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Athletes and other young, healthy people dying or suffering collapses and heart attacks after being VACCINATED.

Young athletes of all races are suddenly dropping dead on the fields of play, or having heart attacks or other serious problems. Both their doctors and the media usually refuse to point to the one common denominator, which is the fact that they have received Covid vaccines. This same thing is happening to many people in all walks of life, but when it happens to an athlete in a public exhibition it cannot be suppressed or ignored by the media. However they still do not want you to know, so they feed you with propaganda and distractions.

This is NOT "normal", vaccinations are not "normal" at all, and wearing masks all day for fear of a flu is not "normal". All those who do such things, or who submit to such things, are indeed worshipping the Beast. Now Austria, and soon also Germany, will make vaccinations compulsory.

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? - Revelation 13:4

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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Exclaims "We are Trained Marxists"

The Empire cannot be reformed. Babylon cannot be repaired.

Of course, trained Marxists acting as subversives would have no actual care for partisan American politics, so neither would they enter the democratic political process or endorse political candidates.

Yet in a special disclaimer issued by the U.S. Office of Special Counsel titled Black Lives Matter and the Hatch Act, in what can only be described as either absolute stupidity or purposeful ignorance, it has been decided that since "Black Lives Matter" is not a "partisan political" group, therefore their slogans and symbols are allowed in the workplaces of federal employees, reasoning that it does not violate the Hatch Act.

The empire is destroying itself, and we eagerly await the day.

But Politics IS About Race

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, having found that politics is a lot more profitable than crack-dealing and stolen EBT cards, reveals something that we have always known, which is the fact that politics is all about race. But if this beast can understand that simple truth, why don't White Americans understand this? Most Whites do not accept it when White men say it, so will they accept it when Negroes admit it, and Latinos agree? Empathy and altruism have destroyed White America, and that will destroy America itself.

Notice that last name, Abrams, is a Jewish surname.

Joe Biden Admits that the Great Replacement Conspiracy is Both Real and Purposeful

This is from a C-Span taping of something which they had titled "Combating Terrorism", but where Biden is speaking at least briefly about immigration.

James Fields did Nothing Wrong

The full article has a larger version of this video at the end of the story.

First, James Fields did not kill Heather Heyer. The fact is that Heyer, a grossly overweight slob, was out running around the streets on a hot summer day and her heart simply couldn't take the added stress and excitement. That is not James Fields' problem, that Heather Heyer collapsed and died of a heart attack. Heyer was not struck by Fields' car. The woman who was struck, and photographed on the hood of Fields' car, is not Heather Heyer.

But that is not all. Now it is apparent that Fields certainly had reason to believe that his life was in danger. A sodomite college professor and Antifa extremist named Dwayne Dixon, member of an Antifa group named Redneck Revolt, has openly bragged on Facebook that he chased down Fields with a rifle....

Not So New Brighton

New Brighton, Minnesota Mayor Val Johnson is seen here literally shaking and on the verge of tears because another woman in her council meeting denies that she has experienced so-called "white privilege".

Of course, anyone who accepts this concept of "white privilege" is a victim of Marxist brainwashing. Since Val Johnson was reelected on November 8th to another four-year term, we would suggest that the 45% of residents who did not vote for her should move, and quickly!

The Negro "Victims" of Charlottesville

In no time at all negro "victims" of alleged right-wing violence are materializing in Charlottesville. A pair of them, Tadrint and Micah Washington, have already filed a lawsuit against all of the right-wing groups which they could name. We can only imagine that some carpetbagging Jewish attorney helped to compile the list and spell the names for them. Click the image at left for a larger picture of the front page of their sham filing.

On another note, the negro who is known in the English language as "Dre Harris" has made a lot of fuss and - as of this writing - has raised over a hundred and forty thousand dollars at because he was allegedly victimized while claiming to have been an innocent by-stander during the Saturday protests. The video below, however, courtesy of SpookyLeaks at Reddit, tells a completely different story. Harris was no victim at all, but rather just another roving thug looking to beat up Whitey.

