Exterminate White Men? Part One

I do NOT believe, as this video's editors do, that this negro should be in jail for the comments that he is making. The First Amendment to our U.S. Constitution was designed to protect all political and religious speech, no matter how vile or disagreeable it may be to anyone who may feel offended by it. Once we begin defining acceptable forms of "free" speech, we are in danger of losing the right to free speech entirely! We will slide down that same slippery slope which we have already put our Second Amendment rights on. 

Yet this must serve as a warning to White Americans everywhere, because the vitriol which this negro is spewing represents the commonly held beliefs of negros everywhere, whether they be muslims, rastafarians, gang-bangers, moorish temple dimwits, so-called liberation theologians, or of any other black sect. I have personally witnessed thousands of negros of all persuasions spout similar beliefs since the 1970's. Negros HATE Whites, and are only civil to unsuspecting Whites in order to take advantage of them! Liberalism and egalitarianism are cancers!

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