European Misunion

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European Misunion 

In a community where only one member has the license to create “money”, from nothing, and demand interest for its use, the inevitable result is that the one member ends up owning everything in the community. Like the more familiar laws of physics, this should be the first law of finance, and a usury-based economy would be an easily recognized evil. But it is never taught in schools, and the true mechanisms of the usury-based economy are forever hidden from the average man, as the inevitable onset of inflation and higher and higher taxes take more and more of his wages away from him.

The God of the Bible demands that the people use just and equal weights and measures, engaging in trade fairly. A currency should not be a vehicle used to facilitate the enslavement of a people. It is only supposed to be a tool of the people, allowing them to fairly engage in commerce with one another. For a currency to be honest, a currency must be organic, home-grown and representing the production of the people that it is produced to serve.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler understood this, and he put it into practice in Germany. Revoking the exclusive license of the international Jewish bankers to produce Germany's currency, Hitler's Germany began producing its own currency, thereby throwing the wolves out of the German sheepfold. World Jewry immediately declared war on Germany. Because Jewish bankers had exclusive monopolies in the world's other and more powerful nations, they were able to get those other nations to execute that war and to destroy Germany and its allies. However in the intervening years before they were able to effect that war, Germany prospered while the rest of the world, still under the control of the Jewish bankers, suffered in the squalor of the Great Depression. With the outcome of the war, Germany was put back under the thumb of the Jewish bankers.

In recent decades those same bankers have fought hard to put all of Europe under a single currency, which is produced exclusively by the bankers. But all of Europe does not have the same production capability. The generally sluggish economies of Italy, Greece and Spain cannot possibly keep up with those of Germany and Britain and the other far more productive states of the north. Today, those same nations are buckling under the disparity. Not even ten years ago, Goldman-Sachs cooked the books in order to get Greece into participation in the EU currency, the euro. Of course, Greece was not a lone victim of the scheme then, nor is it now. Today, all of Greece is owned by the IMF, having sold its sovereignty in order to pay off the bankers that gambled against that country's economic success by selling short its bonds and manipulating its markets! Paying off the bankers who have sold out a nation is what the Jewish-controlled media has sold to the people of those victim nations as “bailouts”.

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The Jewish-controlled media is prevailing in Greece, and the Greek people are said to support by a margin of 3-to-1 a provisional government headed by a man highly favorable to the masters of the global economy. (See the article at entitled Greek government set to win confidence vote, cracks emerge.) The new Greek government is being called a “national unity government”, but it only unifies the bankers and the Greek economy, being headed by “a former vice president of the European Central Bank”. The Greek patriots who stand against the Jewish pillaging of their nation have so far been marginalized, especially in the eyes of the rest of the West, which is milk-fed lies manufactured by that same Jewish-controlled media. And at the same time those same bankers and media are working in concert to extort the rest of Europe into committing even greater sums to support another nation crippled by that same economic disparity: they are threatening to bankrupt Italy.

And the political process in these nations? That is best summed up by Christopher Booker in a recent London Telegraph article entitled The EU's architects never meant it to be a democracy, where he states: “The new Greek prime minister, Lucas Papademos, was the man who, as head of Greece’s central bank, fiddled the figures to enable Greece to get into the euro (against the rules) in the first place – before being rewarded with a senior post in the European Central Bank. He is no more democratically elected than Mario Monti, who will most likely be Italy’s new prime minister and had hurriedly to be made a “senator for life” to qualify him for the job. Monti’s main qualification is that, as a former senior EU Commissioner, he has long been a member of the Brussels elite himself.”

The media language concerning Papademos (a name which ironically may be taken to mean father of the people) seems to betray the bankers' intentions for Greece. In a Wall Street Journal article, Papademos Favored to Lead Greek Transition, it is said that “He has backed a new euro-zone aid package for Greece, which he said must be safeguarded and ratified by the present parliament, even as he called for new elections”. Those elections are not being called for until “next year”. The bankers will continue to extort the rest of the European nations to lend money to Greece, so that Greece may forestall default, and continue to pay off the previous bad loans made by those same bankers in the first place. All of the risk is absorbed by the productive peoples of Europe, but the bankers themselves always get paid regardless of their success.

One new method of this extortion of Europe is the proposed creation of the European Stability Mechanism, or ESM, which in effect commits the entire economy of every EU nation – even Great Britain, which has not yet been involved in the euro currency project – into the hands of an unelected body which, according to provisions of the same treaty, is immune to prosecution for any reason. The initial commitment to the ESM required of member nations is 700 billion euros, but the treaty provisions require that more can be demanded at any time, on a week's notice, and cannot be refused. This writes the unelected bureaucrats of the ESM a permanently renewable blank check on the accounts of all of the people of Europe, with absolutely zero responsibility or accountability to those people.

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The inevitable result is that Britain, Germany, and all of the rest of the EU nations are plummeted into that same ever-spiraling debt, and forced to sign all of their assets over to the bankers operating under the cloak of the IMF. All such treaties are frauds which the Jewish bankers, who choose amiable and pliant politicians by financing their election campaigns and promoting them in their own controlled media, devise against the people.  

