Vladimir Putin Supports Israel. Are White Nationalists Still in Denial?

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Vladimir Putin Supports Israel, and even the recent invasion of Gaza. Are White Nationalists Still in Denial?

[Updated for the Saxon Messenger July 21st, 2014]

How many times must Vladimir Putin embrace world Jewry before western White Nationalists realize that he is just another politician in the pocket of the beast? How many laws banning "holocaust" revisionism? How many laws banning real Russian nationalism? Now there are reports that Putin is even supporting the rogue Israeli state's recent terror in Gaza (as has been reported by Colive.com and by Arutz Sheva, an Israeli news outlet, as well as other organizations).

Among the Gaza conflict and other things discussed at a recent meeting (the pictures above and at right are from Colive.com) with a group of rabbis, Arutz Sheva reported that “Rabbi Lau, former Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi and current Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, spoke in the meeting about his remarkable personal story as a survivor of the Holocaust who later became the chief rabbi of Israel. In this context, Putin consulted with the rabbis on means of dealing with anti-Semitism, Holocaust deniers and preventing historical revisionism.”

So much for truth in Russia. And so much for anything in Russia which is actually in the interests of White Christians anywhere. Whatever is good for the Jews, Putin will support. It is time that White Nationalists, and especially Christian Identity adherents, took an honest look at Vladimir Putin.

Just this May, Vladimir Putin made it illegal to question any aspect of the Holocaust in Russia, with a penalty of 5 years imprisonment for those who do so. Under this new law, not only is it illegal to question any official report concerning Soviet history during the Second World War. It is also illegal to question the official reports concerning the verdicts of the Nuremberg trials. Therefore the innumerable Jewish lies concerning the so-called Holocaust are now upheld by law in Putin's Russia.

The day this law was signed, we posted the following report by the Ukrainian news agency Unian (we apologize for the imperfect Google translation, which has been very minimally edited):

"In Russia criminal liability introduced for rehabilitation of Nazism

“Putin's regime continues to heroize history of the USSR.

“For the rehabilitation of Nazism in Russia threatens punishment of 5 years imprisonment.

“According to the press service of the Kremlin, President Vladimir Putin signed a federal law
'On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation.'

“According to the document, criminal liability for the rehabilitation of Nazism spread false information about the activities of the Soviet Union in World War II, and the denial of the facts established by the verdict of the Nuremberg Tribunal.

“It is emphasized that the law is aimed at countering attempted assaults on historical memory of events that took place during the Second World War.

“'Federal law is introduced criminal responsibility for denying the facts established by the verdict of the International Military Tribunal for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, the approval of the offenses established in the said judgment, as well as the dissemination of false information about the activities of the Soviet Union in World War II' - the document says.

“Thus, increased criminal liability is assumed by the mentioned act, if committed by a person using his official position, using the media or from the fabrication of prosecution evidence.

“In general, the following are punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment.

“Recall As UNIAN reported earlier, in the Luhansk Oblast of the Russian neo-Nazi arrested on anti-Ukrainian propaganda materials. It was determined that the detainee is a member of the group of neo-Nazi-skinhead 'Slavs'. When it was discovered than with a swastika SS, metal chain and propaganda leaflets 'Donbass arise.'”

This article was first located at the Ukrainian website Ukrainian Truth, Historical Truth and confirmation was found at the English-language website Russia Beyond the Headlines

The internet news outlet Russia Today, which is actually a Russian propaganda agency, had made an announcement when the bill was passed, exactly one month before Putin signed it into law. When the bill was introduced, a story from the English-language website sbs.com entitled Russia backs Nazi rehabilitation ban bill said the following:

“Russian politicians have given initial approval to a bill forbidding 'rehabilitation of Nazism' that will punish historians denying Nazi crimes during World War II but could also be used against the opposition.

“The bill introduces a new criminal charge for "denying facts" established by the Nuremberg tribunal regarding the crimes of the Axis powers, as well as "disseminating false information about Soviet actions" during the war.

“Punishment for such violations would range from a fine of 300,000 rubles ($A9,230), up to prison terms of five years.

“The harshest punishments would be reserved for those who disseminate such views in the media or using public office, according to the text of the bill which went through a first reading on Friday.

“Conservative pro-Kremlin MP Irina Yarovaya called rehabilitation of Nazism "not only a gunshot into the past and a crime against millions of victims of fascism, it is the execution of the future", because it could lead to the repetition of similar crimes.

“Critics saw political motives behind the bill and said it could be used to enforce a single, Kremlin-approved interpretation of history.

“'It's directed against liberals and democrats that compare our regime with the regime of Hitler,' political analyst Alexei Makarkin said.

