The Judas Goats

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by William Finck

While visiting with Clifton Emahiser earlier this month, I had the good pleasure of meeting some old and dear friends of his, a long-time Christian Israel family. Barely out of the van we were greeted by several children who had been playing on the lawn. One of them was ten-year old Rebecca, bright and smiling, “Hello William”, she beamed. Rebecca, to my surprise, already knew me through the many Christogenea recordings she had listened to with her uncles, and she had been anticipating my visit. The inquisitive young lady had lots of things to tell me, and she also had lots questions. Oh, did she have questions! Having once been a father of six, I know what a treasure such an inquisitive child can be, so I was more than happy to entertain her.

“William, are you a racist?” I realized that she must have already known the answer, and that perhaps she only wanted to hear it first-hand. I also forgave the Marxist terminology, which is difficult to avoid since it has saturated the entire society by way of both the media and the educational system, where alternatives are never offered. “Yes, Rebecca, I am a racist”. With smiling approbation she announced “Well, I'm a racist too.” Oh Rebecca, that is wonderful, since God created race and people who are racists love and seek to preserve God's creation! That is the first commandment in Genesis, repeated so many times, everything after its kind. Rebecca's proud proclamation must have been formulated through her having heard such things as I have repeated in many of my programs, which shows just how impressionable such young children are. 

But does even an intelligent young lady like Rebecca really have a chance at maintaining her convictions unto adulthood? I pray that she does, for indeed the odds are against her. In today's world, to the casual observer it may seem that older White girls who date or marry White boys do so simply because there are not enough Negroes to go around. With each passing generation, the satanic war of attrition against the White race is all the more evident.

Rebecca told me about her schoolteacher, how she had broken down and sobbed during a discussion of slavery for “Black History Month” this past February. Oh, the poor Negroes! Of course, if the Negroes had any real history of their own worth celebrating, it would not require this government-sponsored annual charade in order to be commemorated. The attitudes of Rebecca's schoolteacher reflect the pure propaganda, the absolutely false version of history being promoted by universities today in pursuit of the artificial magnification and empowerment of certain “disadvantaged” groups. Liberalism fails to recognize that if any groups are disadvantaged in our free and open society, it is only because they themselves lack the ethics and discipline required to succeed in such a society. Today, Liberalism is only a euphemism for Marxism. In order to maintain the egalitarian state, which is contrary to nature, governments resort to the use of force and then erect large artificial support systems at great expense. But real equality among races does not exist, and therefore it can never be successfully enforced. The signs of its failure are all around us today.

If history was taught correctly, Rebecca's schoolteacher may have learned that for many centuries, Arab and Jewish pirates roamed the coasts of Europe in their ships, raiding the farms and villages of the White nations in search of loot and slaves, which they then brought back to Africa or the Levant. During those centuries, there were many times more Whites enslaved in the Islamic lands than there ever had been Negroes brought to America. Again, if history was taught correctly, Rebecca's schoolteacher may have learned that most of the slaves brought to America were actually sold to Jewish and Arab merchants by African tribal leaders, and then trafficked to the Caribbean and the Americas on Jewish ships from Britain and Holland. She may also have learned that in the American colonies initially all Blacks brought here were indentured servants, not permanent slaves, and many of them upon being freed became slave owners themselves. Many Whites from Europe also came to the colonies as indentured servants. Other poor Whites, less fortunate, lived out their lives as slaves in the Caribbean. When in 1654 the Virginia courts ruled that Blacks, being aliens, could be held as slaves permanently, the ruling was made in favor of a Black slave-owner named Anthony Johnson! If history was taught correctly, Rebecca's schoolteacher may have been able to realize that the circumstances of most Negroes under slavery in the South was no worse than it has been for most of them under capitalism in the modern world, and the proof of that lies in every major American city today. If history was taught correctly, Rebecca's schoolteacher would have had the opportunity to have realized that Whites bear no special guilt for slavery, and the Negroes alone are responsible for plight of Negroes, both then and now. Rebecca will indeed have the opportunity to learn these things, but countless other girls like Rebecca may never learn the truth. History in the modern world is being used to falsely promote the victimhood of non-Whites, as a weapon in a war of attrition against the White race.

