January 2009

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Worshipping the Image of the Beast

The Bible tells us that Yahweh (simply “God” to most people) created Adam. The creation of Adam is first described in Genesis 1:26-27. The word translated “man” in this passage is indeed the same word, and refers to the same being, described in more detail in the next part of Genesis, which begins at 2:4. Many years ago these were separate scrolls and separate accounts – albeit about much the same thing – later consolidated into a single “book” by men. The third part of Genesis begins at 5:1, and in another way the story of the creation of “adam” man is again related. It turns out, however, that the Hebrew meaning of “adam” isn’t quite the same as the modern meaning of the word “man”, which nowadays is basically used to describe any full-grown male anthropoid. In fact, “adam” signifies only those full-grown anthropoids of which the blood can be seen through the skin. This condition is called ruddiness, and is peculiar to the (true) White race. This is also evident further on in the Bible, to anyone who actually knows history. A thorough examination of the families of Genesis chapter 10 reveals that many of these nations can be identified in history and archaeology, and that they were all originally White nations. Many of them eventually became “arab” (a Hebrew word which means “mixed”), or even negroid, through a process known as miscegenation, but originally they were all White.

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Fascism vs. Capitalism

In the capitalist system, capital is invested in an enterprise, which then functions solely fror the advantage of the “owner”, or shareholder, in a way that stresses the maximization of profits at the expense of all else. The only legal responsibility of any corporation is to work for the enrichment of the shareholder – aside from the restrictions which the government places upon it, such as tax laws and agency compliance.

In the fascist system, capital may indeed profit the owner, or shareholder, yet the State ensures that the capital is invested and functions in such a way that the nation as a whole benefits, or at least that the interests of the nation are safeguarded. In many ways, even the United States has adopted a sort of fascism, albeit a pharisaical sort, through the burdensome regulations of its many agencies. Yet these do not protect the interests of the nation in the same manner or to the extent that the fascist system would.

Notes on the mongrelization of nations

Originally written 6/29/08, revised 10/06/08, minor revisions 1/15/09:

For the reasons opined here in previous posts – even without discussing the perils of miscegenation – it can clearly be countenanced that the racist nation is the nation which endures, and a non-racist nation cannot possibly continue in its traditions and cultural institutions without falling into intermittent states of chaos, strife, and poverty: its culture eventually decaying into a shadow, even a remnant, of its former grandeur.

No mongrel nation ever rose to a position of renown and scientific and cultural achievement in the world. The non-White empires of history, the Mongols, Arabs, and Turks, have all been causes of destruction rather than of creation. Of course, there were advances in some of the civilized disciplines in the early centuries of the islamic arab empire, yet those advances came on the shoulders of the vestiges of Byzantine Greek civilization which the arab empire replaced, and were not the original work of arabs themselves. Even some early arab writers admit that they had studied the Greek books which they fell onto, from which they acquired the sciences. The only achievements of the arab nations today are made possible by Western engineering and Western oil money. (The arab, oriental, ladino and negro races would not even use oil if it were not for the inventions of the White man which have unlocked its capability.) Every great White nation which became an empire (and therefore “multicultural”), from the Cushite Empire of Nimrod (the first Babylonian Empire), to Egypt, Assyria, Media, Persia, Greece, and Rome, all decayed with miscegenation, leaving a mongrelized sewer in place of the great nation which founded the empire in the first place. Today Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Greece and even Italy are all, to one degree or another, among the poorest, most backwards of nations, although at one time each was the greatest of nations. Only racially pure nations perpetuate their cultures and civilizations. Mongrel nations cannot possibly succeed, being full of disparate spirits and naturally full of strife and hostility.

White Liberal Misogeny and the agenda of non-Whites


The White liberal is a misogenist: he must hate his race, because he insists that it should be mixed with the non-White races. Therefore, the White liberal is a cancer cell in the body of the White race, and every mongrelized family is a malignant tumor. If the average White liberal (usually a simple-minded follower of ideas which are perceived to be lofty, just, and good, but in reality are purely evil) could know what is really in the mind of the average negro or ladino, chances are that he may very well rethink his support of multiculturalism and diversity, unless, of course, he truly does relish the idea of the destruction of the White race.

When the White liberal hears the slogan “social justice”, it very often invokes thoughts such as those represented by the slogans of the wicked French revolutionaries, such as “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”, and the supposed “universal brotherhood of man”, or that idea – always taken out of context – that somehow “all men are created equal”, which was expressed in the American Declaration of Independence.

Yet what the White liberal does not realize – even though it is glaringly evident in negro art and literature – is that when the average negro hears the term “social justice”, he thinks of something quite different. To the negro, this term means the enslavement of the White man, the absconding of all property, and the enthronement of the negro. Every negro becomes a plantation owner, and every White man a slave. Every negro would have a stable of White women to abuse, and there would be no more White children. This – to the negro – is heaven and redemption and “social justice”. It is also the common rhetoric of negro religions such as Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam, and black so-called Christian “Liberation Theology” (as if there could possibly ever be black Christians), which is popular and prominent in so many black churches today. This negro mindset is justified as retribution for the perceived sins of the practice of slavery which is attributed by the negro to all Whites, even though only a very small percentage of Whites had ever engaged in slavery. And in spite of the fact that a much greater number of Whites labored and suffered to end slavery, without any appreciation from the descendants of the slaves, who would rather conquer them instead of expressing any form of gratitude.

Misogeny is “hatred of race”

There are only two possible options: one is either racial, or one is genocidal. The racist seeks to preserve the genetic heritage, the nature and the culture of his own race. The opposite is the misogenist (not to be confused with misogynist), which is one who hates his race, because miscegeny – the mixing of the races – is a cause of genocide, and is a destroyer of all races. Genesis chapter eleven, where even one race – the Adamic or White – was separated into separate nations by Yahweh their God, along with Deuteronomy 32:4 and Acts 17:26, demonstrate the fact that racial and national separatism is defined and mandated by Yahweh God. Therefore, multiculturalism is rebellion against Yahweh God. The Tower of Babel event, although only the White race which descended from Noah was involved, is nevertheless representative of a model of multi- culturalism. Babel, from which we also have the name Babylon, is a Hebrew word which means confusion.