The Brattle of New Orleans

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The Brattle of New Orleans

The first week of May was already somewhat more hectic for us than usual. Our regular internet service was taken out by a storm Thursday morning, and two attempts to pre-record a scheduled program with our friend Don Fox had failed miserably. The back-up plan, a cellphone hotspot that is almost always reliable, wasn’t even lukewarm in the continuing bad weather. But when we heard what was about to happen in New Orleans the coming weekend, we just had to go, and Don kindly agreed to do our Saturday program live. We would have to do our part from a motel room in Slidell, Louisiana after a long drive Saturday afternoon. At least the drive from Northwest Florida to New Orleans is quite scenic.

Back in April, we posted a short paragraph and a video of talk radio host Nathan Laurenson and a small group of local residents protesting the removal of the Liberty Place Monument, which is a memorial commemorating the actions of patriots who in 1874 had rebelled against an oppressive and corrupt Reconstruction government. It was only the first of four monuments that the City of New Orleans is planning to remove. The Confederate-era monuments in New Orleans are being taken down in the middle of the night under heavy police guard by contractors who wear masks and conceal the names of their companies, and the protesters were out there with them. Seeing the video of Nathan on the Internet at The Daily Resistance website, we sent him a short note commending his good work. We didn’t know at the time that we would be chatting with him at Lee Circle in New Orleans a short couple of weeks later.

For at least two years now, the City of New Orleans has been planning to remove several Confederate monuments which supposedly hurt the feelings of negro residents and social justice warriors. But there are other more sinister designs which are the true motivation for the movement to erase White history from the streets of all of the cities of the South. I will not get into those here, except to say that the Jewish writer and journalist Walter Isaacson, who has been associated with the New York Times, CNN, and various globalist institutions and causes, has been involved since 2015 with the New Orleans Tricentennial Commission, which is planning the city's 300th anniversary commemoration in 2018, and since 2016 he is a member of the New Orleans City Planning Commission. During this period, the Confederate monuments have become an issue, and city mayor Mitch Landrieu, who appointed Isaacson to both posts, has obediently followed Isaacson’s anti-Southern policies. Another figure in this is a man named John Cummings, whom we have not yet fully investigated but the more we look at him the more scrutiny he deserves. Cummings, who is apparently White, is a retired lawyer who purchased the Whitney plantation maybe 17 years ago, refurbished its antebellum mansion, and has converted the estate into what is billed as America’s first slavery museum. I do not know if it is true, but when I was in New Orleans I heard a rumor that Cummings was going to receive the Confederate monuments from the city for his museum, which would indeed be a pity.

Mayor Landrieu and the New Orleans City Council, who are obvious tools for the globalist one-worlders such as Isaacson, John Cummings and other wealthy social justice warriors, planed to take down three other Confederate monuments, which are those memorialising Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and P. G. T. Beauregard. After a victory in the courts, their path has been cleared and they began at Liberty Place. According to a website that writes on southern politics and culture called The Hayride, Landrieu and Cummings have had a relationship since 1990, and in an article titled An Historical Look Into The Landrieu-Cummings Relationship they have documented several transactions between the City of New Orleans and Cummings which have helped to greatly enrich both men.

[At this point in our podcast we played a pre-recorded segment with Nathan Laurenson, a host of The Battle of New Orlean Radio program.]

According to the 2010 census, 60 percent of the city’s population are negroes, and they hold four of seven seats on the City Council. The remaining seats belonging to a pair of apparently White women, and a man whose race is rather ambiguous. These seven politicians alone had voted to remove the Confederate monuments from New Orleans. However the real question, which has probably not been properly addressed anywhere, is whether a local government in any city has the right to eradicate the cultural heritage which has been shared by an entire state or region, simply because the political climate or the demographics inside the city have shifted. Demographic shifts are often only temporary, however the erasing of a culture and its history is much more permanent. This issue has been raised elsewhere, but probably not to the extent of what is now very rapidly occurring in New Orleans. There are bills which have been introduced into the Louisiana State legislature, but even if they pass they are far too late to prevent the monument removal.

