Clifton Emahiser on the prophecy concerning television found in the first Book of Adam and Eve (From WTL #66)

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There will probably be those who will scoff at any reference to the three books of Adam And Eve, but it should be pointed out from the start that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd books of Adam And Eve are mostly allegorical and prophetic in nature, and cannot be taken in a literal sense. If they are taken at their face value, less than 5% can be comprehended. I will give you an example of such a case. In the 27th chapter of the first book of Adam And Eve we read the following: “1 When Satan, the hater of all good, saw how they continued in prayer, and how God communed with them, and comforted them, and how He had accepted their offering — Satan made an apparition. 2 He began with transforming his hosts; in his hands was a flashing fire, and they were in a great light. 3 He then placed his throne near the mouth of the cave because he could not enter into it by reason of their prayers. And he shed light into the cave, until the cave glistened over Adam and Eve; while his hosts began to sing praises. 4 And Satan did this, in order that when Adam saw the light, he should think within himself that it was a heavenly light, and that Satan’s hosts were angels; and that God had sent them to watch at the cave, and to give him light in the darkness. 5 So that when Adam came out of the cave and saw them, and Adam and Eve bowed to Satan, then he would overcome Adam thereby, and a second time humble him before God, 6 When, therefore, Adam and Eve saw the light, fancying it was real, they strengthened their hearts; yet, as they were trembling, Adam said to Eve:— 7 ‘Look at that great light, and at those many songs of praise, and at that host standing outside that do not come in to us, do not tell us what they say, or whence they come, or what is the meaning of this light; what those praises are; wherefore they have been sent hither, and why they do not come in.’”

Let me suggest to you what you have just read. Like I stated before, the books of Adam And Eve, #1, #2 & #3 are prophetic and allegorical and must be taken in that vein. The heading of the chapter reads: “The second tempting of Adam and Eve. The devil takes on the form of a beguiling light.” We Two Seedliners also know that today’s “Jews” are Satan’s literal children fulfilling his desires. Notice here that Satan is in the form of a “flashing fire.” That is exactly what moving pictures and television are (a series of flashing lights from a carbon arc powered projector or television picture tube).

When motion pictures are increased to 24 frames per second, the flicker of the frames nearly disappear due to the characteristic of the eye called “persistence”, which rate became the standard for theaters. Even at 24 frames per second, flicker was still noticeable, whereupon a shutter was placed in front of the lens to break up each frame into two separate views, producing an effect of 48 frames per second. Television requires a synchronization with the U.S. 60 cycle electric power system. Therefore, they chose to interlace two half frames every cycle, giving somewhat the same effect as that for the standard used for motion picture projectors.

I don't know what your impression of what this last passage might mean, but I deem it simply amazing! ...