March 2015

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Since when is an act of speech a "Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights"?

Man Charged in Noose Left on Integration Statue at Ole Miss

Graeme Phillip Harris has been indicted on a trumped-up civil rights charge for tying a noose onto a statue of a negro at a Mississippi campus. No matter how distasteful some may find the act, it has long been argued that such acts fall into the category of "freedom of expression". This evokes memories of flag burning, or a crucifix floating in urine in a certain NYC museum. So black rappers can sell millions of copies of record albums which scream "kill Whitey", and those albums get airplay over and over on the FCC-regulated airwaves. Or black movie stars like Jamie Foxx can gloat about killing White people on national television, and all of that is okay. Or black academics such as Kamau Kambon can stand televised on C-Span and assert that all White people should be exterminated, and that is okay. It is all "free speech". According to this latest government ploy, we can cite case after case of overt conspiracies to violate the "Civil Rights" of Whites by professing open desires to kill them. Yet they are all "free speech", and the noose-tying incident is not? It is clear that the Obama government has found a back door to prosecuting "thought crimes" by abusing current Civil Rights laws.

We hope to offer an expanded commentary on this incident in the very near future.


In September of 2015 Graeme Phillip Harris was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 12 months probabtion.

In March of 2016 Austin Reed Edenfield was sentenced to 12 months probation for assisting Harris.

This is an astounding transgression against the right to free expression, which evidently is only a right reserved for Leftists.

The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 5: The Ministry of Reconciliation

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The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 5: The Ministry of Reconciliation

In 2 Corinthians chapter 1 Paul had started the epistle off by writing about the sufferings and the consolation, or encouragement, which the children of Yahweh should expect to have for as long as they are in the flesh. Then while explaining the changes he had made in his own travel plans, since he was indeed on his way to visit the Corinthians, he talked about all the grief which had been caused within their assembly on account of a certain individual, who was with certainty that fornicator of his earlier epistle to the Corinthians, and whom he had addressed explicitly at 1 Corinthians chapter 5. During that discussion Paul had encouraged the Corinthians, since they chose to be forgiving of that individual, that their forgiveness be complete and that they should confirm their love for him, and also put an end to the grief which they had regarding his sin. Paul then continued to further discuss his travels, and the sufferings that Christians should expect to face in the flesh.

In chapter 3 of this epistle, Paul had asked quite rhetorically whether he should be reintroduced to the assembly at Corinth, an assembly which he himself had initiated and where he had spent over 18 months of his life. With that, in a rather esoteric manner he began to explain the differences between the Old and New Covenants, and that the Old Covenant was rendered idle in the New Covenant service of the spirit in Christ. From there he discussed the “treasure in earthen vessels” which is the spirit of the Adamic man, and the restoration of that spirit in the reconciliation to God which it has in Christ. With this Paul explained that it is the unseen rewards for which men should strive in their fleshly walk, or sojourn as he called it. Now Paul will come back around in a circle to allude to the fornicator once again, here in this latter half of 2 Corinthians chapter 5. Doing all of this, he is actually giving a quite lengthy lesson on why Christians should have forgiveness for their kindred Christians.

The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 4: Treasure in Earthen Vessels

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The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 4: Treasure in Earthen Vessels

In 1 Corinthians chapters 3 and 4 Paul had made an analogy of the Old Testament “service of death in letters” in comparison to the New Testament “service of the Spirit” which he called the “service of righteousness in honor”. Doing so, he explained that the judgments of the Mosaic Law were left unemployed in Christ, and for that reason Christians should seek to keep the spirit of the Law written on their hearts. Paul then spoke of the “treasure in earthen vessels” and the unseen hope of eternal life in the face of physical death which Christians have in Christ. Paul then explained that “having the same Spirit of the faith” Christians should live to serve Yahweh their God in the knowledge of hope in that eternal life because “if our outer man is being destroyed, then our inner is being restored day by day”, ostensibly referring to that same “treasure in earthen vessels” as he had called it, which is the Adamic Spirit that exists within the children of Yahweh.

