God is not mocked – of men and nations, one reaps what one sows.

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Detail from King Lear: Cordelia's Farewell, by Edwin Austin Abbey [1887-1909].

Among others, John Wilson and Sharon Turner were rather brilliant men of the 19th century to whom all British and American Israel Christian Identists are indebted, whether or not those men are currently appreciated. They were among the first to examine, interpret and present the archaeological data coming out of Mesopotamia in a manner that was meaningful to serious students of the Bible and of early European history. Through them, Anglo-Saxon Christians rediscovered the meaning and gravity of their Saxon heritage. However these men also knew something that British-Israel acolytes reject even now: that the Germanic peoples of the Continent are kin with the Anglo-Saxon people of Britain, from whom they had sprung. 

Although they never engaged the effort to appropriately examine the origin of those calling themselves “Jews” today, the young British-Israel Identity movement in the 19th century had at least started off on a firm foundation where it comes to Anglo-Saxon identity. Then along came a bank clerk named Edward Hine, who wrote influential books convincing people that the offspring of Jacob basically consisted only of the people of Britain and the Jews, and that the German people – the real kindred to the English – were actually Assyrians. Edward Hine's labeling of the German people as Assyrians (not that it would be bad in the sense of true Assyrians) and the acceptance of that label in British-Israel circles caused British-Israel Identity to isolate themselves from, and to exalt themselves over, their Continental brethren – while at the same time embracing the Jews, who are in truth among the progeny of Cain, the Rephaim, Canaan and Esau – along with several other non-Biblical races. Subsequent British-Israel writers for the most part either followed Hine's misidentification of the German people, or remained silent on the issue.

The historical evidence of British and German kinship is without question. The “venerable” Bede, the famous church historian generally beloved by English scholars, writing in his Ecclesiastical History in the seventh century, said this, of the “strangers”, of those Saxons invading and colonizing early Britain: “Now the strangers had come from three of the more mighty nations in Germany, that is, the Saxons, the Angles and the Jutes. Of the Jutes came the people of Kent and the settlers in Wight, that is the folk that hold the Isle of Wight, and they which in the province of the West Saxons are called unto this day the nation of the Jutes, right over against the Isle of Wight. Of the Saxons, that is of that region which is now called of the Old Saxons, descended the East Saxons, the South Saxons and the West Saxons. Further, of the Angles, that is of that country which is called Angeln and from that time to this is said to stand deserted between the provinces of the Jutes and the Saxons, descendeth the East Angles, the Uplandish Angles, the Mercians and all the progeny of the Northumbrians, that is, of that people that inhabiteth the north side of the flood of Humber, and the other nations of the Angles.” (E.H. 1:15)

Saxony in Germany was called by Bede the region “of the Old Saxons” because the newly-conquered areas of Bede's Britain were also being named after the Saxons. To say that the Germans were no longer Saxons after this colonization, would be tantamount to claiming that the English were no longer English after the 17th-century founding of New England! And because one district of the land of the Angles in Germany was left without Angles, does not mean that there were plenty of Angles left in other parts of Germany! Indeed, the German surnames Engler, Englert and Engles, among others, are all surnames of the Angles in Germany, who also gave their name to places such as Engelberg in Switzerland, Engelsberg of which there are two such towns in Bavaria, Engelskirchen northeast of Cologne in Westphalia, Engelhartszell in Austria, Engeløy in Norway, and Ingelheim in the Rhineland, along with many other like place names. Indeed, the people of Germany are every bit as Angelsachsen as the people of Britain, and both nations have a part of their heritage in the pre-Saxon migrations from other Adamic and earlier Israelite nations into northwestern Europe which took place in the form of the Japhethite tribes, and then the later Phoenicians, Kimmerians (Cymry) and Romans.

Note that Bede said that the English came “from three of the more mighty nations in Germany” and not, as so many fools in British Israel would rather believe, that the English were three tribes that came from Germany. With certainty, the English are every bit as German as the Germans are! And here is a second witness, Geoffrey of Monmouth, who in Book 6, chapter 10 of his Histories of the Kings of Britain attributes the following words to the famous Saxon king Hengist, speaking to Vortigern the king of the Britons:

“Most noble of all the Kings, the Saxon land is our birthplace, one of the countries of Germany, and the reason of our coming is to offer our services unto thee or unto some other prince. For we have been banished from our country, and this for none other reason than for that the custom of our country did so demand. For such is the custom in our country that whensoever they that dwell therein do multiply too thick upon the ground, the princes of the divers provinces do meet together and bid the young men of the whole kingdom come before them. They do then cast lots and make choice of the likeliest and strongest to go forth and seek a livelihood in other lands, so as that their native country may be disburdened of its overgrown multitudes. Accordingly, owing to our country being thus overstocked with men, the princes came together, and casting lots, did make choice of these young men that here thou seest before thee, and bade them obey the custom that hath been ordained of time immemorial. They did appoint, moreover, us twain brethren, of whom I am named Hengist and this other Horsus, to be their captains, for that we were born of the family of the dukes. Wherefore, in obedience unto decrees ordained of yore, have we put to sea and under the guidance of Mercury have sought out this thy kingdom.” Of course, as it is often told, eventually the Saxons under Hengist and Horsa win the land at the expense of the Britons.