Hearing that there had been a small contingent of demonstrators defending their Southern heritage who stationed themselves at some of the monuments in downtown New Orleans, and that there would be wider demonstrations on Sunday May 7th, knowing some of the people who planned to participate, we also desired to attend and lend our voice to this worthy cause. The call for wider demonstrations was sparked the week before, when a military-style truck full of Antifa hoodlums terrorized people at the city’s Jefferson Davis monument, and had also vandalized the Beauregard monument. As we wrote this, the Jefferson Davis monument was also removed in the middle of the night, in the early hours of May 11th. Observing nationwide trends in the cities of America these last few decades, we know that the destruction of White Christian culture is not going to stop at some Civil War statues. After our Confederate heroes are eradicated from our memory, it will be the founders of the nation, and then perhaps more recent icons of our White society will be under attack.

Another famous memorial which the current residents of New Orleans seem to loathe is the Andrew Jackson monument at Jackson Square in the French Quarter, although that may only be saved because it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1960. There are at least three other smaller Confederate monuments that we heard nothing about, which commemorate Charles Didier Dreux, who is said to be the first Confederate officer to be killed in the War, Catholic priest Abram J. Ryan, who is called a poet and priest of the Confederacy, and the Confederate General Albert Pike, whom to us is more infamous as a Freemason than he was notable as a general. We would be surprised if these monuments make it through the next election, although Landrieu has evidently not yet threatened their removal.

By Thursday we had learned that some of our Social Media acquaintances were going to participate in the demonstration on Sunday. Since we lived half the distance away that they were going to travel, we would have been ashamed if we ourselves did not make the effort. In this instance, “we” is my wife, Melissa, and I, as I do not believe that she would ever be left behind – and especially for something like this. But my own schedule cannot easily be abandoned. So not really being certain as to whether or not we could make the trip to New Orleans until almost noon on Saturday, as soon as we learned that we could do our regular podcast from the road that evening we hurriedly packed and headed west for New Orleans. Around that same time, hearing through the Social Media buzz that the Antifa was bussing in hundreds of people – if they can be called people – for counter-demonstrations. With the news we were receiving, and knowing the Antifa tendency towards violence, we along with many others were indeed expecting the Battle of New Orleans. But seeing many of those from our side who were traveling to attend the demonstrations, we were even more encouraged, and we set out unprepared but undaunted.

One of those acquaintances is Michael Tubbs, the operation commander for a group which we are only recently becoming acquainted with, but with which we are quite impressed, which is the League of the South. Thanks to Michael, we knew where to go, where to park, and by what time we should be there because the police were blocking everything off, and we never even had to ask. Our journey and arrival at the monument in Lee Circle could not have been smoother. Later we would realize that the Hand of Yahweh our God must have been with us as well, knowing the history of recent Antifa counter-demonstrations and how little prepared we were to become engaged in one. The walk from the parking lot to Lee Circle was interesting enough. Along the streets were a scattering of people stationed in diverse places, and just watching. Some of them were cops dressed in paramilitary clothing, and some of them were enemies. We were asked about our shirts, which advertise, we were asked if we were with “them”, and if “they” were from the “KKK”, referring to the League of the South members who were already at the monument, their Confederate flags proudly waving in the morning breeze. We were courteous, brief, and ignorant in our replies.

We introduced ourselves to Michael, and to some of the others that we were vaguely acquainted with only from the Internet, and quite quickly Social Media friends began to become real friends. The hours at midday were relaxed in spite of the expected tension, except that the New Orleans police temporarily removed us from the periphery of the monument in order to sweep the area, as there was a late-morning bomb scare. We spoke to as many of the gathering Southern patriots as we could, and there were many fine men and women present for the cause. The theme of most of our own conversations over the ensuing hours was of course Christian Identity and the need to preserve Southern and White Christian heritage. We had some long conversations with some fine men and women, and we pray that we have an opportunity to see all of them again.

There were layers of police barricades both circling and dissecting the area around the monument and around Lee Circle, but the front of the monument, which faces St. Charles Ave., was left with the barricades wide open for the entire day, and that led to the area where we were stationed. There may have been at least a hundred cops scattered around the area or watching from the rooftops, but for most of the early afternoon only a couple of dozen were standing visibly out in the streets. Opposite this side of the monument, a crowd slowly began to gather in the intersection. A few local patriots joined the crowd of demonstrators inside, while in the street outside, by mid-afternoon a couple of hundred spectators and antagonists had accumulated.