When an individual starts a business, and invests into it his own hard-earned savings, along with his own labor, and that business fails, after the smoke has cleared the individual himself absorbs all of the losses. When the bankers invest in a nation, they create the money that they have invested from thin air, and when the nation fails, they demand that the people of that nation surrender their lives and futures to the bankers. Even worse, more often than not the bankers are able to sell the debts of one nation to others, in a game of bonds and other securities, for money that those same bankers have also created from nothing, The politicians, who are all whores which bankers themselves have created, always accede to the demands of the bankers. The people are therefore responsible for covering the losses of bankers – losses which are most often not even real – while the people never share in the profits of the bankers!

One recent, although tiny, exception has been Iceland. That nation has confiscated its major banks by nationalising them. In addition its people have recently – and bravely – refused to “bail out” its bankers by refusing to repay investments in the 2008 failure of the Icesave bank. If outsiders invest in a bank in Iceland, a bank over which the common people of the nation have no direct control, and in which they do not share in the profits, why are the common people of the nation expected to cover its losses? The situation in Iceland should beckon an obvious question from any average observer: How do the international bankers rate having the taxpayers cover bad investments, when the average taxpayer himself has no such protection? Why are average citizens forced to cover the bad investment choices of the wealthy internationalist bankers? The average citizen, who gets all of his information from a Jewish-controlled media that will never tell him the truth about such issues, since the media is only an agency of its owners, will never understand the nature of his enslavement – or even understand that he is indeed a slave.

The American people should have asked these questions when their Congress recently forked out several trillion dollars to the Jewish-controlled banks in a recent “bailout”. Of course, the American people have no money unless those same Jewish bankers create it out of thin air, and then charge their creation to the people in the form of real goods and services to be produced by the people in the future. This is de facto slavery! And now all of Europe is about to be plunged deeper into that same form of slavery, slavery to Jewish usurers who create money from nothing, and then suck the blood of the people forever with the miracle of compound interest.

However the official “bailout” generally reported by the media is only a small part of the story. According to Bernie Sanders, U.S. Senator from Vermont (who is also an avowed socialist), “the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world”. He also said that according to a U.S. Government Accounting Office report, “that the Fed unilaterally provided trillions of dollars in financial assistance to foreign banks and corporations from South Korea to Scotland”. (See Sanders' July 21st article entitled The Fed Audit at his official website at The sum of $16 trillion is greater than the combined federal budgets for all eight years of the Clinton administration. This “bailout” and these “loans” basically represent not only the theft of the futures of the American people, but also the theft of everything that this artificially manufactured money is able to purchase. The Jewish bankers are therefore literally stealing the world, and they have been for as long as they have been able to manufacture their own fiat currency, all in the names of the world's civil governments.

Will the governments of northern Europe also sign away the futures of its people, all to maintain an artificial union of forever unequal parts? In our Holy Bibles, the prophet Daniel in his second chapter explains why Rome fell: because the iron and the clay would not cleave to one another. The disparate races of the empire had no true concord and could no longer stand together as a viable force in resistance to the Germanic tribes which conquered it. Thus is the European Union. Iron and clay can never mingle and cleave, no matter who dictates that they should. The Jewish bankers attempting to defy nature itself, Germany and Britain will be driven to the pits of destitution in obedience to their internationalist masters so long as they continue to submit to the Jewish utopians.

Occupy Wall Street is not the answer. Occupy Wall Street is a Bolshevist movement financed by foundations controlled by those same Jewish bankers, who have long desired to force the world into an acceptance of global socialism. The same people behind Occupy Wall Street were behind the Bolshevik Revolution and all other Marxist and related movements. The Jewish plunder of Christendom began several centuries ago. The 30 Years' War and the 17th-century destruction of Germany by the Catholic Church can be laid at the feet of the Jewish infiltration of the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit order. The failed socialist revolutions of the 18th and 19th and 20th centuries can be laid at the feet of those same Jewish Jesuits and the secret societies which they manipulated. The blame for all modern wars since Napoleon can be laid upon the shoulders of the Jewish bankers of Europe and America. The destruction of Christian Russia and eastern Europe can be laid upon those same Jewish shoulders. The media-promoted socialist revolutions of today are an extension of that same centuries-old destruction of Christianity orchestrated by the same international Jew.

More socialism is not the answer. We have already had more than enough of those failed Jewish experiments. Only Christ is the answer: the anti-Jew, He who threw the money-changers out of the temple, He is the only answer. Christ and a return to that ethnic nationalism which was the norm throughout Europe for three thousand years. Ethnic nationalism is the expression of that brotherly love demanded by Christ of His people. An abandonment of Jewish usury, something which is in fact abhorred by the God of the Bible, and a return to the just weights and measures of an organic currency will once again drive the devils from the temple. Andrew Jackson understood all of this, when he exulted that he killed the bank, the first (technically second) international Jewish central bank in the United States, nearly 200 years ago. Adolf Hitler also understood it, and the jews destroyed him for it. Until today's Christians realize all of this, they will be and they will remain the slave of World Jewry.

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