While there may be people of Slavic blood in Germany, especially in the Wends of Brandenburg, there were also many Slavs come into Britain, and especially with the Danes. While there may be people descended in part from Roman stock in Germany, so it was in Britain also. In any event, all of these peoples can be shown to ultimately have had a common ancient origin. But there is no doubt in the medieval writers that the British, and especially British-Israel, claim to esteem so much, that the Anglo-Saxons and the German Saxons are indeed immediate kindred peoples. There are no statements in these ancient writers to the contrary. Only British Israel, and then the British people in general, deny their German heritage, and they have done so primarily because of the propaganda of the Jews.

At one time Royal Albert Hall was regularly filled with British-Israel adherents, all of whom were members of the most influential political circles of England. And they all became subscribed to the idea that their German brethren were really “Assyrians”, who had to be destroyed in order to assure the prosperity of England and the safety of English destiny. They were all under the spell of Edward Hine and his followers. They all played right into the hands of the Jewish bankers of The City, who were the real culprits wanting to destroy the German people and the superior German economy, so that the Continent would forever be the slave to themselves. While all of England was smitten with the Jewish propaganda which coaxed them into slaying the “Huns”, those of British-Israel should have known better. They should have stood against the destruction of their continental brethren. For they of all the English were in a position to know better, yet they knew worse!

While it is common knowledge that King George, Kaiser Wilhelm, and Czar Nicholas were all cousins, over all other Englishmen those of British-Israel should indeed have known that not only the princes, but also the races of the Germanic Rus, the Germans themselves, and the English people were all close cousins! Yet the English world – which includes America – did nothing while Russia was destroyed by the Bolshevik Jews. And the English people were more than happy to slay their “Assyrian” German kindred. All for the commerce of the Jew. Under the spell of Jewish propaganda, rather than resisting it those who should have known better were happier to help it along!

From his earliest days, as he writes in Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler recognized the ties of blood that Germany had with England, and he also recognized the need that both nations had, to stand together against the alien hordes of the Bolsheviks, with which they had hoped to flood all of Europe. Yet Hitler also knew that the real head of Bolshevism sat in The City of London, that alien state-within-a-state which was also the real ruler of the English people: that international communism and international capital were two heads of the same Jewish beast. When under Hitler Germany rose to oppose world Jewry and global communism, the English once again answered the call to destroy their German kin, all for the benefit of the Jew. During the war Ezra Pound, William Joyce and others also consistently attempted to warn the English people about the true nature of their masters and they were ignored, even ridiculed. This is the power of the Jewish media, to brainwash an entire people, and the educated classes - especially British Israel, simply went along in spite of the facts which lay before them.

The English soldier laughed at Hitler's pleas for peace. Today his granddaughters are sleeping with Kaffirs, and it is the Jews who are doing the laughing.

 At the end of the war, Germany and Hitler were destroyed, but where were the English? And where was British-Israel? The great British Empire was now gone. That great empire which - even above all Englishmen - the adherents of British-Israel took such pride in as a commission from God, had crumbled into oblivion. The writings of John Wilson and Sharon Turner were now forgotten relics, and most all of those of British Israel who were originally smitten by the propaganda of the banker Edward Hine were dead of old age. Today both England and America – along with the rest of Europe - are being overrun with aliens. England is reaping just what it has sown. While yesterday's Englishmen blindly did the bidding of the Jews of The City, today's Englishmen are the slaves of Jews everywhere, and the public policy is a Jewish policy: that same policy of Saxon destruction that the Jews used England to implement on the Continent!

And where is British-Israel? At one time they could fill Albert Hall, but today they cannot fill an Irish pub. The men who should have known better a hundred years ago, today their successors are a laughing-stock, yet they still refuse to take a real stand for the Saxon race. Those who are left among them continue to trumpet glories past, and wear blinders as to what is going on in Saxondom today. In their glossy journals they reprint articles – some good and some bad - trumpeting British achievements throughout the centuries, and relishing the great covenants of God, while they ignore the ever-increasing flood of aliens and the destruction of England by all of the races which England once conquered, and which that same British-Israel once boasted was their God-given commission. Is not the current destruction of England also God-given? Is it not punishment in kind, because England once gladly destroyed her own kindred nations?

God is not mocked: one reaps what one sows. The English, who not long ago had exalted themselves above all of their Saxon brethren, have now lost their own nation to the devices of those same Jews whose bidding they had done. Now the English are overrun, as they once overran their brethren. America is likewise suffering that same fate. This is not an accident, that such mighty and industrious nations could be destroyed from within in such a short time. Our Saxon race is suffering the judgement of God for our own actions towards our brethren. If either the Kaiser or the Fuhrer had prevailed, Europe would today still be for Europeans.

“If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.” (1 John 4:20-21)

In a world where Christian men know better, Saxon refuses to go to war against Saxon and the anti-Christ Jew is expelled from London, New York, Berlin, and all Saxon lands. The bellicose Winston Churchill lives life as a pub fly, an occupation for which he is much better suited, and Adolf Hitler only meets Albert Speer at some obscure Bavarian architect's convention. Free from warring against each other, only then are the Saxon peoples prosperous. As for British-Israel, they will only be of any real benefit to Saxons anywhere if they ever get out of bed with the Jew and learn to take a stand for true Saxondom.

“Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.' (2 John 9-11)

Imagine how many Saxon men would inhabit Germany today if the Englishman had loved his brother, and not volunteered so quickly to destroy their continental kin. And still more, imagine how many Englishmen there would be in Britain, if so many had not gone off to be destroyed in the wars of the Jews! And the same may be said of 19th century France, or of America throughout its entire history. If White men cared for their kindred, Christian Civilization would abound, and there would not be room in the world for either Turk or Kaffir – or Jew.

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