December 2012

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 23, Part 2

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 23 Part 2 - Christogenea on Talkshoe 12-28-2012

Last week at the end of the first part of this presentation of Luke chapter 23, we addressed what was seen as two ages-old Christian Identity heresies, both of which are unnecessary innovations. The first belongs, so far as I know, to Wesley Swift, who told a fantastic story about Barabbas called The Blue Tunic Army Of Christ, a story which is not substantiated in history and which is refuted by the words of the Gospel writers alone. Barabbas was a mere robber, and not the great leader of an army for God. The second is the misconception concerning Luke 23:34, where some perhaps well-meaning but poorly studied individuals like to claim that the first sentence of that verse should be read in part “Father forgive them not, for they know what they do.” Yet the Greek sentence in question is correctly translated as it is found in the King James Version, where it reads “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” The Greek grammar proves that the King James Version translation of the sentence is correct, where in all of Luke's writing wherever a verb is accompanied with a negative particle, forming a negative verb, the negative particle precedes the verb which it negates, and never follows it.

However concerning this passage, in truth the earliest manuscripts are divided, and it is not found in the majority of them. Therefore it is most likely that the passage is an interpolation, and for that reason it is not found in the Christogenea New Testament. Many Identity Christians who have not known this have wondered how Christ could forgive his murderers. However even the context is obvious, that the verse saying “And casting lots they divided His garments” refers to the Roman soldiers, and not at all to the Judaeans who brought Christ before Pilate. Therefore if the statement concerning forgiveness is admitted into the narrative it can only refer to the Roman soldiers, and not to the Judaeans. The Judaeans knew what they were doing, as even Pilate knew they wanted Christ executed out of envy (Matthew 27:18, Mark 15:19), and the Roman soldiers were truly ignorant of the entire situation and were only following orders. Christ Himself told Pilate “You do not have any authority over Me if it was not given to you from above. For this reason he who delivered Me to you has greater fault”, fully indicating that the jews alone were primarily responsible for His execution.

Christian Socialism



The word socialism is a dirty word in many Christian Nationalist and other so-called conservative or right-wing circles today. There are two reasons for that. First, for over a hundred years and until this very day the word has been used as a euphemism for Marxism and for Bolshevik Communism – if the two may be distinguished because the practice was even much more sinister than the theory. This use of socialism as a euphemism for Marxism and Communism seems to have been preponderated by the Jewish media, in order to conceal the true nature of these Jewish ideologies. However the word socialism and the original ideas that it once represented are much older than Marxism, and bear little real resemblance to it. Secondly, many Christian Nationalists are still locked into the Jewish Capitalist-vs-Communist dichotomy and have trouble thinking on any other terms. So long as they stay there, they shall never be a threat to the intentions of the Jew since both modern Capitalism and modern Communism are inventions of the Jew. The Capitalist system has enabled World Jewry to slowly feed off of the labor and resources of the nations which admit it, while the Communist system has enabled World Jewry to rapidly subsume the resources and the lifeblood of those nations which become its victims. The Capitalist system is designed to infiltrate, corrupt and control nations with pliant rulers or other malleable systems such as parliamentary democracies, and the Communist system has seized power violently wherever firm rulers do not allow the Capitalist system to gain control. It is Capitalists, the international Jewish bankers, who have financed Communism wherever it has appeared, as retribution against nations wherever the rule of those bankers is rejected. When either system fails to seize a nation, then the international Jew wages war against it from the outside through those nations which he does control. Such was the case in Europe in the Second World War. 

12-21-2012 - Don't drink the sensationalist swill, because it's not the end of the world!

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What, no rapture yet? Hey Hal Lindsey, When is it Now? No Nibiru, no Mayan calendar predictions, and we will still be here on December 22nd, 2012, to host an all-night event making fun of all the followers of clowns like Eli James, Zechariah Sitchin and all the other 12/21/2012 Doomsdayers!

Originally billed as "An All Night Internet Radio Marathon", because Talkshoe has begun enforcing a two-hour program limit, this program will not run more than two hours. Therefore we have adjusted the time to 11:00 PM, as if to usher out the supposed "end times" date of December 21st, 2012, and to usher in the date that according to many should not have happened on earthly calendars, December 22nd, 2012. 

For the lengthy audio clip played in the first hour of this program see the article: Nibiru, Crop Circles and Eli James

Don't drink the sensationalist swill, because it's not the end of the world!

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 23, Part 1

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 23 - Christogenea on Talkshoe 12-21-2012

We saw Luke chapter 22 end with the mock trial of Yahshua Christ in the court of the high priests. That trial was not a real trial, but probably only served so that the Judaeans could draw up the charges which they would present to Pilate, since in Judaea at the time only the Roman authority had the lawful power to try capital offenses. The first Herod had that power, when Judaea was a kingdom. However under Herod Archelaus Judaea was reduced to the status of an imperial province and the local rulers lost that authority.