In the soil of this false sense of guilt is cultivated the idea that Whites must mix themselves with the Negroes and other non-White races, and in that manner there will be equality. Of course, this is in direct contradiction to the laws of God and Nature. It is even in direct contradiction to the precepts of Darwinism, and therefore the Liberal hypocrisy is fully manifest to anyone with eyes to see. Since, whether one is a Christian or an evolutionist, one should believe that we all came out of Africa (“out of Egypt I have called my son”), it is evident that we were acquainted with the distinctions of race from the earliest times. Therefore, if intelligent people had not naturally realized a value in race, racial distinctions and the concept of race itself, should have disappeared from the earth eons ago. Yet from the earliest times not only the Hebrews, but also the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, recognized racial differences and had laws and customs safeguarding the integrity of their own race.

“Atum, who made the people,

Distinguished their nature, made their life,

And separated colors, one from another.

Who hears the prayer of him who is in captivity,

Gracious of heart in the face of an appeal to him....”

- From A Hymn to Amon-Re, an Egyptian hymn dating to before the 18th Dynasty, Ancient Near Eastern Texts Relating to the Old Testament, Princeton University Press, 1969, J. Pritchard, editor, pp. 365-66


If people naturally saw value in races other than their own, integration would not have to be enforced, and therefore enforced integration is contrary not only to Biblical doctrines, but also to the Natural Selection theory attributed to Darwin, and to natural human behavior. In reality, it is only natural for groups which perceive themselves as having inherently less value (for instance, Negroes in America) to covet breeding with groups of inherently greater value (Whites), and therefore groups with greater value naturally defend themselves – unless they are prevented by threat of force. When Egypt. Greece and Rome all became empires with a greater interest in commerce than in their own people, they also began to enforce a false equality of the races, and they all slid into that same eternal decay which is now threatening Western Civilization.

“I have a boyfriend”, Rebecca happily announced to me over dinner. I looked at her, and thought of my own childhood. At ten years of age in 1970, we did not even think of having girlfriends. A boyfriend? What the hell is a ten-year-old doing with a boyfriend? As recently as 1999, when she turned 16, my own daughter was not even permitted a boyfriend until she was 17. Not that the restrictions did her much good as she entered adulthood, but at least she was afforded the opportunity to mature before having children, and in some ways she did. As Rebecca spoke, I realized it was perhaps better that she did have a boyfriend, but not for any just reason. Children do not learn by hearing what adults say. The truth of the old hot stove adage endures in all areas of life, children learn by experience and by seeing rather than by being told. In the 1990's the media both traditional and electronic unceasingly bombarded American homes with stories of the indiscretions of a President with a Jewess in a blue dress, and with the natural inquisitiveness of a million young girls like Rebecca the innocence of teenaged America has been lost forever. And the liberal Jewish media knew exactly what it was doing.

Rebecca described to me how she had no ability to choose whom she wanted to or whom she did not want to associate with at school. Her teachers forced her to study and play with children that she did not want to play with, under threat of punishment. This, of course, does much violence to the ancient right of freedom of association which has always been recognized by even our modern court systems. The girl is also wooed by young Negroes and Mestizos, and has even undergone peer pressure to have as a boyfriend a certain young negro. It was then that I realized that Rebecca's having a White boyfriend of her own choosing was little but a way for the girl to defend herself from the onslaught of race-mixing which her own teachers even encourage. Hopefully, this will insulate her from the aliens, and the White boy won't develop a sexual appetite too rapidly. As for the teachers, they are the modern Judas goats of this world, leading our young White Christian sheep to the slaughterhouse of the Jewish World Order.