Some of them were curious local residents who were not particularly sympathetic to our cause. Others were obvious degenerates and anti-racist types, and a portion of them were evidently Antifa observers or agitators. But for a city which has a negro population which is just over 60%, there were startlingly few black faces in this crowd, perhaps no more than a few dozen out of a couple of hundred. The “Take em Down NOLA” crowd, an organization formed to promote the removal of the monuments, was practically invisible until they arrived along with the Antifa later in the day. One of their organizers is a negress recently imported from San Diego named Angela Kinlaw, who also involves herself with Black Lives Matter and whose political ideology is noticeably Marxist. She openly supports economic racism for negros on her Facebook page. Of course these activist negros are all racists, but they only scream “racist” at Whites. Whites must only learn to accept the term, because it is a necessary component of our survival.

We have now learned from Nathan Laurenson that many of the other prominent “Take em Down NOLA” figures are also from out-of-state, including Quest Riggs, who published an article about the May 7th demonstrations the day after the event at the communist website Worker’s World. The “Take em Down NOLA” website is hosted in New York under private registration, and their online petition has only 1,762 signatures as of the evening of May 13th [screenshot], even though it has been online for over a year. So it certainly seems that the demands to remove the Confederate monuments from New Orleans have not originated within the native population, it is not a truly grass-roots movement and it seems that they have not really attracted much local support. These are only out-of-state negroes playing the role of communist dupes on the payrolls of the plutocrats who are slowly moving the entire country towards a globalist agenda.

But on the other hand, if it were not for the League of the South and a few more general American patriot groups who came to join or to watch over the demonstration, it seems as if there would never have been a demonstration at all. As for local support, the hosts of the Battle of New Orleans radio program were there, Nathan and his partner, who goes by the rather apt pseudonym of Goyim. Then there were a handful of men wearing t-shirts with the letters PPOL stamped on the back, which upon inquiry we learned is the Preamble Patriots of Louisiana. While they are constitutionalists, they are nevertheless Southern patriots who care for their culture and race. But the other groups supporting the monuments, or the demonstrators, all seemed to be from out-of-state.

Most of those other groups were not even true Southern nationalists, but were nonetheless helpful and appreciated, and they certainly were needed. Among these were the American Freedom Keepers, who seem to either be the same as or at least closely affiliated with a group called American Warrior Revolution. While there were Southerners and White Nationalists among them, they only professed to uphold the Bill of Rights and were there to “help protect the demonstrators” and the right to freedom of expression. Another group calls themselves the Red Elephants, which seemed to be a sort of alt-Right group, and they were there mostly to engage in dialogue and document the event on Social Media. Then there were people from Anti-Communist Action, and other White Nationalist and alt-Right types that we could not identify with any specific group.

But I made a remark to one young man about how the bleached-blonde hair of someone who seemed to be affiliated with him was sort of effeminate, and he just walked away from me. No loss there, since several of them also seemed to dislike the so-called “racists” and “hate groups” who were there to make a statement in defense of their Southern heritage. Perhaps he was alt-Lite rather than alt-Right. But in spite of this, most of them were not effeminate at all, and they certainly seemed to be good men, who only need to come to a greater realization of the meaning of our experience in the present age. [They still need to be red-pilled, if they only think they are now.]

There were also a handful of men who came independently, who were not affiliated with any group at all. Some were from elsewhere in Louisiana, but most were from out-of-state and also heard about the event in Social Media. They were there to make a statement defending their Southern heritage, and we pray they continue to be involved in the future, perhaps even with the League of the South.

Quite disgracefully, in our opinion, the Sons of Confederate Veterans were entirely missing from the event. They were out at Jackson Crossroads for the day, play-acting as toy soldiers instead of fighting the real battle at Lee Circle. It was even further aggravating that when I visited the Facebook page for the Sons of Confederate Veterans a few days after the event, that I saw a post from the Louisiana Division Commander, J. C. Hanna, showing a picture of himself sitting comfortably under a shade tree in Jackson Crossroads while talking on a cell phone, boasting that he was being interviewed by CNN regarding the removal of the monuments in New Orleans! [Screenshot.] This is a slap in the face to all the men and women who were making a stand at Lee Circle, and it makes their absence from the event even more disgraceful. Of course, CNN is fake news, and I will venture to say that for an interview on the monuments which was obviously timed to coincide with this event, they found a faker.

By noon the number of demonstrators, or those were there to help defend the demonstration, probably reached about 100 to 120, and not many more even if our estimate may be too low. Media reports now give the total number of people at Lee Circle from as low as 700 ( to as high as 1,300 (Fox News), and the wide discrepancy is mostly in relation to how many Antifa demonstrators were there, not to the number of monument supporters. But the Antifa did not appear until after 3:00 PM, so there were several hours for discussion and anticipation among the monument supporters.