All four gospels offer quite different perspectives on the mock trial of Yahshua before the high priests. It must be noted that the four quite different perspectives of the events of both trials and the crucifixion of Christ was probably the result of the disciples being scattered after Christ was seized in the garden, which is seen at Mark 14:50. One thing that is apparent in all four gospels, however, is that there were really no charges of substance worthy of a capital or even a minor offense which could have been brought, except that the high priests and scribes cared not for justice but for expediency, so they merely invented charges. As Mark wrote in his version of the account, “56...many had testified falsely against Him, and the testimonies were not the same. 57 And some arising gave false testimony against Him saying 58 that: “We heard Him saying that ‘I shall destroy this temple made by hand and after three days I shall build another not made by hand!’” 59 Yet not even thusly was their testimony the same.” Matthew said “59 Then the high priests and the entire council sought false testimony against Yahshua, that they may kill Him, 60 yet they found not many false witnesses coming forth. But later two having come forth 61 said 'He said this: ‘I am able to destroy the temple of Yahweh and in three days I will build it!’” While on the surface the accounts seem to conflict because of the differing perspectives, in many ways they compliment and corroborate one another. Luke did not record the matters concerning the temple, but all three gospels generally agree where Luke records the high priests as having asked “67 'If You are the Christ, tell us!' And He said to them: 'If I should tell you, you shall not believe it, 68 and if I shall ask, by no means will you answer. 69 But from this time the Son of Man shall be sitting at the right hand of the power of Yahweh.'” The apostle John in his gospel did not record any of the charges which the high priests and their followers had contrived before bringing Yahshua before Pilate.

Christianity is Nationalism (True White Nationalism) - December 15th, 2012

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Some of the materials presented in this program:

Christianity is Nationalism the June, 2012 Saxon Messenger editorial by William Finck.

The 25-point Program of the NSDAP

Click here for an archive file containing facsimile pages of Social Welfare in Germany by Werner Reher, 1938, published by the Terramare Office, in Berlin and republished by Liberty Bell Publications.

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, Part 2

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, Part 2 - Christogenea on Talkshoe 12-07-2012

Satan is not in heaven. In his mailing this month, Clifton Emahiser sent out my reply to the assertions of Don Spears which had been presented here as a foreword with the presentation of Luke chapter 8 last July 7th. Since Don is a former Baptist preacher, his opinions on the issue generally reflect those which are held by Baptists on this matter. Unfortunately a very few people understand that once one comes to the truths of Christian Identity, one cannot put the new wine of these truths into old skins. Rather, one must put the new wine into new bottles, in order that the truth be maintained.

With this dispute in mind, we will begin our presentation of the second part of Luke chapter 22 with some of that which we had left off last week, with Luke 22:31 and the admonishment of Peter by Christ.

31 “Simon, Simon, behold! The Adversary demanded you, for which to winnow you as grain! 32 But I made supplication concerning you, that your faith would not fail. And when you have turned about, you must strengthen your brethren.”

The Baptists would insist that the Adversary, or Satan, of Luke 22:31 is a spirit demon, however that is not necessarily the case. The precedent Scripture with which to understand just what Peter was prevented from is found in the story of Job in the Old Testament. Yet the Baptists would insist that the Satan of Job was a spirit demon, and not an bodily one. They would then claim that this Satan had access to both heaven and earth, and reference the story of Jacob's Ladder in order to justify that claim.

The Nigger Is Not Joking: Jamie Foxx Expresses Black Desires

Jamie Foxx is not joking when he proclaims Obama his "Lord and Savior", as he did shortly after the recent general elections. Neither is he joking when he gloats over killing all White people - whether or not he is talking about a movie. Rather, he is expressing the same desires which we have heard from thousands of urban black "youths" over the past 40 years.

The frequency of violent Black-on-White crime is already a hundred times greater than White-on-Black crime, and has been for many decades in both America and Europe. You just wouldn't know it listening to the mainstream media, which suppresses reports of Black-on-White crime, and even when crimes must be reported for one reason or another, then the race of the perpetrator is often left unrevealed.

The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, Part 1

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The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 22, Part 1 - Christogenea on Talkshoe 12-07-2012

Last week, in presenting the second half of Luke chapter 21, we saw that the so-called diaspora of the jews, which in reality did not occur for the most part until after the Bar Kokhba Rebellion against Rome circa 136 AD, was really the diaspora of the enemies of God and Christ. We saw that in the language used not only by Christ Himself in Luke chapter 21, but where the same language was used of all those people of Judah who were to be given over to the “bad figs” described in Jeremiah chapters 24 and 29, the remnant of Judah in Jerusalem which was not taken away earlier by the Assyrians, but had been taken later by the Babylonians. These people who were to be given over to the bad figs are, ostensibly, those people of Judah who later race-mixed with the Kenites and Canaanites and Edomites who were the bad figs which had infiltrated the Kingdom from the earliest times. The Jews are not the people of God, they are the enemies of God. For this same reason the apostle Paul, in Romans chapter 9, distinguished between the true Israelites in Israel and those which were not of Israel, between the Israelites who are the vessels of mercy, and the Edomites who are the vessels of destruction. 

William Finck on Truth Militia Radio with John Friend - December 3rd, 2012

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Click here for the Truth Militia Radio program page.

Click here for John Friend's blog.

From the host's program announcement:

On this edition of Truth Militia Radio with John Friend, we’ll be joined by William Finck of and The Mein Kampf Project.  William and I will be discussing the origins of the criminal network known today as international Jewry, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, WWII and related matters.  We'll focus primarily on Chapter XI of Mein Kampf, Nation and Race, and also discuss ethnic nationalism versus civic nationalism, fascism, National Socialism, communism, and international capitalism.