequately explained the reasons for our interpretation, that the visions related in those chapters describe the conditions of the children of Israel as the Whore of Babylon in this last time of Jacob’s trouble, the period which the Old Testament prophets as well as the New Testament apostles have described as one final trial before the ultimate salvation of the children of Israel from their enemies – which is also a promise which has been explicitly repeated in the words of both the prophets and apostles of Christ. Doing that we also hope to have adequately explained that Mystery Babylon is a name representing the secular society’s political, religious and economic system, which is grounded in secular humanism and which is directly opposed to God. The fundamental elements of this system had indeed originated in ancient Babylon, and have been perpetuated by both ancient pagans and by the enemies of Christ until they could be manifested once again under the guise of the so-called Age of Liberty, whereby those same enemies have come to rule over the children of Israel as their kingdom was given over to the beast. This is the fulfillment of the words of Isaac, who promised Jacob that he would rule over his brethren, but who later told his disenfranchised son Esau, as it is recorded in Genesis chapter 28, that he “40 … shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.” As we had asserted, that yoke was broken upon the emancipation of the Jews in the time of Napoleon. As Martin Luther had written in his essay On the Jews and Their Lies (chapter xi), Jews of his own time were boasting that they had come into the control of Germany, and three hundred and thirty years later, in the 1870's, German journalist Wilhelm Marr had written to complain that the Jews had conquered Germany.

Filling the Void, with Dr. Michael Hill


Filling the Void, with Dr. Michael Hill

At one time any revelation of the slightest moral offense would cause a man to withdraw from public service, if he were guilty. For example, as recently as 1973 Spiro Agnew plead no contest and resigned as Nixon’s vice president for one charge of felony tax evasion, and although in 1980 he was still claiming his innocence, the claims are doubtful. Of course, Nixon himself resigned a year or so later, upon the revelation of offenses committed by his staff which he was accused of covering up. But more recently, nothing came of claims and evidence that the Obama administration had committed similar offenses against a political opponent, using false evidence as a pretense for a criminal investigation during the 2016 Trump campaign, and the media has been accused of willful blindness.

Today, in comparison, we also have Hillary’s email scandal, Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal, and the glaring violations of law are suppressed or ignored solely for political reasons. Unless you are the opposition. So Donald Trump’s house got raided and the FBI carted off all of his papers, which is unprecedented, and now in a speech delivered yesterday, Joe Biden bordered on declaring as criminals and enemies of the State millions of so-called “MAGA Republicans”, as he called them. Even the liberal progressive news agency NPR reported this morning that "Biden’s speech walks a fine line in its attack on MAGA Republicans".

The gulf between left and right continues to widen, and the political center certainly seems to be deteriorating. Like Rome in its last centuries or the papacy in the years before the Reformation, America is being run by gangs competing for power and looking for ways to hold onto it at the expense of all rivals. This is a time when political dissidents and the disaffected should be looking for tried and true leadership, and not the latest YouTube fad.