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But Politics IS About Race

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, having found that politics is a lot more profitable than crack-dealing and stolen EBT cards, reveals something that we have always known, which is the fact that politics is all about race. But if this beast can understand that simple truth, why don't White Americans understand this? Most Whites do not accept it when White men say it, so will they accept it when Negroes admit it, and Latinos agree? Empathy and altruism have destroyed White America, and that will destroy America itself.

Notice that last name, Abrams, is a Jewish surname.

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad..... Jew?

This was made in 1933. How can the characterization of the "Big Bad Wolf" as a Jewish merchant be missed? The appearance, the accent, it is all there. So why don't Americans of today understand that the wolves have looted and pillaged the nation?

Savages Behead Woman in South America

Here is a woman, who is apparently not White but looks like she may be white in this video, and she is being beheaded and stabbed by savages who seem to be speaking Spanish. Of course, these are the very same savages that are trying to flood over the Southwestern United States border as "immigrants" or "refugees", and how can we expect them to act any differently once they entrench themselves in American towns and cities?

You cannot talk about these things on Facebook or many other social media sites, but we can talk about it here.... for now.

Slandered for Standing in the Way of Communism

This explains why the SPLC has a "hate map", and why traditional Christians are now "Nazis" and stand accused of spreading "hate". Only 50 years ago, at least most of our views were considered normal and traditional by many, if not most, Americans, yet now they smear us. How did Communists, Marxists and other assorted Sinners come to think that they hold the moral high ground, within a period of only about 50 years? Of course, we answer this question and many other similar questions here at Christogenea.

See the video series The New World Order, Communism by the Back Door, by Dennis Wise

Communist Party Directive 1943.mp4 — Downloaded 18333 times

Who is the real "hate group"?

Here an SPLC speaker admits that there are "hate groups" because people "don't like being replaced". If it were any other race being replaced, the Jews would be crying about genocide every night in their media. White man, can you see the writing on the wall? Or will you stay forever blinded by bread and circuses and material comforts, until the day when they drag your dead carcass out into the streets to be eaten by dogs and chinamen?

Whites are being replaced because with the oppressive taxes that finance that replacement, White families cannot afford to have children for themselves. This was the plan from the beginning, the Jews such as those at the SPLC are behind it, and they have organizations like the SPLC so that they can demonize the "hate groups" that oppose it.

There never was a holocaust, except the one that is coming.

Exterminate White Men? Part Three

Yet another Negro comes forward and beckons the destruction of White people. Posing as a "professor", the Negro who is known in the English language by the rather White-sounding name of "James Harrison", and who is currently employed as a history professor at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, is claiming that peace in the U.S. is impossible so long as whiteness still exists. This is no trivial matter, as PCC is called "Oregon's largest college" by the popular OregonLive news site.


Ironically, in his presentation Harrison used a song written by a White man. In fact, it is wholly evident that everything in his environment was created or invented by White men. It is hard for us to imagine where this negro would be if it were not for White men. The negro is a hypocrite. He can only repent if he goes back to the savannah (the one in Africa, not the one in Georgia), exchanges his business suit for traditional tribal apparel, and gives the speech in one of the tongues of his non-white ancestors. Neither should he read it from a piece of paper, which along with the ink pen was invented and manufactured by White men.

But aside from James Harrison's obvious hypocrisy, Negro so-called "educators" are increasingly becoming emboldened to speak in such a manner as they are artificially elevated in greater numbers to positions of authority through government-enforced equality and opportunity programs. In the 1960's and 70's rhetoric such as Harrison's was more or less confined to "extremist" circles such as the so-called "Nation of Islam" and characters like Khalid Abdul Mohammed.  In 2005, another Negro "professor" who calls himself "Kamau Kambon" (but who was apparently named "Leroy Jefferson" when he was born) said during a discussion on the hurricane Katrina in an interview recorded on C-Span that "The problem on the planet is white people ... We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet, to solve this problem."