Paul of Tarsus had clearly taught that there is an eternal spirit within the Adamic man, and that through that spirit there would eventually be a resurrection to life in the physical world, which he had illustrated in 1 Corinthians chapter 15. But this possibility was a topic of literature for two thousand years before the Christian era. In the Greek myths of Orpheus and Eurydice or Heracles and Alcestis or in the much older Sumerian legends of Inanna or Gilgamesh we see exhibited the belief in a continued existence of the spirit after the death of the body. Many other ancient legends of those same cultures reflected the belief of the continuation of the spirit after death, such as in the Iliad where Odysseus visits the netherworld and converses with the spirits of the departed, or in Virgil's Aeneid where Aeneas converses with his own deceased father.

The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 3: The Old Testament is only for Christians

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The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 3: The Old Testament is only for Christians

In 2 Corinthians chapter 3 we saw Paul of Tarsus change the subject of his epistle away from the grief within the assembly at Corinth. Doing that he turned to discuss the service of the New Covenant in the Spirit of Christ as opposed to the service of the Old Covenant in the letter of the Law. It must be noticed that in the course of that discussion, Paul refutes several of the claims which are commonly made by the modern denominational sects concerning both Jews and Christianity. For instance, we often hear it repeated that the New Testament alone is for Christians, while the Old Testament is for the so-called Jews. Yet in that chapter Paul had explained that there is a veil over the Old Testament, and that it cannot be properly understood unless one turns to Christ. With that statement, Paul is stating unequivocally that the Old Testament is for Christians, and that it is not at all for the so-called Jews. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 3:15 of those who rejected Christ that “until this day, whenever Moses is read a veil lies upon their hearts”, and then he says of those who accepted Christ in verse 16 “But when perhaps you should turn to the Prince, the veil is taken away.” So the Old Testament is not for the so-called Jews and the Jews are blinded as to its meaning. Rather, the Old Testament is only for Christians! Only those who have turned to Christ have the ability to understand the Old Testament, and without Christ it is left unemployed.

Therefore Paul of Tarsus refutes the idea of the “New Testament Christian”. That idea is a poor excuse for the so-called Jews and it is a false theology which was long ago refuted by those who withstood the Marcionites. Instead, as Paul told the Romans in chapter 15 of his epistle to them: “Now whatever things have been written before, have been written for our instruction, so that through patient endurance and the calling of the writings we may have expectation”. Making such a statement, Paul was referring to the Scriptures of the Old Testament. It is the Christian obligation to examine the Old Testament as well as the New, and to accept both Old and New as one faith. That was also the original meaning of the term catholic, before it was corrupted into its medieval definition.

Martin Luther in Life and Death, Part 6: the Indulgence Dispute

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Martin Luther, In Life and Death, Part 6: the Indulgence Dispute.

Here we will continue our presentation of Martin Luther in Life and Death, and we are still in the portion of this endeavor which concerns Luther's life. Today we hope to focus upon the dispute concerning indulgences. The Roman Catholic Church dogmas on indulgences were the primary complaint against the church in Martin Luther's famous 95 theses, and these would ultimately spark the Reformation. Doing this, we shall also discuss a man named Johann Tetzel, the leading Romish Catholic indulgence preacher of this time.

In our last presentation in this series, we hope to have illustrated the humanist influences in the court of the de Medici papacy of Leo X and in the courts of the German archbishops, especially in that of Albrecht of Brandenburg, the archbishop of both Mayence and Magdeburg. These men were not only surrounded by immoral humanists who scoffed at the Christian religion, but they also led lavish and immoral lifestyles which required vast sums of money to maintain. Besides his lifestyle, we saw that Bishop Albrecht was heavily indebted to the Fuggers, the banking family of Augsburg. He was counting on the sale of indulgences in the churches of Germany to pay off the bankers, after he had split the proceeds with the pope. The pope would use his half of the indulgence money to help finance his building projects in Rome.