These negros all attempted to beat up Whitey, and when they got beat down by the valorous White men who defended themselves, now they are angry. Not only that, but when the White men in Charlotesville defended themselves succesfully, the establishment also became offended, and sent the police in after them.

In spite of all the mainstream media lies, the Truth shall not remain hidden, and the justice of God shall ultimately prevail.

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New French Mural Announces the Fulfillment of an age-old Jewish Design

An earlier and equally foreboding mural than the one we discuss here, also by Cleon Patterson.

New French Mural Announces the Fulfillment of an age-old Jewish Design

After a struggle of perhaps two years, in August of 1791 the King of France, Louis XVI, was forced to accept a new constitution which ended the absolute monarchy and turned over political authority to the National Assembly. However whether complete political rights were going to be extended to particular groups, namely women and Jews, was still being argued by the Assembly as many Frenchmen continued to uphold traditional values. A month later, on September 27th, 1791, a French lawyer, Freemason, and member of the secret society of the Jacobins proposed a motion titled “Admission of Jews to Rights of Citizenship”.

In the motion, Adrien Duport made the assertion that the French had declared by their “Constitution how all peoples of the earth could become French citizens and how all French citizens could become active citizens.” This was not necessarily true, but rather the new Constitution offered active citizenship only to adult French males who were not servants and only extended passive citizenship to others, creating two permanent classes. Yet it did not stop the Jacobin lawyer from arguing that “… it be declared relative to the Jews that they will be able to become active citizens, like all the peoples of the world, by fulfilling the conditions prescribed by the Constitution. I believe that freedom of worship no longer permits any distinction to be made between the political rights of citizens on the basis of their beliefs and I believe equally that the Jews cannot be the only exceptions to the enjoyment of these rights, when pagans, Turks, Muslims, Chinese even, men of all the sects, in short, are admitted to these rights.”

The Camp of the Saints Revisited


In light of the most recent European immigration drama, a good friend had brought up the topic of an old book, The Camp of The Saints, a 1973 French-language apocalyptic novel by one Jean Raspail. We have not read the novel ourselves, having both an ignorance of French and the observation that the only version available in English is a translation made by a Jew as barriers to so doing. However understanding the reference, and the fact that the book portrays the end of Europe and Western Civilization as a whole in a flood of savage immigrants from Africa, we understand that the book certainly was portentous...

Swedish Media Offers Expose, But Still Apologetically Supports Left-Wing Violence

We have long known that groups such as the "Antifa" and ARA (and AFA) are tools for the support of Marxism and Jewish Supremacism. They are organized and dominated by Jews, and they radicalize naive White youth against the interests of their own race. These groups are funded and supported by Jewish organizations such as the ADL and the SPLC, in spite of the fact that the groups openly espouse violence and suppress the Constitutional rights (in the U.S.A.) or basic human rights of others who are not necessarily violent. But the problem with these groups in Europe is even more open than it is in America.



No Safe Haven

Click HERE for the PDF version.

We do not know much about the Reedy's, or why the White couple, who had four children, were separated just months after the birth of their young daughter. However rather than living with her husband James, on June 7th, 2013, Jennifer Reedy was admittedly sleeping in her home with a Mexican illegal alien named Jose Luis Aguilar when her 9-month old daughter, Serenity, was raped and murdered by the animal. Reports say that Reedy had taken her so-called “boyfriend” into her home about a month before her daughter's murder. According to the Richland, Washington Tri-City Herald, the baby had severe injuries to both her head and vagina. According to Columbia County's KEPR television “Reedy said Aguilar wanted to have sex that night but she told him no. She said Aguilar told her he would go take care of himself.” Evidently he did, with a little help from Serenity. A video report from the same source quotes a doctor who said there was “massive damage to [Serenity's] genital region.” The Tri-City Herald reports that Aguilar was picked up in a Greyhound bus in Barstow, California.

