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Investigating the writings of the founders of this nation, the ideas of plurality which they had did not include any thoughts of multiculturalism or a diversity of aliens which are the supposed ideals of this day, but which in reality are little more than a fulfillment of the perverse fantasies of the anti-Christ jews. Rather, and for example, Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century had hypothesized concerning how many Englishmen could populate such a large country in little time, even at the exclusion of their kindred Germans, whom he called “Palatine boors”. Discussing the importation of African slaves, Franklin further stated “Why increase the sons of Africa, where we have so fair an opportunity, by excluding all blacks and tawnys, of increasing the lovely red and white? (See Benjamin Franklin by Carl Van Doren, The Viking Press, New York, 1938, p. 216-218. On these same pages it is also fully evident that Franklin saw the White man alone, from his ruddiness, as being the “red and white”, and he counted for these only the English and the Saxon Germans to the exclusion of most other Europeans – even the Swedes.) While Franklin’s express views may not reflect all of the beliefs of all of the founders of this nation, they are a true and clear reflection of the general principles among them: that “freedom of religion” meant a freedom of Christian religion, and that any reference to plurality meant a plurality of White people.

However, by the second half of the 19th century much of the political class in this nation was already composed of corrupt men, who read Marx rather than Paul of Tarsus, and who worshipped the jewish gods of secular humanism rather than the Aryan God of Abraham and David. The reasons for this rather abrupt change in the quality of American leadership are succinctly described in the parable of the trees of the forest told by Jotham, as recorded in Judges Chapter 9 of our Bibles. It is no coincidence that a single American president – the first to fully and publicly grasp onto the ideas of jewish internationalism – gave this nation not only the jewish-owned and operated Federal Reserve Bank to be the stewards of our economy, but also our first zionist and radical jew Supreme Court Chief Justice, our first involvement in a European war, and had also relented to the so-called “right” of women to vote, which is clearly anti-Christian. (The proper reading of 1 Cor. 14:33-34, from the Greek and read literally, is with certainty: “… As in all of the assemblies of the saints, 34 the women in the assemblies must keep silent, indeed they are not to be entrusted to speak in them; rather they are to be obedient, just as the law says.” A vote is exactly the same as having a voice in the assembly.) No outside enemy could ever have damaged the Republic the way Woodrow Wilson damaged it from the inside, while also paving the way for many of those who came after to damage it even more.

The so-called “Great Depression” was the direct result of the turning over of the economy of this nation to the international jew under the guise of the “Federal Reserve” banking system. And with the depression, a different form of politics – that of giving ones vote to whoever could promise one the largest portion of other men’s money – finally allowed the unscrupulous to consistently capture majorities of the electorate. This phenomenon was assisted greatly by both the woman voter – the vast majority of which make such decisions based upon empathy, and the introduction of large numbers of aliens into the electorate once the immigrants from the fringes of Europe started coming to America in significant numbers. Franklin Roosevelt was the first great beneficiary of this change in the makeup of the nation.

How far we had already fallen by this time, from the ideals upon which our Republic was founded. The founding fathers of this nation were certainly readers of the Greek and Roman Classical Histories. Surely they must have been aware of the way politicians quickly learn to use promises of favors or money to aliens and minorities as a means of helping to secure votes at the expense of the Patrician class (in this nation, that would have at that time been the true “middle class”), from whom most of the funds available to the State are actually raised. Livy tells the story of one Spurius Cassius, a Roman politician of the 5th century BC, who had attempted to curry the favor of certain divisions among the people by promising them monies from the state treasury, and how the people of Rome condemned and executed him for that very reason – thereby setting an example for centuries to come. (Livy, History of Rome, 2.41.8-12.) Who knows how high the course this nation may have taken, if Americans had been so vigilant in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed, or in 1933 when the Marxist “New Deal” was launched, or in 1964 when the “Great Society” speech was given.

Now this simplification of American history is provided for a purpose other than to discuss politics at all. Rather, it is how Christians even make political decisions which must be discussed, because that is the root of the problem. For over a hundred years now, politicians have been running on platforms promising giveaways of one sort or another, or security of one form or another, and this trend has done nothing except plunge our nation deeper and deeper into tyranny. When Christians relied on their God for sustenance and security, they were relatively free to live and work as they chose, and this great nation resulted from that very freedom which our founders intended for us to have: an economic freedom to the fruits of our labors, and the freedom to live in an environment adapted to our own state of morals, in which we worship our God in the manner in which we ourselves choose, and not at the dictation of either Rome or the State. But when people rely upon the State for sustenance and security, the State seeks in turn to regulate the lives of the people. The State then gains the right to dictate morality and the terms of acceptable behavior. The State becomes the god of the people, because the people grant to the State that authority to solve their problems. Subsequently, the State demands more and more of the fruits of the labors of the people. Americans paid relatively very little in taxes up until the time of the “Great Society”, and now over half of our income is eaten away by both direct and hidden taxes. The God of the Bible only asked for a tenth, at most, and that of one’s increase, not of one’s income.

Over the past one hundred or so years, at the same time that the State has slowly become the god of the people, the State has also slowly torn down the moral barriers of the old God – the God of the Bible – and has replaced the morality of Christianity with a new morality: that of Diversity, Inclusion, and Multiculturalism. Old taboos such as divorce, homosexuality, and miscegenation have become the norm, and are even protected from Christian admonishment by legislation. The momentum of the growth and development of this nation which has lasted into this century was spurred by the many freedoms achieved upon our foundation, and while White Christians are still the backbone of all meaningful progress today, that backbone now has severe deficiencies, and is gravely ill due to the many parasites which infest the body, as it gets weaker and weaker with each passing year. Finally the aliens are on the threshold of overrunning the founding race of this nation, while an alien sits in its highest political office.

From this situation, there is no political redemption. The Saxon has only one choice for salvation: to abandon the government god and the religious doctrines of jewish capitalism and humanism, along with the rites of wanton consumerism, and to return to the God of the Bible and Christian foundations with a humble and contrite heart.