Fascism vs. Capitalism

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6/29/08 (rewritten & revised 10/06/08, 1/15/09):

Fascism is not the ideal political system for Christians, however it is a far better system than the two alternatives which the popular social theorists and the princes of this world offer to us today: Socialism (Marxism) or Capitalism (maybe it should be called Rothschildism).

In the capitalist system, capital is invested in an enterprise, which then functions solely fror the advantage of the “owner”, or shareholder, in a way that stresses the maximization of profits at the expense of all else. The only legal responsibility of any corporation is to work for the enrichment of the shareholder – aside from the restrictions which the government places upon it, such as tax laws and agency compliance.

In the fascist system, capital may indeed profit the owner, or shareholder, yet the State ensures that the capital is invested and functions in such a way that the nation as a whole benefits, or at least that the interests of the nation are safeguarded. In many ways, even the United States has adopted a sort of fascism, albeit a pharisaical sort, through the burdensome regulations of its many agencies. Yet these do not protect the interests of the nation in the same manner or to the extent that the fascist system would.

In the capitalist system, intellectual property is regarded as belonging to the shareholders, who may withhold or dispose of it at their own pleasure. The fascist system recognizes that intellectual property, i.e. innovations and inventions, are created by members of a community, and that the community, not the corporation, creates the environment and those individuals working within that environment who make such innovations and inventions possible. Therefore, intellectual property belongs to the culture and nation as much as it belongs to the individual member who created it, or the corporation which funded the development process, and fascism safeguards the interests of both. (For the development process can only be successful if ventured in a community of people who have the ability, interests and culture to foster such development.) The fascist system would therefore not allow that the technology and manufacturing ability and sciences of a nation be freely turned over to the enemies of that nation, as we have witnessed to actually have happened to the west – and particularly to the United States – under the capitalist system today.

The capitalist system is the ideal system for the jew, since he may invest the fruits of his usury as he pleases with no care at all for the host nation. For the jew – himself being stateless – has no care for any nation. No matter what nation the jew is inhabiting, it is alien to him, and he cares only to rape it of its resources and riches, and make the most profit from them. Capitalism, under the guise of “democracy”, is the system which the jew has developed in order to accomplish this pillage, and is especially ideal for this purpose since it operates while the people of the host nation imagine themselves to be “free”, while in reality their masters, the international bankers and merchants who alone create the capitalist system’s “money”, have them fully enslaved. This is why fascism is given such a bad name by the jew-controlled press, for the fascist system is wholly adverse to the interests of the jew.

The rise of fascism in Germany, Italy, Spain and elsewhere in the early 20th century was a reaction to the injustices of capitalism, and the jew-controlled media in Britain and America responded sharply in adversity to it. The first ”World War” was fought so that the jewish central banking system could ensure its control over western civilization, in conjunction with the jewish-controlled and financed Bolshevik revolution in Russia. The second “World War” was fought to protect that system from fascism, and to ensure that Christendom would remain enslaved to the jewish bankers.

Today’s “liberalism” in America is – even as a certain jew recently proposed in a popular book – a veiled and perverted sort of fascism. However in today’s circumstances, fascism cannot truly serve the nation, because the nation has already become an empire. An empire, by proper definition, is a single central government which rules over multiple disparate ethnic groups, or races. In an empire, the various ethnic groups will forever be hostile to one another, and seek to take advantage of one another. For fascism to be truly effective – as it certainly was in Herr Hitler’s Germany – it must be an ethnic, national fascism: it must be racist, a nation by proper and natural definition being an ethnically homogenous entity. As no man can serve two masters, neither can any government serve multiple disparate peoples who naturally have conflicting interests. For as the American Declaration of Independence correctly acknowledges, governments govern rightfully only with the consent of the governed, and not by disaffecting large portions of the governed, something which is inevitable in an empire. Only a tyranny can hold together an empire, as history has demonstrated consistently throughout the ages. Today’s liberalism is rather Marxism in disguise. It offers handouts to those who produce little or nothing, at the expense of those who work and who are successful through that work. Hitler’s fascism was adverse to handouts (i.e. Mein Kampf, vol. 1 chap. 2), as is Christianity (i.e. 2 Thes. 3:10). It also insists upon the dissolution of racial and cultural barriers, foolishly esteeming that all cultures are somehow equal, and that culture and language are merely choices, personal preferences, akin to brands of consumer goods at a market. Therefore, and in many more respects than this example, today’s liberalism is adverse to both Hitler’s National Socialism, which was an ethnic nationalism, and to Christianity, which also insists upon the maintenance of ethnic barriers (i.e. Acts 17:26).

Today’s “liberalism”, a thinly veiled form of Marxist communism, is evil. It redistributes the wealth of a nation not only to those of other races, who are often hostile to the benefactor nation, but also regardless of the moral condition of the recipients. Therefore the host nation’s members, ideally an ethnically homogenous, upright and moral people, are forced to support both those of other races as parasites, and also those of low moral character such as homosexuals, substance abusers, and others, regardless of their race. That the people of substance in such a nation infected by this “liberalism” is indeed “an ethnically homogenous, upright and moral people” can be taken for granted is evident, because no disparate, mongrel people, and no immoral, base race has ever risen to a position where it could be so magnanimous in the first place. Yet Christianity excludes sinners (i.e. I Cor. 5:1-13), and is ethnically homogenous (i.e. Matt. 15:24, 25:32; Acts 17:26). Christian community is also voluntary (i.e. 2 Cor. 8:1 ff.). State-enforced redistribution of wealth is stealing, plainly and simply, and “thou shalt not steal”.