The first interesting development of the day was the rather simultaneous appearance of a character who is already being called the “Bike Cuck” on YouTube and other Social Media, and another who is being called the “Cuck Knight”, which is surely a misnomer. A Jew cannot properly be a cuck, as the alt-Right uses the term, since he is not properly a part of the White relationship in the first place. No matter how white the Jew may appear to be, the Jew is a mixed-race bastard of a creature and is not white at all.

So I was standing on the walkway in front of the monument with a few of the League of the South members, when this clown wearing a metallic corselet and an American flag for a cape came up to us and announced that he was from Los Angeles, that he had a lot of supporters with him, and that he would join our cause if the group, referring to the League of the South, took down their “racist KKK Flags”. Of course, the group only flies their own banner, which a black cross on a white field, along with the Confederate flag popularly known as the “Stars and Bars”. In the same breath, the intruder professed that the flags were offensive because he was “half Jewish” and had a “biracial son”. I immediately dubbed him “Captain Jewmerica”, but since the sobriquet “Cuck Knight” has already taken off in Social Media that is what I will call him here.

I was not there to try to run anything, and I certainly cannot speak for the League of the South. All of the groups there had their leaders and their missions and knew their own purpose. So I only assumed the role of the casual observer and supporter for the cause. But out of natural instinct I was the first one to tell the “Cuck Knight” to get lost, and that Jews were not welcome, and then even my wife reacted by expressing the same convictions quite loudly. He repeated what I said, and immediately responded by saying “Okay I will”, and off he stormed. Then he reappeared maybe five minutes later on the steps of the monument, attempting a dramatic entrance by jumping over some of the surrounding bushes, to start the trouble with the men on the steps. Word of him had spread by that time, and they would have nothing to do with him. But the sympathy of the police was certainly with him because even though he was an aggressor, when he attempted to knock down some flags and charge the men who were holding their ground and telling him to leave, he ended up on his back on the sidewalk and two real patriots ended up being arrested for “disorderly conduct”. While the charges were dismissed the following day, the police had a clear bias against the monument supporters.

The other intruder, the one they call the Bike Cuck, is a true cuck since he is at least apparently White, but I did not bother to try to interact with him. I suspected that they were both either paid shills or Antifa antagonizers. At first I thought that they were working together, as they showed up around the same time. The Bike Cuck also rather immediately came to the aid of the Cuck Knight as he lay on the ground after receiving a well-deserved sock in the jaw. But for the most part the Bike Cuck was more discreet, sitting at the edge of the crowd on his bicycle and agitating for hours, claiming to be a “conservative” yet showing open enmity towards “racists”. He later got into a few minor scuffles, but nothing that the police had apparently noticed.

Now, after watching some of the conversations on Social Media which I was not close enough to hear while I was there, I wish I had engaged more closely with both of these trolls. The “Bike Cuck” could have easily been exposed as an agitator. But the “Cuck Knight” spent some time on the sidewalk at the edge of the area, preaching the Gospel of Hybrid Vigor to some of the monument supporters. Thankfully, they do not seem to have accepted his diatribe. This fallacious concept, promoted by Jews as a way to promote race-mixing, can easily be refuted with just a few historical examples.

Aside from the minor drama caused by the intruders, the afternoon was occupied with a mixture of conversation and speculation concerning the anticipated arrival of the counter-demonstrators, the Antifa. Seeing the violent outbreaks sparked by the Antifa at Berkeley last month, as well as the recent stand-off in Pikeville, Kentucky and the earlier troubles in New Orleans at the Davis and Beauregard monuments, many of the groups among the monument supporters expected violence, and were prepared for it as well. They earnestly awaited the anticipated Battle of New Orleans. Different rumors were heard throughout the afternoon, and finally, perhaps some time after 2:00 PM, we learned that the bussed-in Antifa demonstrators were going to assemble at Congo Square, which is an ironically appropriate place for them, and that they would walk the one-and-a-half miles to Lee Circle, entering from Howard Ave. from where they were to be herded into a barricaded area to our left. That last report was actually fairly accurate.

The “Bike Cuck” was a relatively minor nuisance. But the actions of this “Cuck Knight” follow a familiar pattern which we typically see Jews perform on a larger scale, or over a longer period of time. They make bold statements in words or in actions, making some sort of spectacle of themselves in order to attract a lot of attention, and then they leverage that attention to gain influence in a movement so that they can subvert it, with the ultimate goal of leading it down the road to hell and keeping the world safe for Jewry. We refer to it as “jumping in front of the parade.”