Although it may not always be readily manifest in the general public, Negroes and Mestizos are raised from birth with entirely different social and cultural values than most Whites. They are exposed to sexuality from their youngest years, and consequently they are sexually active at a much younger age than White children. Since White girls usually mature more rapidly than boys, this typically makes White girls the target of sexual advances from Negroes and Mestizos several years before they would normally be subject to such sexual advances from White boys. Therefore the pressures for sexual activity upon preteen and teenage girls in mixed-race environments usually comes first from Negro and Mestizo boys, exacerbating the possibilities of race-mixing among those younger age groups since White boys are most often not yet ready to compete for the sexual affections of girls at those ages. Cultural differences are further exacerbated by the fact that Negroes mature sexually earlier than Whites (cf. Timing of Puberty: Genetic Regulation by Karoliina Wehkalampi, Academic Dissertation, University of Helsinki Pediatric Graduate School, Helsinki, Finland). And liberal Jewish-dominated academia is well aware of all of these things (i.e. Race, Evolution, and Behavior: A Life History Perspective by Professor J. Philippe Rushton, University of Western Ontario). The Judas Goats must also be aware of this, and they see it every day. Yet so very few in society are actually caring even to find it worthy of mention.

However for children like Rebecca, and their chances of growing up to full and healthy Christian lives, these things are only the beginning of sorrows. There are far more sinister attacks on Christian values underway in our schools, which have been out in plain sight for quite some time. Yet there are few who care to undergo the sustained protest necessary to counter a sustained attack on Western culture and values. Whether any particular schoolteacher is perceived as a good person or not is immaterial. Teachers have as their profession an involvement in these things which are now and have been destroying Western culture and values, and if they have not resisted them, they are indeed fulfilling the role of the Judas goat, and they deserve the label.

In his online article, Role Playing in Education, originally written in 1995, medical doctor Adam Blatner writes the following:

“The great developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, described two modes of learning: 'assimilation' and 'accommodation.' In assimilation, people figuratively "fill in" their mental map of their world, while in accommodation, they figuratively change that mental map, expand or alter it to fit their new perceptions. Both processes are complementary and concurrent, but different types of learning tend to emphasize one or the other mode.

“Rote memorization tends to emphasize assimilation. In contrast, learning to climb a tree, swim, or ride a bicycle emphasizes accommodation. Accommodation involves a gaining of a 'knack,' and tends to be the kind of learning that is almost impossible to fully forget. Assimilative learning, as we all know, is remarkably easy to forget.

“Some kinds of rote memorization becomes [sic] accommodative to the extent that the words or ideas are linked to rhythms, poetic cadences, and music, and this is why a certain small group of activities--a recited bit of Shakespeare or a narrative song-- may stay with an individual far more readily than, say, the list of vocabulary words mastered for a foreign language test and then forgotten. It has to do with the using of certain information.”


As it is evident from his article, Blatner did not discover the impact of role-playing in education. His article only puts role-playing into perspective and highlights some possibly positive uses of theatrical techniques in education. What he is saying has been long known by educators and academics, and has been employed in schools for several decades. The songs that children are taught to sing (think “We are the World”) and the roles that they are given to play in schools teach them lessons that mold their impressionable young minds for decades to come, and often even forever. If educators are able to engrave certain social concepts into the minds of enough young children, in only a decade or two new norms emerge in the attitudes of society, and all society can be radically transformed in a short period of time. Since these methods have been employed in the West for several decades now, in ways both subtle and radical, the “norms” of Christian society have already long been supplanted with those of a Jewish-inspired “secular” society. Piaget quantified the hows and whys explaining why children learn better from acting things out, “accommodation”, rather than from rote memorization, or “assimilation”. Yet Piaget's developments have been used in the exact opposite ways in which he may have hoped, for he is also attributed as having said in 1934 that "only education is capable of saving our societies from possible collapse, whether violent, or gradual."

Blatner concludes his article:

“Role playing is a methodology derived from sociodrama that may be used to help students understand the more subtle aspects of literature, social studies, and even some aspects of science or mathematics. Further, it can help them become more interested and involved, not only learning about the material, but learning also to integrate the knowledge in action, by addressing problems, exploring alternatives, and seeking novel and creative solutions. Role playing is the best way to develop the skills of initiative, communication, problem-solving, self-awareness, and working cooperatively in teams, and these are above all--certainly above the learning of mere facts, many if not most of which will be obsolete or irrelevant in a few years--will help these young people be prepared for dealing with the challenges of the Twenty-First Century.”