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Olympic Disenfranchisement

If White people ever needed a clear sign of ongoing disenfranchisement from their own society, it would be the 2012 London Olympics. And as for the English, not only did they suffer the immediate insult of seeing French designated as the official language of the games, but far worse, the games' ceremonies were committed to the care of marginal-Irish-Catholic-Englishman-turned-atheist-Hollywood-filmmaker Danny Boyle.

A panorama of English history being the theme of the games' opening ceremony, it was a typical Hollywood-style presentation, replete with images tailored to elevate the aliens who are currently being empowered to overrun White society everywhere. The fact that the Hollywood agenda is the same as that which is found in media, ecclesiastic and government offices from Westminster to Washington should be proof enough that filmmaker, pundit, priest and politician all have the same hidden master.

As we discussed here several months ago while presenting another topic, in an editorial entitled Lambs to the Slaughter, filmmakers and psychologists know well that people – especially children - “learn” through play-acting, whether they are participating or even merely watching. The impressions made through theatre, television, and play-acting of any sort imprint indelibly on the young child's mind, and even on the minds of older children and many susceptible adults. Here the objective is clear: to make it look as if the negro was an important part of a developing English society, and to move that idea into the minds of the general population, when nothing could be further from the truth. This represents the rewriting of English history, and the history of Western society in general, for the advantage of those aliens who are more recently being forcefully introduced into every Western nation as if they belonged. It bestows on these aliens an ownership role that they never earned and are not capable of earning. In reality non-Whites had no active part in the creation of modern society. Modern society was created in spite of non-Whites. But the aliens are now reaping all of the benefits of modern society as if they had such a role, and the history of White nations is being rewritten to accommodate them.

The ANC: 100 Years of Marxist Deceit and Still Going Strong

by William Finck

The Bible tells us that it is the dragon which gives its power to the beast, and wherever we look into history beyond the surface, we can see that the Bible is absolutely true. Looking around the internet this past week for news out of South Africa, we see that one of the people most often mentioned in connection with the recent 100-year anniversary of the African National Congress is Joe Slovo, who died in 1995. He is celebrated on the front page of the official ANC website with the short article “Long live the memory of Joe Slovo”. On the South African Communist Party website, Slovo is figured much more prominently, even having a picture conspicuously positioned between two negroes in the website's banner. Slovo, an active member of the party since 1942, was its general secretary from 1984. For most of its existence, the ANC has been closely involved in an alliance with the SACP, and still is today. An article at South African History Online states that “In 1928 the CPSA and the African National Congress (ANC) began a close working relationship” (the CPSA was later renamed SACP).

A Tale of Two Englishmen

Early this month a nineteen-year-old White man, Danny O'Shea, was stabbed to death in Canning Town, and both the police and the man's mother soon began making excuses for the race of the perpetrators, who were black. This same scene plays out with different actors hundreds of times across England each year as more and more women are raped, men are robbed, beaten and murdered, and White businesses are looted. In past times, this was called an invasion.

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Oh But Indeed, Hate Speech is Free Too!

We must protest, that so-called "hate speech" is indeed as free as any other speech! When one's political opponents get to define categories of speech, the inevitable result is tyranny. The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was not deemed necessary by the founders of this nation in order to protect “nice” or “politically correct” speech. Rather, it was deemed necessary so that men would never be afraid to express the thoughts of their consciences, or to reveal what they believed to be TRUTH. The TRUTH does not need laws to defend it, only LIES do. These laws come in the form of “Hate Speech” and related legislation—which have already imprisoned and muffled many noble and otherwise law-abiding men and women in the other so-called Western Democracies, supposedly “free” nations. Freedom of Speech is a Christian ideal and its greatest threat are the enemies of God and Christ.

Those enemies of God and Christ have gotten the political power that they now enjoy by belittling God and Christ - which, shamefully, they were permitted to do in a "free" and "open" Christian society. Now that they have that political power, they hypocritically wish to silence Christians in their desperation to maintain it. If Christians had only believed Christ, that when an anti-Christ speaks, he (or she, or it) is only doing the work of his own father, the devil, and that is what they are!