Jews such as Nathaniel Kapner, Frank Collins, Mike Enoch, Milo Yiannopoulos, and dozens of so-called “self-hating Jews” have followed very similar patterns, with varying levels of discretion. The “Cuck Knight” tried it again a little later in the afternoon, attempting another grand entrance and another anti-racist diatribe, but after a long talk with one of the League of the South leaders, and another disinvite, he was finally relegated to the sidelines. We stood nearby but could not hear what was said. As the conversation between Michael Tubbs and the “Cuck Knight” was coming to a close, the Antifa came into view as they turned the corner and swarmed down Howard Avenue.

My first impression is that there must have been six or eight hundred of them. Media reports are even wider, estimating anywhere between four hundred and a thousand. They were not wearing their traditional masks, and there were reports that the Police threatened to arrest anyone with a mask. This is probably one reason why they were not as violent as expected, as they are basically cowards who will only engage when they think they can remain anonymous. But whether or not they were masked, as we could not yet tell, the men from the League of the South rushed to the barricades, waving their flags proudly, and began to taunt them even before they were within earshot. If there was no battle that day, it was not for a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the monument supporters.

As the Antifa counter-demonstrators were herded into the area around the monument which faced Howard Ave., I just stood at the barricades and watched, taking dozens of pictures of the filthiest, most degenerate crowd of people I may have ever seen in public. But photographs by themselves do not accurately capture the nature of these beasts. Granted, there were some people among them who were appropriately dressed and who did not appear to be degenerates. But most of them were sodomites, or women who appeared to be men, or even a few men who were obviously dressed as women, and they seemed to make up close to half of the crowd. Then there were more than a few women who were dressed as cheap prostitutes, wrapped in fishnet and with unshaven bodies and unwashed hair. If there was a fear of anything, it may have been of catching some disease if we had to come into physical contact with any of these beasts. The saddest part is, that most of them were apparently White. They were mostly college-aged youths wallowing in the slop of twelve to sixteen years of Marxist indoctrination, and exhibiting the fruits of their brainwashing they have been turned against their own people and culture.

The counter-demonstrators were holding pre-printed signs that read “Take ‘em Down NOLA”, “Black Lives Matter”, “Your Heritage is Hate”, “End White Supremacy”, “Fight Racism”, “Take Down All Symbols of White Supremacy”, “Take Down All Monuments”, and a hundred other home-made signs with various inane slogans or scribblings. A week ago I had surmised that perhaps the globalist plutocrats who fund these groups, such as George Soros, had kicked the Black Lives Matter movement to the curb in favor of the Antifa. Now I have realized that they are trying to incorporate it into the Antifa, something which seems to have been made possible with the common denominator of the recent anti-Trump protests. But even here, there were surprisingly few dark faces. We would estimate that only one in every six of these counter-demonstrators was a negro or a mestizo. Most of the “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts and signs were worn or carried by White people. There were apparently local residents in this group, and they may have mostly consisted of the “Take ‘em Down NOLA” faction, but even among them negros were scarce, and Whites seem to have been holding most of those signs.

Were these really Antifa? I am fully persuaded that the largest portion of the group were indeed Antifa, in spite of the denials of the liars at the Southern Poverty Law Center. The energized degenerates were there in sufficient numbers, the rhetoric was there, the posturing and the chants were there, only the flags and the masks and the accompanying violence were missing. These were not all local citizens, no matter how they tried to make it look. But interestingly, the group of counter-demonstrators also seemed to have been mostly female. We would estimate that six in ten of the counter-protestors were women. If a battle had taken place, a lot of women would likely have had to become intimately acquainted with the concrete.

For the most part, I did not bother watching the time. The Antifa and whoever was with them may have reached Lee Circle around 3:00 PM, or not long after. Once they arrived, there must have been two hours of screaming, chanting, posturing, and arguing. But from what I saw, not a single blow was thrown from either direction. The men from the League of the South, as well as many of the others, proudly stood at the barricades and taunted the adversary without fear. This was in spite of our side being outnumbered 6-to-1, or perhaps 10-to-1, or more. For perhaps an hour, we anticipated that the barricades would come down at any time, and that we would have a battle on our hands. But I was confident that if that had happened, the counter-demonstrators would have easily been routed. But how appropriate it was that the only one who really got hit all day was the Jew, the so-called “Cuck Knight”. That must be a statement in itself.

