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A Christogenea commentary On the Gospel of John has recently been completed. Many passages simply do not say what the modern churches think they mean! Don't miss this important and ground-breaking work proving that Christian Identity is indeed fully supported by Scripture.

Don't miss our ongoing series of podcasts The Protocols of Satan, which presents many historical proofs that the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real, and that they have been fulfilled in history by the very same people who dispute their authenticity. Our companion series, The Jews in Medieval Europe, helps to explain how the Protocols have been fulfilled.

 Our recent Pragmatic Genesis series explains the Bible from a Christian Identity perspective which reconciles both Old and New Testaments with history and the political and social realities facing the Christian people of Yahweh God today.

A Commentary on the Epistles of Paul has recently been completed at This lengthy and in-depth series reveals the true Paul as an apostle of God, a prophet in his own right, and the first teacher of what we call Christian Identity.

Don't miss our recently-completed series of commentaries on the Minor Prophets of the Bible, which has also been used as a vehicle to prove the historicity of the Bible as well as the Provenance of God.

Visit Clifton Emahiser's Watchman's Teaching Ministries at for his many foundational Christian Identity studies.

Visit the Mein Kampf Project at and learn the truth concerning some of the most-lied about events in history.

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Two New Articles:

New articles have been slow to come lately, and the Saxon Messenger has been stalled. A new issue is coming soon. In the meantime here are two articles by William Finck, which will also be included in the next Saxon Messenger issue:

The Rabbit Hole

They peddle science fiction fantasy as news, build a worldview around their own lies, and then they have the gall to mock Christians!

Vladimir Putin Supports Israel. Are White Nationalists Still in Denial?

A much shorter version of this article was posted two weeks ago. More information has been compiled and assessed and the article has now been lengthened. We hope that White Nationalists, and especially Identity Christians, will soon realize that Vladimir Putin is just another politician in the pocket of World Jewry.



This weekend's Christogenea program schedule:

The series on Paul's epistle to the Romans will commence August 8th, Yahweh willing!


Christogenea Internet Radio - Christian Identity Directions with Brother Ryan: Doctrines, Dogmas and Agendas

Brother Ryan and William Finck plan to discuss the urgent need for clear and scriptural Christian Identity doctrine, especially regarding the issue of race, the reasons for the lack of clarity on this issue in the past, and the consequences of not having a clear doctrine on the matter. We shall also discuss some of the agendas of those who dispute the issue.


Christogenea Saturdays - Pastor Mark Downey on Kurtis Monschke, and Christian Identity Demographics

While to some it is a controversial topic, Mark will present Kurtis' side of his story and also many of his own assessments after having followed the case for a long time. Many people who know Kurtis and his case certainly believe that he suffered a great injustice. William Finck will join in discussion, which will be followed by an assessment of Christian Identity demographics.


Next weekend at Christogenea:

OPEN LINES on Christogenea Internet Radio: William Finck is leaving Bristol Virginia as he and his wife are relocating to Panama City Florida. Next weekend (August 1st and 2nd) we plan to have our regularly scheduled programs, and offer open discussion concerning anything related to the content at Christogenea, the state of Christian Identity, or any other questions one may have. Trolls will not be permitted.


Praise Yahweh!

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