Of course, these Negros have been further emboldened by Jews such as Tim Wise and Noel Ignatiev. These are just two Jewish "academics" out of many who routinely advocate that White culture and the White race itself be forcibly and completely destroyed. Jews are not White, but they are able to pose as Whites in order to advance their long-running war of destruction against White and especially Christian culture and society.

When we get enough of these Negro and Jewish frauds out in the eye of the public, perhaps sufficient Whites may seriously ponder the necessity for their own survival, to rid the world of Negroes and Jews. Only then can we realize the heaven that, under the burden of his own Marxist indoctrination, John Lennon could never imagine.

Anti-white Racism has Reached Critical Mass in America

Noel Ignatiev is a Jew, and the things which he professes are shared by Jews everywhere. For instance, the Jewess Susan Sontag is frequently quoted as having said "The white race is the cancer of human history." Do not wonder why Jews have been so persistent for so long in agitating mass immigration, integration, and race-mixing of non-Whites into White nations. The truth is that the Jew is the cancer which is destroying the White race: they pose as Whites whenever it is convenient, and whenever Whites accept Jews it results in the destruction of White society.

The Nigger Is Not Joking: Jamie Foxx Expresses Black Desires

Jamie Foxx is not joking when he proclaims Obama his "Lord and Savior", as he did shortly after the recent general elections. Neither is he joking when he gloats over killing all White people - whether or not he is talking about a movie. Rather, he is expressing the same desires which we have heard from thousands of urban black "youths" over the past 40 years.

The frequency of violent Black-on-White crime is already a hundred times greater than White-on-Black crime, and has been for many decades in both America and Europe. You just wouldn't know it listening to the mainstream media, which suppresses reports of Black-on-White crime, and even when crimes must be reported for one reason or another, then the race of the perpetrator is often left unrevealed.

Whitey Burning, Part 2

“This is what you deserve. You get what you deserve, white boy.” So spewed the attackers of Melissa Coon’s 13-year-old son, as they doused him with gasoline and set him alight.

Police, they say, are “investigating” whether this is a hate crime.

When Whites are caught up in acts of violence and the victims are negroes, the media screams about it for months. So-called "hate crimes" laws are passed. The media attempts to make all Whites feel guilty. But the facts prove without a doubt that approximately (if not over) 90% of all violent inter-racial crimes have negro perpetrators and White victims. And the media usually ignores this fact, and also ignores many of these crimes.

When Whites  are caught up in acts of violence and the victims are negroes, the media never fails to mention the race of the perpetrators! Yet when negroes commit acts of violence against Whites, if the case is even reported, the media does all it can NOT to mention the race of the perpetrators!

The media is clearly biased when it comes to reporting on crime. There is a good analysis of this concerning this very case, in the article Teen Set on Fire in Racial Attack; Media Silent at The New American website.

Note what the cop says in the video, that "it is not uncommon for teenagers to fight". Well, what a misrepresentation of the facts that is, to make this crime look like the average neighborhood spat! And if it were not for the description on the placard, we would not know the race of the perpetrators from the news report. 

KCTV_20120229190630037AC.mp4 — Downloaded 3438 times

Whitey Burning

Two Badly Burned Bodies Discovered on Detroit's Southwest Side:
The original article linked above has been removed by the news agency. We have preserved the video below.

The negroes have burned or looted everything useful and beautiful that the White man created in Detroit, until there was nothing left to burn but Whitey himself.

Barack Obama is a Racist (well, we knew that already)

Wanting blacks to vote for him, just because he is black. What if that were some White candidate? Remember the cries of racism directed at the Tea Party people, not because they were White, but just because they were (sort of) conservative? Obama's plea is blatant racism. Where is the hypocritical mass media now?

Nearly One in Ten White Americans Now Choose Beastiality (Bestiality) Over Marriage

This report is based primarily on two data sources: the Pew Research Center's analysis of demographic data about new marriages in 2008 from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS) and the Pew Research Center's analysis of its own data from a nationwide telephone survey conducted from October 28 through November 30, 2009 among a nationally representative sample of 2,884 adults. For more information about data sources and methodology, see the Appendix III.