So in the end, we can only call the event The Brattle of New Orleans, because all we had ultimately confronted was noise. Around 5:00 PM or shortly thereafter, the Antifa simply disappeared in a stream back down Howard Ave. Over the next 30 minutes or so, most of the monument supporters were also gone. So we left at around 5:30, sunburned and thoroughly dehydrated. Desperate for a cold drink and not knowing anything of our way around New Orleans, we just got into our Jeep and drove.

So we ended up on Magazine Street, in a seemingly upscale White neighborhood. The street was spotted with bars and cafes. Young White couples were lounging at a Starbucks, White girls flitting up and down the street in sun-dresses, often accompanied by companions of darker hues. Men were sitting in the bars in their Birkenstocks and preppie polo shirts. All of them were completely oblivious to what we thought was a great cultural battle that had just taken place only a mile-and-a-half away. None of them even seemed to know or even care. They have already been thoroughly disconnected from their heritage and their past by the Marxist agenda promoted in the public school systems of America. For them the Brattle of New Orleans may only be a three-minute curiosity on the evening news, or more likely, a bleep in a Twitter feed.

The communists have long understood that a nation is more easily subjected if its sense of history could be removed. Karl Marx is often quoted as having said “Take away the heritage of a people, and they are easily persuaded.” In the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, in Protocol 16, the authors boast that “Classicism as also any form of study of ancient history, in which there are more bad than good examples, we shall replace with the study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men all facts of previous centuries which are undesirable to us, and leave only those which depict all the errors of the governments of the goyim.” In a 1958 book which was written by a former FBI agent named W. Cleon Skousen, titled The Naked Communist, one of the stated goals of the Communist Party in America was to “Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the ‘big picture.’” This has long been done, and these upscale White kids down on Magazine Street in New Orleans are its victims. The schools artificially uplift every deplorable non-White culture, while discrediting and demonizing actual White history and culture to the greatest possible extent.

The Brattle of New Orleans was a victory for freedom of expression, since the Antifa was powerless to achieve their usual goal of silencing opposition through violence. It was a victory for the League of the South because they stood up to their enemies fearlessly, and with that we were quite impressed. Some of the other patriotic groups share in that victory as well. We hope to see much more of this in the future, and Magazine Street is a stark reminder of just how far we have to go before we can claim to have made any progress at all.

Some of other groups we mentioned here need to develop a better ideology, because pluralism is the Jewish experiment and it is bound to fail. You cannot be a true patriot and embrace racial pluralism, as soon as you do, you have already been defeated by the enemies of all mankind.

Something we always see which sickens us is when lukewarm Southern nationalists fly the Stars & Bars after it has been defiled with the slogan “Heritage Not Hate.” The Antifa counter demonstrators care nothing for that, so they are now carrying signs which say “Your heritage is Hate”. They care nothing for White history, White values, White culture, or White people. Conservatism without racism is nothing. Patriotism without racism is nothing. You cannot even be a patriot except with men with whom you have a common patriarch. Civic patriotism is a charade, a false concept which does not actually exist. The root word pater is father, and true patriots stand together and defend what they have inherited from their common ancestors.

There is never any chance of appeasing negroes and mestizos. As soon as you draw a line in the sand, you will be branded a racist. If you move the line back to the threshold of your home, or to your dinner table or to your daughter’s bedroom door, it does not matter, you are still a racist. If you give the negro everything except your own chastity, he will demand that as well and as long as he cannot wear your white skin you will still be a racist. The negro will not be happy until he has everything that is yours, and he has you as well. So the negro will not be happy until Whites cease to exist. Fuzzy lines are no way to defend a culture or a people. If Whites are to survive, the lines must be clear and unapologetic. It is already well past the time to draw those lines. We pray that New Orleans has not seen its last battle.

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American Warrior Revolution

When we were at NOLA, as this article suggests, we knew that the American Warrior Revolution group was not really on our side. But we did not realize how many of them actually despised what we stand for, or what the League of the South or the men from the Alt-right there stand for. Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent has done us a service by sorting out some of the issues, and exposing the supposed warriors as the leftists that they actually are.

Updated August 14th, 2019: My original comment had a Facebook embed which is now gone, so I removed the code here.

See The Alt-South vs. Rainbow Confederates, Response To Joseph Offutt, What Did The Confederates Think About Race?, among other articles on the topic at Occidental Dissent