While Blatner's article is seemingly innocuous, this cannot be said for the application in our modern schools of the concepts which he presents. Role-playing in education has not been used so that children can learn science or mathematics. Rather, it has been used for the social programming, or reprogramming, of children, to teach them values which are absolutely contrary to what they may learn in a Christian home. [Note, however, Blatner's disdain for “mere facts ... which will be obsolete or irrelevant in a few years”, as if history had no contribution to learning.]

From an article appearing in Oregon's Tri-City Herald dated Thursday, September 16th, 1976 (yes, 1976), Homosexual role playing guide angers school parents:

Salem, Ore. AP) – Parents squared off against homosexuals Wednesday over a health guide that suggests role playing in classroom sex education.

The guide suggests that pupils act out the roles of homosexuals.

State school officials also caught the wrath of nearly 100 parents, who outnumbered the guide's supporters at the meeting....

The guide was tested during the last school year in 32 Oregon districts.

It was developed by Leonard Tritsch, health education specialist for the State Department of Education, and 46 teachers.


What a successful conspiracy, that the guide was developed and tested for an entire year in 32 school districts before anyone even noticed! And while Oregon parents may have corralled the Judas goats and stemmed the tide of indecency washing through their children's minds in the 1970's, at least temporarily, in many other states homosexual indoctrination through role-playing has become commonplace.

At the Cambridge Friends School, a Quaker school in Massachusetts, a documentary film was made in 1996 which extols what amounts to the homosexual brain-washing of children through such things as role-playing and other interactive methods. At this school, as it is evident in the documentary, homosexuals also seem to be proportionately over-represented on the teaching staff. The film, entitled “It's Elementary” and made in the 1996 and even partially funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, has been shown in classrooms around the country. It features such things as plans which the staff made for a celebration of “Gay and Lesbian Pride Day”, and young students both witnessing and participating in role-playing which promotes the ideas of homosexuality as both “healthy” and “normal”.





Blatner describes such role-playing as “... a natural vehicle for learning. Role playing is simply a less technologically elaborate form of simulations.” He says that “Role playing, then, is nothing more than rehearsal.... Role playing is a technology for intensifying and accelerating learning; it is like electric power tools in relation to carpentry.” In other words, children learn to become the models which they-role-play. Academics know the effects of role-playing, and therefore they know exactly what they are doing when they allow certain types of role-playing in schools. If children play the roles of homosexuals in schools, then they become homosexuals. Educators, from the lowest teachers up to the ivory towers, are purposely fulfilling an evil agenda. It is that simple, and therefore we have a perfectly logical explanation for the explosion of sexual deviancy in society these past few decades: the Judas goats have been teaching our children not only about homosexuals, but how to be homosexuals, and that it is “healthy”, and “normal” to be so! Another online article, The Real Homosexual Agenda, states:

"'Tolerance' is the buzzword and central theme for the homosexual movement. However, few people understand what they really mean by 'tolerance' and how they have twisted its meaning to support their agenda. As a result, most do not recognize the threat it poses to us, our children and our freedoms.

"'Tolerance' means simply to recognize and respect other's beliefs and practices without necessarily agreeing or sympathizing with them. However, when many homosexuals use 'tolerance,' they mean going far beyond respecting their rights; they also demand approval, praise and endorsement of their beliefs, values and lifestyle. What other group in this country could demand that? Their attitude and demands are neither fair, right nor constitutional.

“Our children are being bombarded in school with the homosexual version of 'tolerance.' In other words, all beliefs are equal, all values are equal, all lifestyles are equal and all truth is equal. This is the basis upon which our children are being indoctrinated by the propaganda that their beliefs and values which they learned in their home are no different from those of a homosexual, or a pornographer, or someone involved in adultery or fornication, etc. Children are being taught that all truth is relative to the individual. Knowing right from wrong doesn't matter. To say something is right or wrong is not being tolerant. This is today's 'tolerance' pushed by homosexual activists.


Yet “tolerance” was only the beginning. After the idea of “tolerance” is forced upon people, all those who are in opposition to children participating in such role-playing as sexual deviants become “intolerant”. Once one is labeled as “intolerant”, one is perceived as the enemy of all things “tolerant” and one becomes an outcast in the very society whose values he or she is seeking to uphold! Therefore schools are turned into little more than factories which turn out race-mixing sexual deviants seeking to experience little more than “tasting the rainbow”.

