Bolshevism After 95 Years

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This October marks the 95th year since the West witnessed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which precipitated one of the most horrendously murderous eras in the history of the world. If one day we could sit in heaven and watch God's Official Version of the History of Man as recorded by His omnipotent omniscience, perhaps in exquisitely vivid holographs, then we would learn that Bolshevism has really been with us for perhaps 9,500 years, if not longer. We would also learn that Bolshevism is still with us, and that the radical Bolshevism witnessed in the last days of old Russia can break out again at any time, wherever its carriers happen to reside.

Indeed, Bolshevism has carriers, people infected with its tendencies who spread it from region to region and epoch to epoch. These carriers have called themselves by diverse names over the centuries, and are therefore difficult to trace. In the Hebrew Bible, they first appear as Kenites. The careful student of the Bible and the Classics can then trace them down through Biblical and ancient history to where they are today, and now they are known for the most part as Jews.

That Jews were behind the Bolshevik Revolution is a very well-documented and indisputable fact of history. But every revolution requires funding. A lesser known fact is that New York bankers, Jewish bankers with names such as Schiff and Warburg, had financed the Bolshevik Revolution. This matter has been known since at least June 15, 1934, when Congressman Louis T. McFadden read a detailed explanation into the Congressional Record. But it never made the mainstream media, because the same Jewish bankers and their Jewish fellows control the media as well. Another observation which must be made is that while one Warburg, Max, was in Germany ensuring the success of the Bolsheviks, another Warburg, Paul, was in America setting up the fledgling Federal Reserve banking system. McFadden said, in part:

“From the date of Trotzky's return to Russia the course of Russian history has, indeed, been greatly affected by the operations of international bankers. They have acted through German and English institutions and have kept Russia in bondage to themselves. Their relatives in Germany have drawn immense sums of money from the United States and have in turn financed their agents in Russia at a handsome profit. The Soviet Government has been given United States Treasury funds by the Federal Reserve banks acting through the Chase Bank and the Guaranty Trust Co. and other banks in New York City.”

Shortly thereafter several attempts were made on the Congressman's life, and he was finally killed in October, 1936.

Something else that McFadden had entered into that same Congressional Record, was an explanation of the flooding of Jews into America in the late 19th century, again at the instigation of the Jewish banker Jacob Schiff. While Jews always had a presence in America, which can be traced back to colonial times, it was never a presence which allowed them any political impact at the polls. By the dawn of the 20th century that had changed. McFadden said:

“This country was then [in the 1890's] a debtor nation, paying a high yearly tribute to Schiff and his principals. Schiff accordingly took it upon himself to create a prejudice in the United States against Russia. He did this by presenting the supposed wrongs of the Russian Jews to the American public. Unpleasant tales began to appear in print. School children in this country were told the Jewish children were crippled for life by Russian soldiers wielding the knout. By unfair means a wedge was driven between Russia and the United States.

“One of Schiff s schemes was a sort of wholesale importation of Russian Jews into the United States. He drew up divers and sundry regulations for the temporary transplantation of these Jewish emigrants. He would not, he said, have them enter this country through the port of New York, because they might like New York too well to leave it for the outposts he had selected for them. He said it would be best to have them come in at New Orleans and to have them stay there two weeks, 'so that they could pick up a few words of English and get a little money' before setting off for what he called the 'American hinterland.'

“How they were to get the money he did not say. Aided by Schiff and his associates, many Russian Jews came to this country about that time and were naturalized here. A number of these naturalized Jews then returned to Russia. Upon their return to that country, they immediately claimed exemption there from the regulations of domicile imposed on Jews; that is, they claimed the right to live on purely Russian soil because they were American citizens, or 'Yankee' Jews.

“Disorders occurred and were exploited in the American press. Riots and bombings and assassinations, for which somebody furnished money, took place. The perpetrators of these outrages appear to have been shielded by powerful financial interests. While this was going on in Russia, a shameless campaign of lying was conducted here, and large sums of money were spent to make the general American public believe that the Jews in Russia were a simple and guileless folk ground down by the Russians and needing the protection of the great benefactor, of all the world-Uncle Sam. “

The Jewish takeover of the old Russian Empire was an investment which paid off handsomely for world Jewry. With it came the destruction of the last White nation to ever openly resist Satan: National Socialist Germany. After the war, Soviet Russia was propped up by those same Jews as a tremendous threat to the West. From that time, all the while distracted by impending doom from the East, a cultural battle was being fought in Western Europe and especially in America, which would presume to destroy Christendom forever.

This cultural battle represented a different type of Jewish warfare against the West, one fought without traditional armies and weapons. It has rightly been called Cultural Bolshevism. After the First World War in Germany, Jewish Communists attempted to establish Soviet Republics in Bavaria and other diverse places. However due to the resistance of the Freikorps, Germany's militia, the Jews failed miserably. However under the Weimar Republic, Cultural Bolshevism blossomed in Germany. Its hallmarks include the open promotion of narcotics use, sexual deviancy, pornography and every other sort of decadence. Such lifestyles are promoted in Jewish art, literature, cinema and theater, which are in turn given the foremost exposure wherever Jews are able to control mass media. The same things were being promoted in the United States, however the profligacy of the Roaring Twenties was curtailed by the Great Depression. This promotion of decadence was one major evil which Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist party fought their political battles against. When Hitler won Germany democratically, the Jews rallied outside nations to ensure that Germany, and perhaps the rest of Europe, would not be lost to their cause.

After the defeat of Germany, Jewish-owned political administrations in London and Washington would ensure that Eastern Europe was placed under the control of Soviet Jews, as the West was delivered to Capitalist Jews. Churchill's hypocritical Iron Curtain speech ironically, and most likely purposely, stole the phrase and the idea behind it's most famous line from Goebbels. In a 1945 speech, Goebbels warned that “An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered.” In the subsequent decades the false Capitalist vs. Communist dichotomy would be used to mold public perception and control public fears by the Jewish media for the remainder of the century, but it was the same Jews controlling both sides all along.

America had no Hitler, and left Europe devoid of one. After the Second World War, the bankers, the media, and various Jewish agents inside the courts and the government along with their fellow idealists had ensured that America would be captured by Cultural Bolshevism, all while the Marxists hid themselves behind the more innocuous label of Liberal. As America feared the Communist Soviet and Communist Chinese bogeymen, America succumbed to the program outlined in the Communist Manifesto through a corrupted political process, and few people even noticed that all of its planks were rapidly being enacted into American law. Now America is a Communist nation, and still people do not notice. They won't notice, because in today's Orwellian world few people ever look at the substance residing behind the label.

All of the other nations of the West have fallen to Communism in like manner. The European Union is merely a new Soviet through which Marxist ideals become law. The Berlin Wall did not come down because old Russia recovered its freedom. Rather, it came down because the West had finally become equally yoked in slavery under the Jewish bankers. Therefore the wall was no longer necessary, and the public show with which it was dismantled helped to continue the illusion of freedom in the minds of the slaves.

In the October Saxon Messenger Clifton Emahiser takes a look at two facets of the cultural war against America. The first is the Jewish program of forced racial integration, a program which has been carried on in America for over a hundred years now. The second is the Statue of Liberty, which was indeed a Jewish (Edomite) Trojan Horse. It helped the Jews to promulgate the anti-Christian ideals of the French Revolution throughout American society, and indeed it was very effective.

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