Cairo, Illinois

The United States' Federal Government has just (May 2nd, 2011) destroyed 130,000 acres of fine, productive, cultivated farmland at Bird's Point, Missouri, by blowing up two miles of levees which were part of a huge system of levees and dams built in the 1930's to  protect the area from floods.

The State of Missouri tried to stop the Army Corps of Engineers from blowing the levees, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, however they were denied. This power of the Federal Government over the states is a huge infringement of the 10th Amendment, however the states have long lost any legitimate claim to that protection by sucking the tit of the federal pig for the past 100 years or better now. People should expect nothing from government, and the government would have no right - or ability - to lord over them in the first place.

The White Man's Burden

Of course we love Kipling, and enough to reprint that timeless poem bearing the name which we borrowed for this editorial, as we did last month. Timeless, because we are still letting our sons go to cannon fodder for the imperialist investment bankers – and in many of the same old places, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Thinking about those places, see this month's offering from Kipling, A Young British Soldier. The battles for the control of the world's poppy fields are certainly nothing new. Getting back to our title, regardless of the state of Saxondom in 1899, when Kipling's poem was first published, today the White man's burden is something quite different. Something not so promising as that which the idyllic thoughts of Saxon world empire once invoked in our young men, all who went off to fight and die for something that only our God Himself can actually deliver, and which neither The City nor Wall Street ever will: a Saxon peace.

The Australian Floods: Where is the Outcry?

Where is the outcry? Where is the mainstream media drumbeat for aid, for charity for all of those poor flooded Australians? The region of Australia which is seriously flooded is larger than Ireland, and why are we not flying down there to adopt little Australian children, and bring them home to America by the tens of thousands? Could the relative media silence about the disaster in Australia, and the lack of outcries for aid, charity, assistance, or emigration have anything at all to do with the fact that most all of the affected Australians are White?

Wake Up, America! (Not that anyone really expects you to...)

When are White Americans ever going to realize that their own government is not at all interested in them, except for purposes of taxation and oppression?  The government is only interested in expanding its own power, and flooding the nation with every sort of beast in order to further assure its grip on power.

See the video below, which contrasts the reactions to disasters in Iowa and Haiti, courtesy of

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White Liberal Misogeny and the agenda of non-Whites


The White liberal is a misogenist: he must hate his race, because he insists that it should be mixed with the non-White races. Therefore, the White liberal is a cancer cell in the body of the White race, and every mongrelized family is a malignant tumor. If the average White liberal (usually a simple-minded follower of ideas which are perceived to be lofty, just, and good, but in reality are purely evil) could know what is really in the mind of the average negro or ladino, chances are that he may very well rethink his support of multiculturalism and diversity, unless, of course, he truly does relish the idea of the destruction of the White race.

When the White liberal hears the slogan “social justice”, it very often invokes thoughts such as those represented by the slogans of the wicked French revolutionaries, such as “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite”, and the supposed “universal brotherhood of man”, or that idea – always taken out of context – that somehow “all men are created equal”, which was expressed in the American Declaration of Independence.

Yet what the White liberal does not realize – even though it is glaringly evident in negro art and literature – is that when the average negro hears the term “social justice”, he thinks of something quite different. To the negro, this term means the enslavement of the White man, the absconding of all property, and the enthronement of the negro. Every negro becomes a plantation owner, and every White man a slave. Every negro would have a stable of White women to abuse, and there would be no more White children. This – to the negro – is heaven and redemption and “social justice”. It is also the common rhetoric of negro religions such as Rastafarianism, the Nation of Islam, and black so-called Christian “Liberation Theology” (as if there could possibly ever be black Christians), which is popular and prominent in so many black churches today. This negro mindset is justified as retribution for the perceived sins of the practice of slavery which is attributed by the negro to all Whites, even though only a very small percentage of Whites had ever engaged in slavery. And in spite of the fact that a much greater number of Whites labored and suffered to end slavery, without any appreciation from the descendants of the slaves, who would rather conquer them instead of expressing any form of gratitude.

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