Remnants of White North Africa

Of course, most Berbers today are what we would consider to be arabs - darker people of mixed race. However the existence of such Whites in the native Berber populations, along with the testimony of the Classical Greek and Roman writers that the Berbers were indeed White, and often blonde, shows that the original Berbers - before the more recent open mixing of the populations - were indeed a White people.


There Goes the Neighborhood, Part 1

The hypocrisy of Liberalism: How DARE those evil rich White people not build cheap houses and flood their neighborhoods with non-Whites! It doesn't matter that they voted for Obama! They are not "doing enough"!

It is a sick world, and a Marxist world, that insists that people of any particular region are forced to use their own money and "do something" in order to make their neighborhoods "multicultural".

In China, 100% of the inhabitants are yellow! Why aren't the jews demanding as much of China? Too many yellow people live there! We demand that 200,000,000 Africans be immediately transported to China, and that Goldman-Sachs pays the bill!

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Negroes Run Wild in Denver

How often does the media mention hate crimes against Whites? Hardly ever! This is one of those times, so that alone makes it noteworthy. Usually, while the slightest action by a White man against those of other races is immediately labeled as "racist", it is very rare that hatred is admitted as a motive by non-Whites against Whites. Yet, as we know from experience, race is nearly always the reason why negroes and latinos choose Whites as victims for their evil.

Guess What Whitey: Negros Hate You: Part 5 - Keep Sending Your Daughters Off to be Destroyed

That's right, you stupid Liberals and Evangelicals, keep sending your daughters off to "help" the savages - people who can never help themselves - and let them keep getting raped and murdered by savage beasts. And your own government evidently won't defend them! Only one race in the world has ever consistently maintained a civilization: the White race. Stop letting the jewish propaganda concerning equality fool you! How long before you awaken to the fact that you cannot take the jungle out of the animal?

The following is from ABC News - Click here for the original report

Peace Corps Gang Rape: Volunteer Says U.S. Agency Ignored Warnings 

ABC News Investigation Finds More Than 1,000 Rapes, Sexual Assaults Since 2000

Jan. 12, 2011  

More than 1,000 young American women have been raped or sexually assaulted in the last decade while serving as Peace Corps volunteers in foreign countries, an ABC News 20/20 investigation has found....

110112_brianross_peace1_embed.mp4 — Downloaded 2105 times

Feds Convict Texan for Selling a Gun to Illegal Alien with Texas Driver’s License

What is the government telling us here? That we MUST practice what they have called "racial profiling", and if we do not, we could end up in prison for it! Therefore, according to at least one federal judge and one federal prosecutor, every single Mexican MUST be treated as an illegal alien - or one risks going to prison, losing one's constitutional rights, and wearing the scars of one's egalitarianism for life. If any White man had any sense at all, he would not be selling guns to Mexicans under any circumstances! Yet here it is also obvious, that certain government agents are purposely using these illegal alien Mexicans as a weapon against White culture. Wake up, America!

Guess What Whitey: Negros Hate You: Part 3 - No Matter Who You Elect To What, They Will Always Find a Reason

Now if this were a White group rallying - something that would be loudly protested in the first place - and the speaker said these things about Negroes, there would be a huge media outcry and a demand for the heads of the speakers for their "hate speech". But when negroes say these things, the hypocritical media never even raises an eyebrow.

When will Whites ever awaken to the hypocrisy of the jewish media? 

Obama_called_nigger_at_NAACP_event.flv — Downloaded 529 times
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Obama the Kenyan Illegal Immigrant

Of course this is not new, but now it's here too.  And anyone with half a brain has known it for at least two years.  But why have the other branches of government abdicated all responsibility?  Because they all play on the same team, that's why!  And as long as his jewish masters have a use for him, Obama the sock-puppet will keep his job.

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Dublin Today

Jeremiah 31:27-30 27 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will sow the house of Israel and the house of Judah with the seed of man, and with the seed of beast. 28 And it shall come to pass, that like as I have watched over them, to pluck up, and to break down, and to throw down, and to destroy, and to afflict; so will I watch over them, to build, and to plant, saith the LORD. 29 In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.

