He Didn't Drain the Swamp

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No wall, Hillary is off the hook, only Israel is being made great again, Obabmacare is not going to be cancelled...

Maybe it's a good thing he didn't drain the swamp.

You saw it here first...

(The point of the meme, which I just made, is that the frogs shouldn't put their hopes in a man who is part of the establishment. So they should go back to the swamp. And fortunately they will have one to go back to.)

Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp, and all the frogs had hopes that they would be exalted to the seats and positions of the gods.

But he let Hillary off of the hook. And he will keep parts of Obamacare, leaving the other parts open to politics-as-usual and backroom congressional finagling. He has promised to make Israel great again. He may never build the wall. The Arabs may never be flown back to Syria. Who knows what others of his dozens of wonderful promises that he will capitulate on, or deny, or do an abrupt about-face, or fail to keep.

He may not drain the swamp. But at least the frogs will still have a place to live: in the mire of politics in which they once had their hopes for the stars.