April 2013

A Christogenea commentary On the Gospel of John has recently been completed. Many passages simply do not say what the modern churches think they mean! Don't miss this important and ground-breaking work proving that Christian Identity is indeed fully supported by Scripture.

Don't miss our ongoing series of podcasts The Protocols of Satan, which presents many historical proofs that the infamous Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real, and that they have been fulfilled in history by the very same people who dispute their authenticity. Our companion series, The Jews in Medieval Europe, helps to explain how the Protocols have been fulfilled.

 Our recent Pragmatic Genesis series explains the Bible from a Christian Identity perspective which reconciles both Old and New Testaments with history and the political and social realities facing the Christian people of Yahweh God today.

A Commentary on the Epistles of Paul has recently been completed at Christogenea.org. This lengthy and in-depth series reveals the true Paul as an apostle of God, a prophet in his own right, and the first teacher of what we call Christian Identity.

Don't miss our recently-completed series of commentaries on the Minor Prophets of the Bible, which has also been used as a vehicle to prove the historicity of the Bible as well as the Provenance of God.

Visit Clifton Emahiser's Watchman's Teaching Ministries at Christogenea.org for his many foundational Christian Identity studies.

Visit the Mein Kampf Project at Christogenea.org and learn the truth concerning some of the most-lied about events in history.

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William Finck on Alba Voce with David Baillie

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Tonight David Baillie welcomes William Finck, Biblical scholar,
broadcaster and author of Christogenea.org, to discuss Christianity's
true origins, the migrations of the Israelites, how modern day
Christianity has been twisted and used as a weapon to deceive White
Western Civilization into submitting to non-White rule. We will also
discuss how Christianity initially united White European civilization
and served as a bulwark against invasions by other races. Lastly, we
will discuss the importance of Christianity in general to the White
Nationalist community, and in specific the role that Christian Identity
can play in turning Christianity back into a shield for White nations.

The caller at the end of the program turns out to be a Judaized half-breed of some sort or other. We did not know that at first and therefore treated him as if he may have been a White man. We answered him harshly for good intent. The first questions we would pose in regard to any criticism of our handling of this caller are these: Should Christian pastors remain aloof from the harsh realities of society? Should Christian pastors merely repeat the kind words of Jesus in spite of what is going on in the world? Or should Christian pastors identify the sheep and distinguish them from the wolves, goats and dogs which are destroying the sheep? We have an obligation to face the harsh realities of the world, and warn the sheep accordingly. The goats are destined for the Lake of Fire, and we also know who they are.

Book of Acts Chapter 1, Part 2 - Christogenea Internet Radio 04-19-2013

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The opening remarks to this podcast, entitled What Is Universalism?, are found here on the Christogenea Forum.

The Book of Acts, Chapter 1 Part 2 – Christogenea Internet Radio, April 19th, 2013

Discussing Amos chapter 3 here last month, we presented a lengthy dissertation concerning the Biblical phrase “all the families of the earth”, and from many scriptures found in both the Old and New Testaments it was demonstrated that within the Biblical context, the use of the phrase can only be applied to that group of White Adamic Nations which is listed in Genesis chapter 10. It can not be applied to anyone outside of that group. As Genesis 5:1 says, “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” The listing of those generations (which is the Hebrew word toledah, Strong's number 8435, meaning descendants) found in Genesis chapter 10 are a part of that book, and none of the promises made to those people, families and nations - such as those made to Abraham in Genesis chapter 12 - can ever justly be applied to anyone else.

Book of Acts Chapter 1, Part 1 - Christogenea Internet Radio 04-12-2013

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The Book of Acts, Chapter 1 – Christogenea Internet Radio, April 11th, 2013

The Book of the Acts of the Apostles, as it is fully called, is a book of transition. It records a transition of the legitimate faith in Yahweh God, as decreed by His Word, from the tenets of Hebraism to the constructs of Christianity; from the rituals of the laws of the Old Covenant to a faith in the Word of God in Christ which was promised by the prophets of the Old Covenant, and which was recorded in the Gospel of the New Covenant. This faith in Christ would include the Christian recognition of a need for conformance to the commandments of Christ, found in those original ten commandments and the admonition to love one's brother. It records a transition of the primary subject of the Word of God from the remnant of Jerusalem to the dispersion of the children of Israel, the “lost sheep” of the ancient dispersions. That is what the New Testament is, it is the record of the Gospel of the New Covenant between Yahweh God and His people Israel, which was explicitly promised in the prophets at Jeremiah 31:31, Ezekiel 37:26 and Daniel 9:27. It was implicitly promised in many of the other writings of the prophets. We know that these Gospels do indeed represent the promised New Covenant since they came at the appropriate time, which was outlined in the 70 weeks vision of Daniel chapter 9.

Earliest Greek Writing is Phoenician

Courtesy of The Schøyen Collection (original photo by Tom Jensen).

"Now the Phoenicians who came with Cadmus, and to whom the Gephyraei belonged, introduced into Greece upon their arrival a great variety of arts, among the rest of that writing, whereof the Greeks till then had, as I think, been ignorant." - Herodotus, The Histories, 5:58, George Rawlinson, translator

This engraved piece of copper, known as Manuscript 108, represents the earliest known writing in Greece. It's clear relationship to the Hebrew-Phoenician North Semitic alphabet also substantiates the testimony of many ancient Greek writers who attest that the Greek alphabet was developed from the Phoenician.

The Role of Christianity in Western Civilization - William Finck on The Realist Report with John Friend

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On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Bill Finck of Christogenea.org and the Mein Kampf Project.  Bill and I will be discussing the role of Christianity in the development and advancement of Western civilization, including how Christianity impacted and influenced some of the most prominent figures and political ideologies in Western history, such as the Founding Fathers of America and Adolf Hitler of National Socialist Germany.  Where did Christianity go wrong?  How was Christianity subverted and perverted to the point where now organized Christianity merely serves international Jewish and Zionist interests?  Can we blame the problems facing our nation, our race, and ultimately our civilization on Christianity?  Calls will be taken throughout the conversation.  Be sure to tune in for what will definitely be an informative and interesting program!

Amos, Part 10 - Christogenea Internet Radio 04-05-2013

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The remarks which prefaced this program, on the Christian obligation to practice freedom of association and disassociation, are posted in the Christogenea Forum: http://forum.christogenea.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=5028

The Prophecy of Amos, Part 10 - Christogenea on Talkshoe 4-05-2013

In Amos chapters 1 and 2, while Yahweh pronounced judgements upon Israel because they oppressed the poor and the righteous, He also pronounced judgements upon Judah and the other surrounding nations for their various transgressions. Beginning with Amos Chapter 3 and through to the end of the book, Yahweh pronounces a series of judgements upon Israel alone which are actually repetitive pronouncements foretelling the same punishment, but giving differing reasons for that punishment in different ways. In Amos chapter 3 Yahweh announces to Israel that “You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.” The reasons given in this chapter are that “they know not to do right, saith the LORD, who store up violence and robbery in their palaces.” This means that the riches they had gained for themselves were accumulated through those unjust means. In verse 12 a reference is made to the horns of the altar of Bethel, which was a principle seat of idolatry in Israel.