“A few Russian publications have recently run articles drawing parallels between Moscow's annexation of the Crimean peninsula with Adolf Hitler's moves to annex German-speaking regions.

“Respected professor Andrei Zubov was fired from his university, the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, in late March for comparing Russia's actions in Crimea to the Nazi's Anschluss with Austria in 1938 in a newspaper opinion piece.”

So it seems that not only has Putin made Russia safe for the lies of world Jewry, he also helped to protect the tyranny of his own regime from criticism with this new law. Jewish Supremacy and Jewish lies need such laws so that Jews may continue to exert many times greater influence upon the non-Jewish world than they are due. Vladimir Putin has made Russia safe for Judaism, as his war-mongering has also assured continued Jewish rule in Ukraine.

There are other areas as well, where Putin has shown himself to be no friend of White Nationalists, and certainly no friend of the White Slavs of Russia. For instance, Russia too is being overrun with immigrants from the Asiatic and Arab worlds, just as the United States is being overrun with Mexicans, and both the U.S. and Europe with Africans and Arabs.

In the face of all this immigration, Russia has been making laws which on one hand force native Russians to allow the alien immigrants, and on the other hand promote ethnic peace and diversity, an objective which Jews frequently profess is their plan for every nation, so long as they are White nations.

To this end, Russia Today recently reported that Russian Governors who fail to stem race attacks could be sacked, where it said:

“A new draft law makes it the responsibility for regional authorities to prevent ethnic clashes and disputes and allows the dismissal of top officials who fail to do so.

“The bill adds to the duties of the heads of both legislative and executive branches of power and makes them responsible for the prevention of discrimination on the basis of race, religion or language, and also for social and cultural adaptation of immigrants.

“If regional governors can't keep a lid on ethnic tension they could be dismissed. The current version of the bill differs from the initial suggestion from a group of regional legislators who last year said regional leaders should be fined or even jailed if they allow ethnic conflicts to take place.

“The initial document met strong opposition from a number of regional officials who said that the present legislation was already strict enough and from Human Rights officials who said the Federal Security Service should take all responsibility for the failure to oppose radical nationalism.”

Therefore we see the beginnings of the same racial tension and upheaval which began in the United States in the 1950's, and ever since then in America the original White citizenry has been slowly replaced with aliens from all other races.

Just like in America, this undermining of the White population in Russia has a social front as well, and RT ran an article in February under the headline Russia considers state PR agency to promote ethnic peace which said:

“The Presidential Council on Interethnic Relations suggests that the new agency should operate under values that unify the nation, but also monitor the tolerance levels in mass media.

“The authors of the initiative, Vladimir Zorin and Maksim Shevchenko, said that the agency must be privately owned but work on state orders and become a think tank, working with mass media and creating trends in the public sphere. In particular, the new body could commission books and movies that form the positive image of inter-ethnic accord, said the members of the council.”

Another Russia Today article, from August of 2012, announced: Kremlin to set up mobile teams to tackle ethnic conflicts, reminiscent of the use of National Guard units in the American South in the 1950's and 60's, and in the American Northeast in the 1970's, all in order to enforce racial diversity. The laws and decrees signed or made by the Russian President are published in English at the Kremlin website. Here is a link which produces pronouncements concerning “interethnic relations”: http://eng.kremlin.ru/by-keyword/26

Like in America, the word “nation” has been abused and perverted to refer to a geographical area under a common government. However the word originally signified a group of people with common origins and history. A government ruling over more than one such group is not a nation, but an empire.

Like New York City, it is already becoming too late for Moscow. The city is said to be the home of millions of illegal aliens. Likewise, in August of 2012 Russia Today announced that Russia’s biggest mosque was to be built in Moscow, which said in part:

“A huge mosque able to accommodate up to 60,000 worshipers is to be built on the outskirts of Moscow. It’s estimated the city is home to up to two million Muslims.

“The project to construct the mosque and a cultural center has already been discussed with the capital’s mayor Sergey Sobyanin and is currently being looked at by Moscow’s Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning, writes Izvestia daily.”

While it was announced in November of 2013, by the same mayor, that no new mosques would be built in Moscow, it is unclear whether this particular mosque was approved. But that is immaterial, since a prohibition would not remove the millions of muslims from the once-Christian city.

How long will western White Nationalists trumpet Vladimir Putin as some Great White Hope? When will they finally admit they were wrong, and recognize the fact that Putin is just another run-of-the-mill politician in the pocket of World Jewry?

The only Great White Hope that Whites anywhere can expect is indeed coming. His name is Jesus Christ.