Notes on the mongrelization of nations

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Originally written 6/29/08, revised 10/06/08, minor revisions 1/15/09:

For the reasons opined here in previous posts – even without discussing the perils of miscegenation – it can clearly be countenanced that the racist nation is the nation which endures, and a non-racist nation cannot possibly continue in its traditions and cultural institutions without falling into intermittent states of chaos, strife, and poverty: its culture eventually decaying into a shadow, even a remnant, of its former grandeur.

No mongrel nation ever rose to a position of renown and scientific and cultural achievement in the world. The non-White empires of history, the Mongols, Arabs, and Turks, have all been causes of destruction rather than of creation. Of course, there were advances in some of the civilized disciplines in the early centuries of the islamic arab empire, yet those advances came on the shoulders of the vestiges of Byzantine Greek civilization which the arab empire replaced, and were not the original work of arabs themselves. Even some early arab writers admit that they had studied the Greek books which they fell onto, from which they acquired the sciences. The only achievements of the arab nations today are made possible by Western engineering and Western oil money. (The arab, oriental, ladino and negro races would not even use oil if it were not for the inventions of the White man which have unlocked its capability.) Every great White nation which became an empire (and therefore “multicultural”), from the Cushite Empire of Nimrod (the first Babylonian Empire), to Egypt, Assyria, Media, Persia, Greece, and Rome, all decayed with miscegenation, leaving a mongrelized sewer in place of the great nation which founded the empire in the first place. Today Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Greece and even Italy are all, to one degree or another, among the poorest, most backwards of nations, although at one time each was the greatest of nations. Only racially pure nations perpetuate their cultures and civilizations. Mongrel nations cannot possibly succeed, being full of disparate spirits and naturally full of strife and hostility.