DublinToday.mp4 — Downloaded 1997 times

Guess What Whitey: Negros Hate You: Part 2 - Erroll Southers Ranting About Christian Identity Terrorist Groups


No doubt, Buford O'Neal Furrow went on a shooting spree and killed a few people, but that was back in August of 1999. And Furrow was acting as a lone nut, not as an organized part of any Christian Identity group. He alone is responsible for his actions. If one wants to see organized religionists attacking America, just go to and watch the jews dancing for joy in the streets of New Jersey as the World Trade Center came tumbling down. It is all on film there.

Matthew Hale was not even a Christian, never mind Christian Identity. The "World Church of the Creator" is (or was) an atheist sect started by a "Mennonite" Russian (?) named Ben Klassen. So Southers is an outright liar for associating Matt Hale with any sort of Christianity.

Ben Smith, who also went on a shooting spree in 1999, was also associated with the atheist World Church of the Creator (See So again, Southers is an outright liar.

Erroll Southers is an obvious fraud who does not know a thing about Christianity, or Christian Identity, except what he was told to say by his anti-Christ controllers from the ADL. The man is a liar and he is not fit to hold public office.

If a black man really wanted to do anything about fighting crime, he should start with the violent street gangs and the black inner cities where far more people are murdered and robbed each year than in many third world countries. In fact, if Southers is in any position to see to that, and does not, then he is just as guilty of those crimes as is the rest of his race. Why isn't he running his mouth about the Bloods and the Crips? because he is just another anti-Christian lackey for the jews of the ADL, that's why.

But it is not about hypocrisy. It is all about a war against Whites, and especially against Christian Whites. But sadly most Whites are still too blind to see it for themselves!

Guess What Whitey: Negros Hate You

This writer grew up on the streets of the largest urban center in the country, and then spent 25 years in jails and prisons - not always as the bad guy. The attitude I see at is the attitude I have most seen from the negros that I came in constant contact with. So keep placating the bastards. All they really want is your money, and to rape your daughters (or even your mothers, grandmothers, sons, it doesn't matter, negros are basically omnisexual beasts).

UPDATE: In late 2013 we have found that this Wordpress blog has been shut down, however these evil beasts have now moved their operation to Blogspot. Here is the new link: It is funny, that these dumb-assed niggers cannot even create their own website, but rely on free services like Wordpress and Blogspot to spew their vitriol. It must be an extension of their welfare mentality.

Jews and Muslims: A Match Made in Hell

Why are we propagandized to hate radical muslims in the middle east, but to embrace them in our own Christian nations? Is there not a serious dichotomy of thought in that reasoning? If one would read the koran, one may realize that islam is absolute anathema to Christendom. If one would read the talmud, the same conclusion would surely be reached concerning judaism! Jews and Muslims do indeed have a common religion, and a common fate: they are all the same antichrist children of Cain, Canaan, and Esau - with a potpourri of other biological entities mixed in.

Aliens in the Temple

Teach aliens Christianity, and this is what happens. They try to steal your inheritance. When you let devils into the Temple of Yahweh our God - which Temple we White Christians are - then the devils will steal your treasures. That is the lesson of 2 Kings 20:12-19, which sadly we still have not learned.

This video displays the results of our attempt to allow aliens - especially negroes - into the covenant of Our God. They attempt to steal our very indentity, and then use the theft against us! The jews had done this same thing in the same exact manner long ago, in the second and first centuries BC, and for that we are still victimized by our own ignorance. This is the result of the so-called "liberation theology" that most Whites are simply ignorant of, or have turned a blind eye to. If you are White, and think that the negro thinks like you, then you are not thinking at all!

NEGROUNDERSTANDINGOFEDOMPT3.flv — Downloaded 629 times
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Exterminate White Men? Part One

I do NOT believe, as this video's editors do, that this negro should be in jail for the comments that he is making. The First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution was designed to protect all political and religious speech, no matter how vile or disagreeable it may be to anyone who may feel offended by it. Once we begin defining acceptable forms of "free" speech, we are in danger of losing the right to free speech entirely! We will slide down that same slippery slope which we have already put our Second Amendment rights on. 

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