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A Christogenea commentary On the Gospel of John has recently been completed. Many passages simply do not say what the modern churches think they mean! Don't miss this important and ground-breaking work proving that Christian Identity is indeed fully supported by Scripture.

A Commentary on Genesis is now being presented. Here we endeavor to explain the very first book of the Christian Bible from a perspective which reconciles both the Old and New Testaments with archaeology and ancient history, through eyes which have been opened by the Gospel of Christ.

A Commentary on the Epistles of Paul has been completed at This lengthy and in-depth series reveals the true Paul as an apostle of God, a prophet in his own right, and the first teacher of what we call Christian Identity.

Don't miss our recently-completed series of commentaries on the Minor Prophets of the Bible, which has also been used as a vehicle to prove the historicity of the Bible as well as the Provenance of God.

Visit Clifton Emahiser's Watchman's Teaching Ministries at for his many foundational Christian Identity studies.

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Our Essays are distinguished from our articles and our podcasts only because we believe they provide the most basic information expressing the core substance of our beliefs concerning Scripture and History. However these are only the beginning of our studies, and many elaborations and verse-by-verse scriptural exegesis which builds on and helps to complete the ideas represented here are provided in our podcast presentations, which are, with few exceptions, also accompanied by a written version.

Historical Essays

The Race of Genesis 10

Identifying the Phoenicians

Classical Records of the Dorian & Danaan Israelite-Greeks

Classical Records of Trojan-Roman-Judah

Herodotus, Scythians, Persians & Prophecy

Classical Records of the Origins of the Scythians, Parthians,& Related Tribes

Classical Records and German Origins, Index

Biblical Essays