White Ancient Egypt

Funerary Relief of Amenemhet I from El-Lisht

Ancient Egypt was one of the first great White civilizations. It is practically indisputable that this collection of pictures shows a race of White Egyptians in the earliest times. Many of them may not be perfect models of the ideal Aryans, because it is recorded that some of them had Hittite blood, however they certainly were White. There are no black Africans pictured here. However Egypt also became a "multicultural" empire at an early time. And for that reason the nation degenerated. By the 8th century BC, Egypt had been invaded and ruled by Nubians from the south. It is from these that the myths of an African Egypt emerge. The culture had long since reached its epitome, and was in a state of sharp decline. The later Egypt of the Ptolomies was a Greek colony, and not really Egyptian at all. However this former center of White civilation had long since been supplanted by those of Mesopotamia, Persia, Greece and Rome. What is happening to America today is exactly the path that Egypt took three thousand years ago.