To sell the indulgences which both the pope and the archbishop required, the Roman Catholic Church would have to convince the German people to buy them. To do this, they needed propagandists within the Church. A man named Johann Tetzel became the leading of these propagandists, who went from church to church preaching indulgences. For this cause Tetzel should be the poster child exemplifying just how a man with a doctorate degree in Theology could be nothing more than a whore for the state. He also exemplifies the childish level at which religion is peddled to the masses of the people, and how that was just as effective five hundred years ago as it is today. In fact, the Grahams, Hagees, Warrens and Osteens of today all have their forerunner in Johann Tetzel. They are whores for the State no differently than Tetzel, except that the goals of the state have now changed.

The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 2: Comfort and Mercy

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The Epistles of Paul - 2 Corinthians Part 2: Comfort and Mercy

In the opening chapter of his second epistle to the Corinthians, on several occasions Paul had referred to encouragement, or comfort as the word may alternately be rendered. He also spoke about affliction. Ostensibly, the encouragement was being referred to because of the affliction which he had described, as he told his readers that “just as you are partners of the sufferings, in that manner also of the encouragement.” As we had seen from the prophet Isaiah, the Word of Yahweh had mentioned several times that children of Israel were to be afflicted for their apostasy from Yahweh their God, and then at some point in the future they were to be comforted for their affliction. That comfort was to be manifest in the message of the Gospel of Christ. Paul's ministry is the announcement of these things to the “lost” children of Israel, and he described them in 1 Corinthians chapter 10 as they were to be found among the pagan nations of ancient Europe, which he said were “Israel according to the flesh”.

Why is it that what we call Christian Identity is such a fantastic thing to most so-called Christians if Paul of Tarsus, who was chosen by Yahshua Christ to be the minister to the nations, was teaching precisely this very thing in the first century? Paul taught this throughout his epistles, and this was his entire worldview: that his ministry was to reconcile the prophesied nations of the lost children of Israel back to Yahweh their God. The so-called Roman Catholic Church which began to develop three hundred years after Paul may have preserved Paul's epistles, but at the same time it corrupted their interpretation with a universalist and replacement theology that Paul's own words do not support.

Christogenea Europe, March 1st, 2015: The European Right: What are the Chances?

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The European Right: What are the Chances?

Sven Longshanks and William Finck begin a walk through some of Britain and Europe's "right wing" and "nationalist" parties to sort out which are real and which are onbly pretending. We are not really looking for a political solution, because like all Identity Chrtistians, we know well enough that There is No Political Solution. Rather, we are only looking for the actual level of racial consciousness and awareness of the devil among the political players in Europe.

Of course, the chances are none, because...

...well, here are some of the opening notes:

I found a website this morning called “World Without Nazism”, from an outfit calling itself the “International Human Rights Movement”. Preliminary observations tell me that this outfit is based in Moscow, and is heavily staffed with Jews, mostly of the radical academic variety. It's website is On the website, they publish a free PDF book called “The White Papers of Hate”, which consists of over a thousand pages describing bias in the laws of European countries, incidents of what they call the “Glorification of Nazism”, incidents of anti-Semitism or any criticism of Israel or any other pro-Zionist policy, and a host of other things. All of this, of course, feeds the Jewish political paradigm that only White Europeans are capable of hatred, can systematize hatred, and must be constantly observed lest new epidemics of hatred break out at any time.

This reflects the same anti-White attitude that the jewish-controlled Western media also continually propagates. “The White Papers of Hate” goes so far as to identify the British Laws of Settlement from 1701 and the laws favoring men in line for the British throne in their search for White hate. In the Jewish fervor to create all of Europe, and then the world, into a Jewish-run Marxist utopia, no stone is left unturned. In this atmosphere, where the anti-fa is glorified and allowed to operate above the law while all Whites are demonized, we look for glimmers of hope in European politics.

Good Fudging luck!

As an aside, the BBC yesterday reported that a Pegida UK demonstration in Newcastle for which they say about 400 people turned out, was met with an opposition of about 2000 counter-protesters. According to the BBC, Pegida UK spokeswoman Marion Rogers said: "We are not racist, we are not fascist, we are not far-right and we're certainly not anti-Islam - we've got Muslims here with us today.” So that only makes us wonder why they were even protesting, if she is really speaking for the group. Yesterday afternoon The Guardian trumpeted the news that “Far-right Pegida eclipsed by its opponents at first UK demo”.

In the end, only Yahshua Christ can save us!