June 2017

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 9

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 9

The Camp of the Saints is surrounded by the enemies of Yahweh our God, who are also the historical enemies of our Adamic race, and while these prophesies concerning the last days are being fulfilled before our very eyes, among Christians, there are multiple levels of deceit. The first is, of course, all of those Judaized Christians who seem to be oblivious to the fact that there is a problem. Then there are the anti-seedliners who may understand that we are in a time of trouble, but they refuse to properly identify the enemies, and they refuse to acknowledge that the other races dwelling amongst us are nothing more than a scourge for our disobedience, by which Yahweh our God has permitted His enemies to assail us, much like the story of Job. Yahweh permitted Satan to try Job, and Job prevailed because he never accused God for his troubles. Finally, there are those who claim to know the enemy, but who fail to properly draw the lines. The other races amongst us are not people. Rather, they are the caterpillars, cankerworms, palmerworms and locusts of the prophecy of Joel, they are the beasts of Isaiah chapter 56 who are called to arise and devour as the watchmen dumbly sit by like dogs tending to their own bellies.

When a rodeo clown such as Ted Weiland sends Bibles to Nigerians, we end up with niggers supposing themselves to be Christians. Then once we accept the concept that a nigger can be a Christian, how do we prohibit them from marrying White Christian women? Our own Scriptures are then used against us. So now we know why the Word of Yahweh says in Deuteronomy chapter 28 that for our disobedience “32 Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand.” Where it says “another people”, these are Ted Weiland's niggers, or Eli James' Mexicans, and by sending them Bibles Weiland assists the enemy, when instead it was his duty to teach the nature of sin and the need for repentance to the sheep of God's pasture! Ted has abandoned his true responsibility and bragged about making Christians out of beasts. He is a pastor for Satan and a minister of death no matter what he preaches about the twelve tribes and their history. In ancient times, the false prophets also knew of the history of Israel, and when fire came down from heaven at the beckoning of Elijah, they were nevertheless devoured. We await the day when Yahweh sees it fit to do such a thing once again.

Neighbors and Strangers, and Ted Weiland and other supposed Christian Identity pastors who cannot tell them apart


Neighbors and Strangers, and Ted Weiland and other supposed Christian Identity pastors who cannot tell them apart.

The opening remarks concerning symbols and words have been moved to the Christogenea Forum.

The terms neighbor and stranger are among the most abused words found in the Holy Bible. The abuse is possible because these English words are void of the richer meanings of the Hebrew or Greek words from which they are translated. But of course, most all denominational Christians are unaware that the Hebrew or Greek terms have meanings which are far more specific than the English words which are typically employed to represent them. We have discussed these words in the past in certain of our Biblical commentaries, and now we will summarize those discussions here.

We will begin with the term neighbour. The following explanation is adapted from our presentations of Acts chapter 7 given here in June of 2013, and Romans chapter 13 given here in August of 2014.

It is fully evident that in this day and age most Christians are locked in the paradigms of this world, and they interpret their Bibles through those paradigms. But the patterns of thought were far different in ancient times, and it is there that we should endeavor to interpret Biblical language, in the context of the time that the words were used, as best as we can determine how words were originally employed. Christian attitudes concerning race and righteousness have been artificially manufactured by the international elite, which consists mostly of Jews, who control the media and publishing industries for over 200 years now. The concept of political correctness which holds sway over their minds is an invention of these global elites – these mostly Jewish masters who rule over them, that they may retain that rule without difficulty. So as we often like to say, the result is that today Christians worship Jews instead of Jesus.

Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 8

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 8

Last week, presenting Part 7 of this series, I had made some extemporaneous remarks in response to Jack Mohr's claim that Satan is not mentioned in Genesis chapter 3. His claim is not true, and Satan is indeed mentioned in Genesis chapter 3, only by another name. Because Yahweh God chose to keep certain things secret from the foundation of the world, as Christ Himself professed in Matthew chapter 13, we cannot imagine that Genesis is a complete revelation of everything which happened during the ages of Creation. Saying that, Christ informed us that the devil had planted tares in the field shortly after Yahweh God had planted the wheat, but we do not learn that the serpent of Genesis 3 is Satan until we get to Revelation chapter 12. That is why we were granted the Revelation, that the truth of Yahweh and man would be completed in Yahshua Christ, who was both God and Man.

In Matthew chapter 13, in the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, we find that a devil sowed tares among the wheat, and that those tares are the children of the devil, who were sown among the children of God. Revelation chapter 12 helps to identify this same devil as that old serpent in the Garden of Eden. So if tares were sown among the wheat at the beginning, appearing nearly as soon as the wheat had sprouted, and we have a parable in Genesis chapter 3 of sexual seduction and the result of two opposing seeds, then we see that Cain and Abel are of two opposing natures. But in that same account we also see that there was an entire Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is distinguished from a Tree of Life. This Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil can only be every plant which Yahweh did not plant, which Christ informs us shall be rooted up. The serpent was representative of that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the corruption of God's Creation. That is why, in the end of the Revelation, after the victory of Christ in His revenge against all of His enemies, there is only one tree left, the Tree of Life, and it bears 12 fruits: the tribes of the children of Israel.

In the parables of the Gospel, these two trees are represented by various different allegories, as sheep and goat nations, as wheat and tares, as sons and bastards, as those going into the Lake of Fire and those entering into the City of God. If we do not divide correctly the Word of God, when the Bridegroom knocks at the door the we may find ourselves among the bastards, and left out of the party.

Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 7

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 7

These past several weeks we have prefaced these Special Notice programs by answering some of our critics, and particularly Joseph November, who goes by the alias of Eli James. Unfortunately, some people have once again taken offense to that. But Eli James has been continually criticizing us, meaning both Clifton Emahiser and I, ever since January 2011 when we parted ways with him, and he has not stopped. Last week, presenting part 6 of this series, I cited quotations from a January, 2016 article where Eli was still criticizing us. Well, perhaps he was not really criticizing us. Rather, he makes up things about what we profess, and then he criticizes his own inventions.

Why should we not be able to address this? For the most part, I try to ignore him. I do not care what Eli James believes. But every once in awhile I am compelled to answer and rebuke his treachery, because I see that there are otherwise well-meaning Identity Christians who have fallen under his spell. So I challenge them to see both sides of the issues, and the best way to do that is to exhibit and expose some of the folly behind his claims.

Should Identity Christians not look at both sides of every dispute? Or should they be worshippers of men? If your pastor cannot be criticized, then he is your idol, and you are an idolater. If you cannot examine those whom your pastor is criticizing, then you are no less an idolater. I have been critiquing Eli James' criticisms of me, and I have supplied links to his articles and have made specific quotations from them. Except for a colorful remark or two, I have not attacked his person. Rather, I have only attacked his claims about Scripture and his misrepresentations of our work. If anyone cannot handle that and examine the issues, then they are not worthy of truth.

But Identity Christians should care for truth, and the truth of Scripture should be their paramount concern. Were there really separate 6th and 8th day creations of man? Is the Bible really written in an absolutely chronological order? Did Yahweh God ever take credit for the creation of the non-Adamic races as we now know them? Those are important questions, and the answers to those questions are necessary components to forming a healthy Christian worldview today. We need to answer those questions truthfully if we are to ever conform ourselves to our God and seek to please Him. To teach things which are not true leads to the betrayal of our God and our race. Of course, we would answer all of those questions with negatives, while Eli James would answer them all positively. So we must criticize his works, and as Christians we have no choice but to rebuke him. I will never back down from that duty.

Florida State League of the South Conference 2017

When we participated in the demonstrations in New Orleans several weeks ago, our good friend Michael Tubbs had invited me to present the opening and closing prayers at the annual conference of the Florida State League of the South on June 3rd. My wife Melissa recorded my time at the podium. We are grateful for his kindness, and for the opportunity he afforded us to introduce our message to such a wonderful group of people.

Conference speakers were Matthew Heimbach, League director Mark Thomey, and the president of the League, Dr. Michael Hill. Each of these three men presented excellent discussions, all of which were very amenable to our own Christian Identity truth. Since I consider myself more of a lecturer than a preacher or a conductor of prayers or ceremonies, it was my endeavor to wrap a Christian Identity lesson around a prayer of sorts, and this is the result. Click here for the text of my messages, and full-size versions of the videos.

Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 6

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 6

I spent some time this morning poking around for material to preface this program with, and I found a January, 2016 article by Eli James entitled Bertrand Comparet on the Adamic Race, where Eli goes to great lengths to uphold the so-called “6th and 8th day Creation Theory” and many other hare-brained ideas, while at the same time he misrepresents our own position on Genesis chapters 1 and 2 so that he may effectively discredit our Genesis interpretation – at least in his own mind. Once again Eli attacks the idea of recapitulation, which is what he calls our claim that the Bible does indeed repeat itself and describe some thing a second time in a different way in which they have already described.

Eli says in one place, where I will expand his abbreviations, that “Finck [and] Emahiser categorically deny the plurality of the Adamic Race in [Genesis chapter 1].” This is an outright lie, neither Clifton nor I have ever denied that Genesis 1:27 is speaking collectively of the Adamic race where it says “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Eli is creating a straw-man argument, ostensibly so that he can pretend to prove us wrong, while he obviously never listened to Pragmatic Genesis and doesn't really know what we have said about this passage.

Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 5

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Special Notices to All Who Deny Two-Seedline, Part 5

After Part 4 of my presentation in this series, I saw some of the buzz in social media, and various crybabies are complaining that I “attacked” Eli James. That is funny, because I was only responding to claims that Eli himself had made, that I never addressed his silly Crumbs paper, as he had bragged that I could never refute it. He really is arrogant – he packages deceit and labels it as “irrefutable” because for six years I ignored it, not thinking it to be worth my attention. So after six years I get tired of his lies, and I point out a few serious problems with Eli’s paper. But not once did the crybabies who are now whining about that offer to discuss any of the issues. Rather, they attack me for “attacking” Eli, even when I was able to post screenshots of Eli’s vain boasting that I have not refuted his paper, for which my entire ministry stands as a refutation. So am I really attacking Eli or am I just answering his boast that I never refuted his stupid Crumbs paper? This is their grade-school mentality, and it represents why they will never amount to anything. In fact, the fools who are complaining the loudest have been supposed Aryan nations members and Identity Christians for twenty or so years, and they have not a single worthwhile accomplishment of their own. They cannot discuss the issues with me because they will be put to shame. They are a disgrace to Richard Butler’s legacy.

While British Israel, or BI, was wrong about a lot of things, even it did not really stand for Bastard Identity. Likewise, CI does not stand for Compromise Identity. The whole Eli James crowd is insanely stupid. They prove their stupidity by complaining about what I am saying in these podcasts, because it proves that they listen and still they do not agree. Why do they listen to my podcasts at all? Evidently because they do not have an original thought of their own. Here I will prove how stupid they are again.