The homosexual agenda is also, to anyone who has ever investigated it, a Jewish agenda, which is especially evident once groups such as NAMBLA and other high-profile homosexual advocacy groups are examined. Hollywood is riddled with and run by Jewish homosexuals, as three well-known actors have admitted in recent years, Mel Gibson, Corey Feldman, and John Travolta. The Jewish-controlled mainstream media is also very accomodating to the homosexual agenda, and it should be no surprise. Yet the first line of defense is the schoolteachers themselves, and who from among them stands up? The Judas goats do not lead the sheep to slaughter naturally. Rather, they are trained to do such a task, and only then do they perform it willingly.

As Piaget points out, learning through role-playing has different results for less impressionable, more mature adults than it does for children. However NLP, which incorporates role-playing in addition to mild hypnosis and other techniques, has had adverse effects on both children and adults.  One organization which employs NLP on a large scale is called Common Purpose, and posing as a charity, they have packaged courses which engage in social engineering as “leadership training” “motivational” and “self-development” courses. throughout all levels of British society, but especially in the government and in business. Some who advocate NLP state that “The idea is to vary your behaviour until you get the results you want.” Role-playing is one method that NLP advocates use to achieve that change. The response to Common Purpose has been the development of an entire community of people who accuse the organization of seeking to change the behaviour of their clients in order to get the results that certain others want.

While learning through role-playing, as Piaget points out, has different results for less impressionable, more mature adults than it does for children, NLP has had adverse effects on both children and adults. Some companies, such as Kognito Interactive, sell courses designed for suicide prevention which employ role-playing and are aimed at the educators themselves. Other organizations advocate it as a suicide prevention training tool for educators and older teenagers. However Common Purpose has advocated and deployed role-playing methods and NLP aimed at suicide prevention and other purposes to young schoolchildren, and in some places the effect has been exactly the opposite as the stated intention.

Brian Gerrish, a former British Navy Commander, has done much work to expose Common Purpose, including an article reproduced at the Saxon Messenger, Suicide in the Welsh Valleys, where Gerrish links a startling increase in teen suicides to NLP suicide prevention training advocated by Common Purpose and elements within Welsh government. Gerrish has been criticized for his failures to recognize Zionist-Jewish treachery behind the Common Purpose and British government agenda, however it just may be that, being a product of the government himself, he simply may not yet have all of the pieces to the puzzle. He has gone to great lengths to expose the threats to the British people which lie behind government and Common Purpose social engineering programs.

The British government has openly been initiating a program which it calls “nudging” which has the stated purpose of changing and molding behavior among young people. Yet in many ways – even in ways far contrary to nature – the behavior of schoolchildren has been manipulated through forms of NLP and role-playing techniques for several decades. While it is a sign of cultural disease for adults to have a need to identify themselves by what they choose to do in bed, now children of the youngest ages are doing that same thing, long before the preferred bedtime activities should be anything but reading and sleeping. Suicides among teenagers are often blamed on bullying. Yet teenagers have been both bullies and have bullied long before man has had a recorded history, and teens never killed themselves over it before. Contrived social problems such as “bullying” are only tools in the hands of the enemies of Christendom in order to mask the real causes of disorder among our children. The cures offered by the manipulative elitist and Jewish-controlled establishment are far worse than the diseases, i.e. “intolerance” and “bullying”.



Western Civilization is in a rapid state of decay because parents everywhere have abdicated responsibility for their children's education to the compulsory educational system, and then because schoolteachers everywhere have neglected to represent the values of the communities which hired them. Without swift and drastic changes, the 60 million or so Rebeccas of the world do not a chance against the bolshevik social experimentalists that dominate Western education this past half century.

“William, you have been working with Clifton for twelve years now?” I replied, “Well it has been more like thirteen, Rebecca.” She confidently stated “Well, I read twelve in your book....” I had written the introduction to that book over a year ago. But that's okay, Rebecca, please keep reading. I pray you survive those school years and emerge in one piece, a more mature version of the bright young lady that you are now.

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